Bilateral THR Excited to get two THR!

I am 7 weeks postop and at my 6 weeks checkup I was told that I could safely squat down. Like to retrieve something from the back of the bottom cupboard.

At first I was terrified of dislocating but I eventually did try it, just halfway down at first. I was shocked at how tight my knees felt doing this.

This morning I finally did a low squat to retrieve the dog’s food and water bowls. I straightened back up without holding on to anything.

But it still scares me doing this. Is it safer for me to go down with my knees pointing foreword or with them pointing out to the sides? Feet wide apart or closer together?
But it still scares me doing this
Frankly it would scare me too. To the point I don’t believe I’d attempt it yet, but I am the overly cautious type that imposed some restrictions on myself post op, even though my surgeon didn’t. I read that you may attempt a “supported“ squat at 8-12 weeks post op. I don’t think I’d have the courage. Actually, I know I wouldn’t.

I read that basically you want to determine what type of foot placement allows you to get as much pain free depth as possible. Sometimes narrow stances and a toe forward position feels best and sometimes people will require more toe out. This is highly individualized and you’ll have to experiment to see what feels best for you. To be safe I’d suggest you receive clearance from your surgeon as well as PT if you have one.
Have a nice Sunday!
I started doing very small, non weight bearing squats, lightly holding kitchen counter for support. 10 slow reps to start with PT approval. Liked alternating those with toe raises, again at the kitchen counter. Swig of iced coffee, too! As I got stronger and more confident, I increased number of reps and squat depth. I found parallel feet a better and safer position at first but I’m now doing some plié squats as well. I was very concerned about dislocation and while I can now reach palms to floor, I still prefer that to a low squat to pick up something from the floor. Clearly a personal preference and what feels best. Sounds like you are doing really well, nice to hear that!
I started doing limited range of motion bodyweight squats around 6 weeks or so. My OS didn't have a 90 degree limitation as I had an anterior THR so I would also do lower squats with a chair for support. At 12 weeks I'm now able to do a full Asian squat again.
Layla has great advice about foot placement. Everyone's hips are and move differently.
Inspiring to see you making great progress!

No squats for me! Havent been able to do them since before my first knee....that knee doesn’t have enough ROM to do them. I’m okay with that LOL!

@Zoebichon I just re-read back through your post #58 and see that you have been much more physically active than I. When I think back to before the fall of 2019, I remember that I enjoyed being more physically active, but that seems like a long time ago. I’ll just have to work my way back to that level. I will be two weeks post-op tomorrow, so I guess i’m justified in taking it easy for a while longer.

It sounds like you are doing great! Enjoy.
I am also seven weeks post op and can't bring myself to try squatting down! Admiration for Zoebichon standing up again without holding on to anything too....! Still trying to work about the best way to get down to a lying on a yoga mat on the floor as OS now says I can do some floor exercises ...but how to get there?!!
Hi @Zoebichon , I haven’t checked in on your thread for a week or two, and I’m amazed to see the progress you have made. It would be impressive for one hip, let alone a two-for! Personally I wouldn’t try anything I was nervous about. There is no point in rushing, these things will come when your body is ready and you won’t lose anything by waiting.
I am also seven weeks post op and can't bring myself to try squatting down! Admiration for Zoebichon standing up again without holding on to anything too....! Still trying to work about the best way to get down to a lying on a yoga mat on the floor as OS now says I can do some floor exercises ...but how to get there?!!
Well I haven’t squatted ALL of the way down yet! But pretty far. This week, I had 2 small items in my hands, which I had removed from a corner on the floor, while hubby vacuumed. The 2 items were a diffuser night light and a small spray canned fire extinguisher which we keep on the floor, in a corner of the upstairs hallway.

I had the items in both hands and squatted low to set them in the corner. I was almost down when I realized I would have nothing to hold onto while getting up. I tried to abort the squat and stand up but fell backwards instead, bumping my elbow into a door frame. The frame kept me from falling down but now I have a very bruised elbow!

I am squatting halfway successfully to dry off the bottom of the shower door.

But like you, I also have no idea how to get down to my exercise mat! I have been doing some exercises on a firm fold-out futon sofa. Let me know how to get to the floor!
Ooh Zoe, I can picture you, neither up nor down and nothing to grab onto. A bit scary!

Here is a description of my way down to the floor. I am not not NOT recommending you try it yet. My right hip was 19 weeks post op, and my left hip was 3 years post op, and it caused some discomfort in my left hip. It took a few more weeks before I could do it without discomfort.
I achieved an unexpected milestone this week. Yesterday morning I was sorting out old paperwork. I looked at a box of papers on the floor. The easiest way to tackle it would be to sit on the floor, but would I be able to get back up? I decided to take the chance, and got down, slowly and not at all gracefully: half squat, hands on floor, kneel right knee then left, roll to the left to get left (older) hip on the floor, swing round to a seated position taking weight on left hip and extended left arm. I did feel it a bit in the left hip but only for a moment. I got into a comfortable position and set to work on the papers. Then in the afternoon, I suddenly thought, wait a minute, what has happened? I am in a different room, I’ve been outside, I’ve had lunch, etc,etc. I have no recollection at all of getting up from the floor! Obviously I had done it. It must have just come naturally. So I got down again just to check it wasn’t a fluke, and it wasn’t. Woohoo!
The getting up procedure was doing it all in reverse.

