Hip Arthroscopy FAI Surgery Round Two—All Done!


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Nov 20, 2022
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Hi Friends,

It’s late here in NY, but I’ve been in a writing mood all day, so here it goes. Today I had the second of my FAI surgeries and I am BEYOND happy to finally have both hips DONE! :loveshwr:

I arrived at the hospital at 7:30 this morning and when all was said and done, I was discharged around 1:30. At the moment I don’t know too many details about surgery. My surgeon stopped by in the middle of my nausea spell (throw up bag in hand LOL) to check up on me and let me know that everything went great. I was in the OR for over two hours, but the tear was small and only one anchor had to be inserted.

Right now, I don’t feel too bad, though there has been points where the pain has been particularly brutal. Normally, I would be asleep right now, but I definitely overdid it trying to cure that darn coffee headache :dubious:.

On that note, I’ll pop back on over the next couple of days once I know a little more. It just feels so good being on the other side, doesn’t it? :) :-) (:
Welcome to the other side again @Sammy-Am ! Hope you can get some much needed rest today. Be sure and take your medication around the clock, as prescribed. It's important to stay ahead of the pain at this point.

I'll leave your guidelines here for you. They refer to THR, but your recovery will be very similar.

Hip Recovery: The Guidelines
We are all different, as are the approaches to this recovery and rehab. The key is, “Find what works for YOU.“ Your doctor(s), physiotherapist(s) and BoneSmart are here to help. But you have the final decision as to what approach you use.

1. Don’t worry: Your body will heal all by itself. Relax, let it, don't try and hurry it, don’t worry about any symptoms now, they are almost certainly temporary
2. Control discomfort:
take your pain meds by prescription schedule (not when pain starts!)​
3. Do what you want to do BUT
a. If it hurts, don't do it and don't allow anyone - especially a physical therapist - to do it to you​
b. If your leg swells more or gets stiffer in the 24 hours after doing it, don't do it again.​
4. PT or exercise can be useful BUT take note of this BoneSmart philosophy for sensible post op therapy
5. Here is a week-by-week guide for Activity progression for THRs
6. Access these pages on the website

Pain management and the pain chart
Healing: how long does it take?
Chart representation of THR recovery

Dislocation risk and 90 degree rule
Energy drain for THRs
Pain and swelling control: elevation is the key
Post op blues is a reality - be prepared for it
Myth busting: on getting addicted to pain meds
Sleep deprivation is pretty much inevitable - but what causes it?

BIG TIP: Hips actually don't need any exercise to get better. They do a pretty good job of it all on their own if given half a chance. Trouble is, people don't give them a chance and end up with all sorts of aches and pains and sore spots. All they need is the best therapy which is walking and even then not to excess.

We try to keep the forum a positive and safe place for our members to talk about their questions or concerns and to report successes with their joint replacement surgery.

While members may create as many threads as they like in a majority of BoneSmart's forums, we ask that each member have only one recovery thread. This policy makes it easier to go back and review history before providing advice.
Glad you are all done and dusted.
On the other side...the healing side! You are an official double hippy now and I welcome you to the club. :curtsey:
I was euphoric after both hips were completed and I still ride on that euphoria now.
I hope the pain if better controlled and you are also getting some rest.
Hi Friends,

Oof :sorry:! I am finding this go around incredibly tough. I’m just over 24 hours out and I didn’t expect to be in the amount of pain that I’m in. I’m a tough cookie, but WOW! :bawl:

Luckily, I have a very responsive surgeon. I called to make my post-op appointment this morning and within the hour, I had my surgeon on the line.

He explained that the amount of pain I’m in isn’t necessarily from the size of the tear, since that was relatively small. Instead, he had to do a drastic amount of shaving in the O.R. because of how the spur was digging into the labrum. He said he expected my pain to be extra heightened today with how much work was done to the bone and he advised me to up my Percocet dosage to two pills instead of the one every six hours. He also said I can take Tylenol or Advil in between (about 3 hours afterward) if I still needed extra relief.

