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Hi @mariustpz ! I have news for you haha! You are closer to being 30 years old than 20, and the older you get, the more random aches and pains you may get! My body "started falling apart" when I was 19... Carry on with your regular life-- a tiny pain that disappears in 5 minutes is nothing to worry about as I see it.

As Jaycey said, you will actually keep getting better and better. I realized, when my first hip turned two, that it was noticeably better than it had been at one year. It's nearly ten years old now, and I think it probably stopped improving after 3-4 years, and is holding steady at "very good, excellent, I am so glad I had the surgery" now. You have that to look forward to.

On this forum people talk about "the forgotten hip", by which we mean we can go for hours, days, weeks, months, without thinking about our bionic joint. Relax and allow yourself to forget!:yes:
Hello again,

I have a curiosity and I want to ask you all with hip replacements.
Did you had any disconfort after 1 year?
Today i had a small pain, like 0.5 /10 when walked. I had it for like 5 minutes then has gone and didn't come back.
And simetimes i get a small knee pain like i said, but the same way, short time, the knee pain goes away if i stretch the muscles a little.
And also, i get some random disconfort în the joint area, but i cant describe it, is not pain or something...

Am i beeing to paranoid? Because i check the hip every moment of the day, i want it to safe...
Pain and discomfort happens, still does for both of mine. Granted I'm closer to 70 then you are to 30! Don't know if you played sports or were ever injured but all of the injuries tend to always have a lasting effect. Well with our hips we are dislocated and if you ever dislocated something a small as a finger it's effect lasts a long time if not forever.
Your paranoia isn't a bad thing, it will fade and just become more of an awareness. The moments you check or think about your hip will be spread further and further apart, but for me it's always there just not constant.
Thank you all for your messages!
Indeed is doing the job, i don't have problems walking, i can even run if i want to, i can move it in any direction without problems.

This summer I cycled quite often for distances of 20-30km. Now that winter has come I haven't been out so much, I've been staying indoors and I suppose that's also a cause, lack of exercise.

I'm quite paranoid, although I know it's not good, because I don't want to go through surgery again, especially as I've had three of them and a period where I couldn't walk, it's horrifying for me....

I'll go for a checkup soon, I hope, the last time my surgeon "kicked me out" and told me not to go to the hospital if I don't feel sick because i'm good now :heehee:
I'm quite paranoid, although I know it's not good, because I don't want to go through surgery again, especially as I've had three of them and a period where I couldn't walk, it's horrifying for me....
I'm going through a time where I hurt my leg and thought I damaged my hip implant. I didn't want to see my OS just because I felt bad that I might have damaged his good work to give me a pain free life. I also didn't want any more surgeries on my hips!
Well, i do want to see my OS but everytime i went to the hospital i had that emotions of "what if".
Even if i know that are very small chances that my hip is damaged somehow, but is that feeling... you know... that's why i'm asking here, and i'm grateful i found this forum because reading all your messages helped me in the last year and now.

Small update. I feel good, i didn't had any problems with my hip, i walk normally and with no pain, my hip feels like the left one, no difference.
I really can't belive that with a artificial hip i feel so good.

Thank you all for helping me with advices, and i hope everyone is good!
Hello mariustpz,
Thanks for the update! It is great to read you're doing so well. Thanks for stopping by to share your uplifting news.
All the best to you!

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