I did find a quick and easy way down to the floor just a few days after Hip 1. I fainted, and arrived flat on my back on the floor almost immediately. I’m not recommending that either.
@Zoebichon You will eventually get to the point where you do things successfully without ever thinking of having new hips! For me the first time doing that it was at 14 weeks after my BTHR when I had to crate my 2 big kitties for a grooming session. Caught the smaller one easily. But big sister (about 20lbs) saw that happen and went flying up the stairs and under the guest room bed. So I chased after her, went into guest room, closed the door so she could not sneak past me, got down on my stomach, hauled cat out from under the bed, stood up and carried protesting wiggly cat down stairs (alternating feet and having to use both hands to contain cat). Oh and as I am short and cat was very long (about 4.5' nose to tail tip) I had to be careful not to step on her tail. All without ever thinking of the new hips.

Even squats will come ... eventually! You are doing great! :egypdance:
Thanks Klassy and Deb! I do remember reading about your cat shinanagans in your recovery story!

And yes Klassy, I have also read all of your story too!
Thanks for your description of your journey to the floor Klassy! I think I will wait a bit longer before I try it...all this chat about squatting and getting onto the floor made me feel a bit weak :loll:
I got down to the floor yesterday! I squatted a bit and sort of rolled forward onto my knees and then quickly onto my hands and knees. Rolling to the side and onto my backside and then flat on my back! Getting up wasn’t graceful but not as difficult as I thought it would be.
Wonderful to see you doing so well, my bilateral compadre.:friends:
I got down to the floor yesterday! I squatted a bit and sort of rolled forward onto my knees and then quickly onto my hands and knees. Rolling to the side and onto my backside and then flat on my back! Getting up wasn’t graceful but not as difficult as I thought it would be.
Congratulations! You are my inspiration :)
Happy Two Month Anniversary!
I hope you’re having a good weeks so far. Great news on getting down on the floor and back up. I’ll bet that felt like a satisfying accomplishment. Many more to come along the way. Enjoy! :)
By tomorrow evening, I will be 11 weeks postop. It seems like last week that I was trying to balance a cup of coffee in my wobbly walker tray across my kitchen.

My biggest issue after surgery has been sleeping. Actually, I was not a good sleeper before but it bacame very broken after. Waking up every 1 1/2 to 2 hours all night long for many weeks. So I am happy to report that I am now sleeping quite well!

I turned 65 last month and my Medicare plan, which is still Kaiser Permanente, which I have had since 1985, gave me a free Fitbit. I am enjoying the data it gives me on my daily walks and nightly sleeps. By days end, counting my morning walks and daily steps, I am frequently racking up 5 1/2 miles daily.

I am now walking three plus miles every morning, which includes several short hills. The uphill walk feels great but walking downhill, I have to take short, slow steps; walking downhill feels so awkward. I wonder when my hips will be loose enough to walk downhill without looking like I am 90?!

I have really picked up the speed otherwise. The Fitbit shows that I am in the fat burning zone very rapidly after the start of my walks, where just a few weeks ago, it took half my walk to get to that zone. I can even get into the cardio zone on the hills.

I have been back to line dancing since 6 weeks and doing well there, but still not doing the spins! I am taking weekly light, easy hikes with my daughter and our dogs, on regional park trails. I can’t wait to re- join my senior hiking groups for longer, “real” hikes!

I haven’t been taking any OTC meds on a scheduled basis for a few weeks now. Very occasionally, I will take Tylenol or ibuprofen, which quickly take away any pains.

I have found so many YouTube videos on stretches for seniors that I am doing. Also, I am beginning to do some strength exercises, although I resumed sitting arm exercises with my 8 pound hand weight at 6 weeks.

A few times already, I have forgotten about hip surgery! Once when I ran the phone up 14 steps for my husband. And once when I carried 2 bowls of hot food upstairs, and again downstairs, for my son. (Long story). He was sleeping so I brought the food back downstairs and then realized I had never carried things down before without holding onto the rails!

I do feel that I still have a little thigh swelling; they just seem fuller! I had told myself I would not gain weight during recovery and the first several weeks I ate primarily produce and protein and did not gain weight. However as I became more active, I began eating more and I am disappointed that I have gained 4 pounds in the last several weeks.

I am still getting into the car sideways and swiveling to the front. Same with getting into bed. My OS has asked me to do this until one year postop. He said especially with getting out of the car normally, with the leg coming way out and tucking under, it’s a dislocation risk. Even though with dual mobility cup, that risk is very low.

I am able to squat low to do chores, and yesterday, when I spilled the dog water, I quickly got down to my knees and mopped it up. Getting up wasn’t too bad with the chair nearby.

After being married for 34 years and always doing the laundry, hubby took it over for my first few weeks of postop. Now I am doing it but guess what? He is now routinely doing his own clothes! Including hanging them up and folding! We will hopefully keep this routine.

I am still having the stutter steps and feeling stiff by evenings, and slightly tender in the mornings, but I know healing is still happening.

I really enjoy reading on this website, which has made my recovery so much more reassuring! Thanks Bonesmart!
@Zoebichon What a wonderful update! It is marvelous to hear you are doing so well with your new hips :) And those moments of forgetting you have new hips are such fun and rewarding, aren't they?!
Thanks for the detailed and very inspirational update. Your recovery is fantastic and I know that going forward I will point other bilateral candidates in the direction of your thread. It's amazing what you've accomplished in such a short period of time and just's going to get even better! Woohoo! :egypdance:

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