Luckily, my nausea has settled but I’m noticing that I’m a little more on the light-headed side, even though I’ve been eating. Does anyone have tricks to combat this? I want to make sure I manage that if I up my pills. So far today I had blueberries with almond yogurt, watermelon slices, a banana, corn flakes, and I’ll try to get lunch in me soon.

So long for now :flwrysmile:
You are probably light headed due to low blood pressure, very common after surgery.
Doubling Percocet can definitely reignite your nausea. It's one med I cannot tolerate, it makes me so sick to my stomach.
I think what you have eaten might combat some of your stomach issues, I ate yogurt everyday so my stomach could tolerate the meds.
All my best, hope you get some relief.
You are probably light headed due to low blood pressure, very common after surgery.
Doubling Percocet can definitely reignite your nausea. It's one med I cannot tolerate, it makes me so sick to my stomach.
I think what you have eaten might combat some of your stomach issues, I ate yogurt everyday so my stomach could tolerate the meds.
All my best, hope you get some relief.

Hi myglasshalffull,

Thanks for settling some of my anxiety. I’ve been taking my time getting up and giving myself a few extra moments before moving. I also drank some water (not natural for me!) and added some Miralax as I know the Percocet is slowing everything down.

I was due for my last dose of Percocet at around 12:50, but opted for a nap instead. Sitting a little more upright (being cautious of hip flexion, of course) seemed to help a little with the dizziness.

Peeps, is it okay if I’m playing the medication by ear or should I try sticking to the schedule, even if I feel like I don’t need a dose. I’m not trying to “tough anything out,” just trying to be mindful of my gut and the fact that I live on my own (don’t worry someone lives above me and friends are a text away).
@Sammy-Am At this phase of your recuperation it's best to stick to the schedule for your medications. The goal is to to keep the effectiveness of the pills at the optimum level. From swallowing a pill to it getting into the blood stream takes time and dosing schedules seek to maintain an optimum level for best pain control. So if you wait until you actually hurt it's going to take quite a while for the pain relief to take effect.

Right after major surgery pain prevents you from relaxing, it tightens muscles that should relax, and it interferes with sleep.

After a few weeks if you miss a dose and don't later need that medication or don't need as much then it's OK to cut back or take half doses.
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I agree with @djklaugh about keeping to a medication schedule, you may feel okay and want to skip but then later you take a nap, then when you wake up you could have high levels of pain. It takes time to get the meds back into your system, which can feel like hours when in pain.
Sammy, as someone who tends to black out after surgeries (Every dang time! Low blood pressure I think), I would strongly encourage you to keep your phone ON your person at all times in case you fall or need help off the floor. I used a little cross-body pouch on days I didn’t have pockets, even in the bathroom (ESPECIALLY in the bathroom since that seemed to be the most frequent location for it!) so I could text or call my husband who was working in his office out in our barn if I blacked out. Both times actually, my hands were shaking too hard to text so I called him instead and could only whisper, ‘help’. Scared the **** out of my poor sweet husband! The thing about a hip surgery (as you know!) is you can’t just gently lie down on the floor if you’re feeling faint.
Advice from my surgeries were to stay ahead of the pain. I have to say I have been very lucky to be able to ditch the opiates fairly quickly. Most make me nauseous and for some reason Tylenol works just fine for my pain level majority of the time.
But we are all different so if you need the high powered meds by all means stick to them.
We all have different tolerances.
Justice Rider is correct, I don't go anywhere w/o my phone on me even to just fill bird feeders outside. You just never know, I have small cross body bag I stick phone in if for some reason what I'm wearing doesn't have pockets.
Great advice!!!
Hi Loves,

Isn’t it funny how people say you’ll feel “as high as a kite?” Is that how that goes? Because I just woke up from a two hour nap and feel like an elephant who got tranq-ed! :rofsign:

I have a high pain tolerance, but apparently I’m a lightweight also! :heehee:

Thanks for all of the advice regarding the medications and keeping my phone on me. I’m only 1 day post-op and I’ve already become accustomed to having a re-usable grocery bag on me. I make short trips into the kitchen and shove my ice pack, water bottle, and meals in there, and happily hobble back to my bed.

