THR Finally decided to go ahead THR right side

I'm not sure I want to be awake during the drilling, sawing and hammering!

Hi @Tazmanian

Re anaesthesia, I was originally down to have a general (not sure why) and was told that it would entail having a catheter after surgery and that I would have to stay in bed the day of the op, this information was from the pre-op nurse. However, when I met with the anaesthetist on the morning of the op I got the impression that he thought spinal block and sedation would be best, I think he said that over 90% of THR are performed under this type of anaesthesia and that I would be able to get up on the day of the op, which I think they prefer.

I must admit I was a little bit hesitant as I had heard stories that some patients were aware of noises and movement during the op and I wanted to be oblivious to it all ! I explained my fears and he was honest and said he couldn't guarantee I wouldn't have a moment or two of awareness but if this happens most patients have no memory of this afterwards. I went with the spinal block and sedation, partly because I was worried about my recent restorative dental work, and had no regrets whatsoever. I was happily oblivious to it all, in fact when I came to they told my husband I was smiling at everyone - most probably because I was so relieved that that part of it was over !

It is an individual choice and if you're not sure, the anaesthetist is the best person to talk to, mine was very good at explaining everything to me which I appreciated.
I'm not sure I want to be awake during the drilling, sawing and hammering!
Nope, I was the same. Just tell the anaesthetist you don't want to see or hear anything. They will put you into a nice, comfy sleep and watch you throughout the procedure.
I'd had GA many times for previous surgeries, never had the nerve block thing. I talked to some people about it including some nurses and made the decision to go with the spinal nerve block and sedation. I can say that it was a good deal for me. It is kind of strange losing all movement and feeling when it takes hold but then they put you into sedation and all is good. When I awoke in recovery, I was wide awake and not drowsy or sleepy at all. No lingering side effects from GA that I remember from previous times.
I'm not sure I want to be awake during the drilling, sawing and hammering!

This is a misconception about the spinal with sedation. You don't have to be awake.

I told my anesthesiologist that I really wanted to sleep through it all. She said okay. I remember sitting on the edge of operating table with a nurse holding me under my arms as the sedative was added to my IV -- in seconds, I was out cold. I don't remember getting the spinal. I don't remember them laying me down on the table. And I don't remember any parts of the surgery. I didn't wake up until I was in the recovery room! And, as Jaycey described, I woke up alert with none of that groggy aftereffect of general.

Win - win! When I have my next replacement, I will definitely ask for the spinal with sedation again.

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