Knee Infection Finally Finishing Up

Hello Everyone!
As the end of 2019 is approaching I thought I would give an update. This has been a good year and the knee/leg is doing well. We were able to do a lot of traveling in the RV which was fun. I do love to be mobile these days :) I am starting to have more issues with the other knee. I have been doing all the different injections for the last few years but they are not working any more. I had a PA call from the VA about the next injection and she asked why I was avoiding the replacement..what was I afraid of?? I asked her if she was familiar with my Mayo records?...LOL. When I went to my appointment with my regular PA we laughed about it and then had the "discussion". I told him to get me through the New Year and we would talk. This one should be a piece of cake..hehehehe!

I hope everyone is healthy and have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
Great to hear from you and that you're doing well! Have a great Christmas and New Year. Wishing the best now for your other knee.
Merry Christmas, thanks for the update. Keep us posted on your other knee after the first of the year.
I just got back from my yearly visit to Mayo. It was delayed a few months because of COVID and I think they got me in because I complained of some pain on the inner part of the knee. Unfortunately my surgeon retired last Friday :( The new one seems nice enough ...told me he read my book...LOL. The x-rays came back good, said the hardware was stable in place. I probably should start doing leg lifts again since I have been lazy with the gyms closing. Wants to see me again in 3 months to see if the exercise helped. Overall a good report.

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