I also bought myself a $12 trash grabber on Amazon and that has been a lifesaver! The pup is incredibly entertained when I grab her dog bowl with it and gingerly plop in onto the floor LOL. And speaking of my little Rattie, she’s been very upset with me since I got home yesterday. All she wants to do is be picked up to lay in bed with Momma. We compromised by putting a few blankets around the apartment for her to pick her spot, but we both know it’s not quite the same (sigh).

I’m off to finish the show I’m watching on Netflix. Let me know what TV shows you’ve been fancying. Tomorrow I might even look to see if the library will let me “borrow” books on my phone. I love the napping and all the rest, but I’m not back at work until the 21st, so I need entertainment in my waking hours LOL.
:wave: friend.
Try to put SOMETHING, anything, on your tummy prior to meds...
Grapes, saltines... I had the same issues:unsure:

All temporary...hang in there.
Hi Friends,

Post-op: Day 2. WOW! This dizzy spell from this morning is out of this world. I can handle pain, but I am a complete and utter wuss when it comes to dizziness!

My pain is a little bit on the lighter side, so I just took a dose of Tylenol instead of the Percocets. I just have a nasty tension headache and feel very gassy. No bowel movements so far and I’m wondering if that’s what’s causing the increased nausea.

I’m trying to force myself to eat. I had a piece of plain toast this morning, blueberries, and just tried half a bowl of cereal, but the chewing was making me too nauseous. I’ll try to continue to eat and also see if upping my water will help. I’m using Miralax this go around, so hopefully I can prompt everything to move a little—it’s never fun feeling bloated like a beached whale.

I’m off to yet another nap. Hopefully I’ll feel better once I wake up.
I'm watching Succession through Prime/Max, I'm on Season 2 episode 6, I think there's 4 seasons not sure but so many people kept saying how good it was so I've been watching that pretty much non stop.
On Netflix I love Selling Sunset, real estate show with extremely high end properties and women that look like models and dress designer. It must take them 4 hours just to get ready to go to work. I love seeing the houses and the interiors although I must say it seems that all glass ultra modern look can become a little boring after while.
I watched Firefly Lane (definite girly type show), also Never Ever Have I, kind of a teenage, high school vibe but the girls in it are pretty funny and entertaining, it's a good show if you just want to watch something and not have to think too much! LOL!
Every once in awhile I just watch a movie that I've already seen, but most likely it was awhile ago and I liked the movie first time so I watch once again.
As far as dizzy spells you might need to eat some iron rich foods, spinach, red meat, etc. but glad you are carrying your phone with you.
Well Day 2 is here once you get through 1st week I bet you will be feeling much better.
Happy viewing!
Hang in there, Sammy. The first few days are the worst, especially with the nausea and dizziness. I’m with you, I can handle pain better than those things, ugh. The only things I could eat after this last surgery were crackers, smoothies, and my neighbor’s homemade vegetable soup. But sometimes was just lucky to keep down crackers and water. Do make sure you stay hydrated! So important right now and it helps keep your blood pressure up too, with that dizziness. You are one tough cookie doing this alone. But not alone really because you have your adorable rattie for moral support! :roseshwr:
Here’s my little one taking care of me shortly after my knee surgery ❤️

Thank you for all of those recommendations. My sister said she also enjoyed Firefly Lane, so I might check that one out. Today I haven’t been awake too much to watch TV or read so hopefully I have a little more energy in the coming days. And never apologize for recommending “teenager shows” LOL. I still can’t believe I’m in the double hippy club at 31. These recoveries make me feel ANCIENT LOL!

And @JusticeRider I can’t remember if I’ve seen your little one before, but what a goober! My favorite thing in the world is when Maggie lays on me and I can feel her swallow on my leg—it just melts my heart :roseshwr:.

As far as I know, she’s still napping on her blankets. That’s her go to spot when I go to work. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer until we can be cuddle buddies again.

I’m in a good place now. I should probably load up on more Tylenol and ice which I let slip when I’m sleeping so much. I was able to take off my dressing today and was very happy to see (almost!) matching hip scars! Not too much bruising from what I can tell and I’m dying for a hot shower, but I’ll wait until one of my friends stops by for the extra security. I follow up with my doctor a week from today, so we’ll see what he thinks

Sam :flwrysmile:

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