THR Few questions about hip replacement

Thank you all for your advices.

I'm taking it slowly, i know i need to be carefoul. I don't have a cane because i walk like before, the doctor told me that i can also run slowly if i want. He's a very permissive doctor i see, but it's one of the best in our country, even stars & athletes come to this doctor so i kinda trust him.
I gived up also on the pillow between legs, i can sleep normally now on the operated site and mostly in any position without disconfort.

I won't make sports, i will only go to swimming and i will buy a bicycle to keep a healthy life style.
Quality update mariustpz.

I also goner be doing more cycling with high saddle, and more swimming front crawl to start.
I used to love running and contact sports. though things change and I will soon get into cycling and swimming, less wear on new hip and they got to last us 40 to 50 years.

I feel good like you and nearly kicked a football the other day without thinking. I will leave it for a few more months, then I will go back coaching soccer with the kids.

Great update on your recovery.
Giddsy1 i really hope to last that long.
Yes is great how well we are after just 7 weeks, i guess it depends from person to person. .
Great to hear how well you are doing @mariustpz
Alot of improvements yet to come.
Hope your week is happy:SUNsmile:
Hi there @mariustpz
It seems you’re doing very well and it sounds like your doctor is pleased with your progress. While you no longer have restrictions, still take it easy. You don’t want to do anything to jeopardize the great progress you’re making. I hope you have a wonderful Spring and Summer 2022!
Happy Two Month Anniversary! I hope all is well and you’re enjoying the progress you’re making.
A wonderful week to you! :)
Thank you.
Yes, everything is back to normal for now.
I have a very tight muscle pain around the surgery, like 0.2/10 on a scale level and only when i press around it. I think is because I slept on surgery side.

But everything is going well, walking normal without cane.
Hello everyone,

I have a question, how long after my surgery I will be able to put my socks on by myself? I'm feeling great, I walk normally, I can even run but when I try to put my socks on I can't lift my right leg to my chest. Is this normal? Has anyone experienced this?
how long after my surgery I will be able to put my socks on by myself
This varies with everyone. Just keep trying. What seems impossible one day becomes very easy later.

I had success bending down toward my foot from a seated position. Then I started lifting the leg toward my body. Sometimes it's easier to do these things in stages.
Happy Three Month Anniversary!
Jaycey gave you a good tip on what worked for her, I’ll share what worked for me.
I’d sit on the sofa, or bed and with bent knee, positioning the outside of my leg face down on the sofa or bed. Bending my knee and positioning my leg this way brought my foot within reach to get a sock on. I will admit that I’m not a sock wearer, even in winter so I didn’t / don’t get much practice still. Let us know when you have success.
Have a great week!
It's not the same for everyone and not even the same with the 2 hips on one person. With my left I was able to start putting socks on, washing my feet and trimming my nails just past 6 weeks or so. With my right it took a long time. With my right I could not sit and get near my foot for some reason. I could not bend if my knee was bent and it took quite a while to ease into it. I would try every day and it eventually eased off and released so I could do it.

4 months and two weeks since my surgery now.
I'm feeling great, i can't even tell i have a hip replaced, except i feel a clicking sound when i hold my hand on my surgery, i don't feel it when i walk and it doesn't disturb me in any way, only if i put my hand and press on my surgery and walk in the same time. Has anyone experienced this?

It can take awhile for soft tissues and muscles to tighten up around the joint again. Some people notice this feeling while others aren't bothered. Don't worry - all this will ease with time.
Heloo again,

Short question, can i do crunches after hip replacement? I need to loose some belly fat and i don't know if i can do this exercise. I mean, i can do it without problem but it will affect my hip in any way?
Hello, @mariustpz Good to hear from you. The answer to your question is a question. Lol. What did your surgeon give you for any long term restrictions? These are wide and varied. I was told no bending beyond 90 degrees, turning leg in, or crossing legs "for life" which is on the extreme conservative end of the restrictions spectrum. Some have no restrictions after the first weeks. So my official stance is follow your surgeons guidelines, especially if you have any special circumstances. However, as life gets back to normal, you may find you just naturally start to forget about your hip and any rules just like you forgot your walker or cane in the initial weeks. Usually, no harm or foul, as our hips are put back together for the long haul. If you feel unsure, you can always check with your healthcare provider to give you any further advice and peace of mind. Sounds like you're doing well. Happy days.

On 10th this month just made a year from my surgery.
All good until now.
I still have a small knee pain sometimes that goes away if i move my leg a little (like a cramp), but i guess is normal (?).
Also, I see that my muscles are still recovering, if i make an activity that puts my leg to work i have muscle soreness more on the right leg, i can see that my muscle where i had the surgery still needs to "grow".
Hello again,

I have a curiosity and I want to ask you all with hip replacements.
Did you had any disconfort after 1 year?
Today i had a small pain, like 0.5 /10 when walked. I had it for like 5 minutes then has gone and didn't come back.
And simetimes i get a small knee pain like i said, but the same way, short time, the knee pain goes away if i stretch the muscles a little.
And also, i get some random disconfort în the joint area, but i cant describe it, is not pain or something...

Am i beeing to paranoid? Because i check the hip every moment of the day, i want it to safe...
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@mariustpz Yes, discomfort 1 year out or longer is very common. Anytime you do anything new that hip area may complain. Ice and elevate if the discomfort is bad. I would say 0.5/10 is nothing. All this will ease as you get back into an active lifestyle.
Am i beeing to paranoid? Because i check the hip every moment of the day, i want it to safe...
Short answer - yes! Please don't worry about your implant. It is obviously doing the job. Just enjoy the fact that you are now mobile. You will continue to see an increase in mobility.

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