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A very strange thing happened last night - I only woke up to go the the bathroom ONCE ! It's amazing how much better I feel this morning for getting an almost uninterrupted nights sleep. :happydance:

But that wasn't the only surprise I had last night, for some strange reason during my sleeply walk to the bathroom, with my trusty walker (only used now for middle of the night excursions) I found myself lifting it up and walking a couple of tiny steps without putting it down - the really strange thing is I don't know why I did that and I certainly don't feel ready to ditch my crutches yet - obviously I'm a lot braver when I'm half asleep !
Yesterday was not a good day, for some reason I woke up in pain which hasn't happened since pre-discharge. The pain was in my groin and the top front of my thigh. I don't think I did anything whilst I was asleep and I woke up in the correct position i.e on my back, pillow still between my legs and have no memory of trying to roll over in the night - my body seems to accept it has to be locked into the correct position.

My ODI day was the two days ago and I felt I had mainly recovered from that. The only thing I can think of is that when I undressed on Wednesday night, instead of using my grabber to remove my joggers from my operated leg I wiggled my leg from side to side slightly, I don't recall crossing the midway line at the time and there was a warning twinge or two but nothing major and as I was about to get into bed I didn't think anymore of it.

I can't think what else it can be and maybe it happening so close to my ODI day was enough to turn it into a bigger problem but it meant no garden walks yesterday, mostly resting on the bed as sitting too uncomfortable and on Co-codamol all day - the only good thing about it was I got to watch the first 2 series of Ghosts on catch up.

I have to say today's not started much better but I have a friend visiting who will expect to see an improvement since her last visit, so I will just have to put a brave face on and eat lots of cake !
Probably the toughest part of recovery, for me, was the non-linear nature of it...
Seeing steady improvement and then - what now?!!:bawl:

On top of the soft tissue trauma having to heal, we also deal with the aches and discomfort that comes from our body re-adjusting after sometimes years of declining ROM and bad gait and posture as we compensated for our bad hips.


Now that I am on the hip happy team, I realize it was all part of the process and even though it is natural to be hyper focused on a mindful recovery....most hippies go through this same frustrating process.

Yes, distraction and CAKE!
It gets better.:friends:
Aw, sorry to hear that you had a bad day. You have come so far in the last 5 weeks though.

If it helps I woke in pain not last but night before and had to take codeine. First time in a while also. I think I pottered too much that day maybe.

I also don’t think you’ll have done anything in particular to the joint. Restrictions are almost coming to an end. I don’t actually sleep with a pillow in between legs on my back, I was never told too! The main concern with these restrictions is dislocation and you’d know for sure if that happens.

So all the aches and pains I’m getting, and you I’m still putting down to soft tissues healing.

A rest day always helps and never harms.

Enjoy your visit today and eat cake!
@Mojo333 Thank you for reminding me that having the occasional set back during this recovery won't necessarily be down to me having done something wrong. For some reason, I'm always looking to blame myself, that it must be because of something I've done or haven't done, or done too much of or not enough of, etc, etc. I'm going to try to stop giving myself such a hard time and accept that I will have the odd bad day through no fault of my own.

I also don’t think you’ll have done anything in particular to the joint. Restrictions are almost coming to an end. I don’t actually sleep with a pillow in between legs on my back, I was never told too! The main concern with these restrictions is dislocation and you’d know for sure if that happens.
I do agree, thinking that at least it's nothing serious does stop me from panicking too much ! The hospital did suggest sleeping with a pillow between my legs as I'm a leg crosser, even laying down I will cross my legs at the ankle or turn my feet inwards. Re restrictions, I'm not sure how many of mine will cease at 6 weeks as my surgeon has already told me of one that has to carry on until 12 weeks, hopefully it won't be all of them !

@Goma I'm just going to have to accept that sometimes there will be no reason for my different aches and pains, at least resting yesterday helped reduce the ache slightly today and I'm sure that the large slice of carrot cake also played it's part :)
Carrot cake sounds delicious! I keep telling myself that back sleep is beneficial to your face- less wrinkles! I overdid walking and I think that’s why my knee was upset. Now I am walking less, doing the gentle leg swings while sitting, plus marching in place for a bit. Walking is much nicer. The new twinges- groin pain, nerve fireworks, are unsettling until I remember that it’s all part of the healing process. As responsible grown ups, we really take heed of the rules and then wonder what we did when something goes amiss. Even wonderful caregivers are not always understanding of the ups and downs of this recovery. Even though I am not working at the present, I still get excited when Friday arrives! Enjoy another slice of cake!
I have a question regarding leg colour, ever since my op, my operated leg has been a different colour to my non operated leg, more of a pinky, reddy purple colour but more pink than anything else. I had hoped that with time and after ditching the TED socks last weekend it might have calmed down but it's still different. For the first time in ages I actually saw the whole length of the back of my leg and the change in colour covers the whole leg and is quite noticeable - does anyone else have this and is it normal ?
I don’t have that I don’t think anyway - my legs are quite tanned though following a pre op green holiday!

Are you quite pale? I can only think that your hip as the healing process continues will still have swelling which means increased blood flow and that’s giving the pink tinge.

Blood clots - the risk we all know would present usually with redness, hardness and heat. Most commonly in the calf.

But, as always if you are worried at all get it checked out. When is your surgeon check up??
My thigh was pinkish in parts for quite a while I was a bit worried turned out to be fine, some of the really pink bits were from the stain of the disinfecting stuff they use on your skin before surgery, stained for quite a few weeks! But of course if you are worried always get checked out. Xxx
I think we've all woke up with a pain we can't figure out why or what we did.
Even after all this time I can experience a small reminder that "hey I'm here" in my body.
Majority of the time totally normal but when I have an "off" day to the couch I go with ice pack! Good excuse to watch a show! LOL!
I'm fall cleaning my house, took 4 hours to do bedroom top to bottom on Wednesday. Looks so nice but boy was I tired, Monday we tackle the kitchen.
@Clairebella - My operated leg is still quite swollen so it makes sense that the increased blood flow could be causing the difference in colour, I shall be glad when the swelling finally goes as it's quite uncomfortable sometimes. I'm seeing the surgeon on Wednesday, so I will add this to my list of questions.
My leg is still swollen- foot is still swollen. I have red hair genes and accompanying pale skin. I think the swelling leads to the color difference. The swelling makes my legs very sensitive which has gotten better as swelling decreases thankfully. At one point I felt like the princess who could feel a pea under many mattresses. At the moment I am wearing my Birkenstocks- good support, comfortable, etc. I go back to the shoe dilemma- I cannot think about a work shoe until the swelling goes down. Let us know what your doctor says. When I asked the PA I was told time.
Edema (swelling) can certainly cause the pink color....
I know it got harder for me to remember to elevate my leg when resting as sitting and standing felt more comfortable.

Elevation is a means of getting the tissue fluid circulating and reducing swelling in the upper leg.
When you stand, or sit with legs down, it tends to collect in your lower limbs. Think of a bottle of drink - standing up, the contents are at the bottom, lay it on its side and the contents are likewise! Screenshot_20231008-074418.png
Certainly, :) :-) (:
- It was shared with me and really resonated with me too!
@Mojo333 Thank you for this helpful advice about elevation. I seem to have let everything slip a bit these last few days and am struggling emotionally due to a family crisis which happened over the weekend. I don't feel I'm coping very well with anything at the moment and don't feel very positive about seeing my surgeon today.
So sorry to hear things are stressful for you at this time. I am sure you are coping better than you realize. Sending good thoughts for your doctor’s appointment today.

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