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TKR FC Bayern's House of Healing

I was using a walker before surgery because my knees were so painful and would buckle at times. Also with the snow and ice I felt more secure. Since surgery I find I am comfortable without it while in the house - But for out of the house I use it again because of the weather etc. I am in no hurry to give up my aids cane or walker until I feel I’m ready
I went 2-3 weeks with the walker before switching to the cane. I needed a bit less time with the walker with knee #2, possibly because my good leg was stronger by #2.
Lots of stairs in and around my house, so a walker would be cumbersome. Crutches worked good on the stairs, and fiti n the car nicely. Then, I went to a single crutch. Then, a short period with a cane.
Can anybody chime in on how long to use a walker after surgery? I feel like I could switch to a single crutch or perhaps a cane
As long as you feel it appropriate. Actually, I never used a walker for either knee except for one day. I went straight to these elbow crutches which were quite sufficient for my needs.
FC Bayern's House of Healing
It's a shame that the people who really need pain meds are being punished because of the ones that abuse it. Hope your pain gets better and your recovery is good.
Saw the PA today and he was very happy with where I'm at. He is also willing to prescribe more pain meds if I need them, unlike the OS they understand that you are not going to do the exercises they want you to do if they cause pain you can't get relief from.

On a separate issue I'm having as issue with my ulnar nerve in my right side. Apparently resting my elbow on the arm rest of my chair has aggravated it and I'm having issues with numbness in my pinky and ring finger as well as strength issues with the hand. Kind of irritating.
I'll chime in on the walker as I'm 6 days from my revision. I didn't want a thing to do with a walker, I don't think it was vanity, I just didn't think / see the need for one. However each surgery I've used one and been grateful to have one available. I'm using it now and I can tell I'm just move "secure" if you will in my steps. It forces me to stand straight and do heal to toe walking. I don't plan on giving mine up for awhile - I'm trying to learn good habits and have them carry me onward.
Had my second in house PT yesterday. ROM is 85 and +8. Flat told the PT that I would work stretching exercises but not strengthening for now and he didn't have an issue with that which is good because there's nothing he could do about it if he didn't like it!
Three weeks in now and at PT yesterday I was between 95-100 flexion and +5 extension. Worked with a different therapist yesterday and did quite a bit more than before. Nothing too aggressive stretching wise but more strengthening. Paying for that today, the knee is not too cranky but my quads and hamstrings sure are! I may skip next week and just stick to my floor peddles and walks. Living in California the spring flowers are starting to bloom and we've had some nice sunny weather so I've been trying to walk one house further down the street everyday.
It's way too early to be doing strengthening exercises. Please just do your normal daily activites. That will build up your knee the normal way with much less pain.
I've had some pretty severe pain on the outside of my knee today. It began when I rolled over in bed, felt like something moved wrong and sent shooting pain through the joint. It happened off and on several times during the day. It's made me hesitant to do much today.
Sorry for your pain :hissy: probably best to give that knee a rest.
Ouch! It's so frustrating when these things happen. Who knew rolling over in bed could cause so much trouble?Our knees are very quick to let us know when they don't like something. I've had a few issues in th past week. Resting has been the best recovery plus trying to avoid movements that aggravate the knee until it settles down again.
It's made me hesitant to do much today.
That's the best course for the day. Let that knee calm down and then you can go back to doing your little things.
Yesterday's mystery pain was gone today so I was back out for my daily walk as well as just daily life. Hopefully yesterday was just a blip on the radar, I actually had a chance to fix my wife lunch today since she was going to be pressed for time. That was a nice change since I'm normally the family cook and it has been just one more duty she's had to pick up while I'm recovering. I've always felt lucky to have her, times like this just reinforce those feelings.
:roseshwr:It’s great when we are able to truly appreciate our spouses and what they do for us. Giving back whenever we can is even a better feeling :friends:
Well tonight will be my first trip out of the house that wasn't for therapy. We are attending an annual charity crab feed that we have gone to for the last 6 years. I'm going to take it as easy as possible and I'm thinking I might bring a small ice chest with some ice packs in case my knee starts getting cranky. We won't be staying until the end, not going to be dancing this year, but next year I should be in fine form.:snork:

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