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Hi Lyn, sorry to hear you are not getting a full nights rest, I had that horrible problem of being awake for hours trying to find a position that my knee likes but since I resorted to having 2 Co-codamol just before I turn the lights out, I have been having a good nights sleep, my worst time is early evening when I have taken the dogs, cooked and eaten dinner, by which time my leg is really aching so I retreat to the settee with ice and it gradually eases.

Very bad of your brother to let you down on his promise, I too have an ******* of a brother who lives in wales, might as well be the other side of the world the amount of times he visits my Mum so much for family eh.

Hope your grandson has gone to bed so you can relax for the evening, I'm sure you love seeing him but so exhausting.

Sue xx
Hi Sue, good to hear from you. I think I may have to go back to the Co codamols, the trouble is I need to drink so much prune juice when I even take just two at night.
Yes, young James went to bed nice and early. It is interesting, he has really 'tried it on' this visit, he obviously feels completely at home, and knows that whatever he does we will still love him. In the past he has been on his best behaviour, not quite sure how far he can go before we got cross, now he knows, we don't get really cross with him :heehee:.
It can't be long before your exciting trip, when is it you leave?
@Ellejay Hi Lyn I do the Co-codamol 30mg too at night but alternate them with Tramadol so I don't get too used to one or the other. And have you tried Lactulose? Works for me. ....I have a swig at bedtime. Sometimes a sachet of Fibregel too. One Senokot if desperate. And a blast with a leaf-blower if REALLY desperate. (Nah, only kidding about the leaf blower.......too big to hoik up from the garage.)
:rotfl: @Fancypants , you did make me smile, thank you for that. I think I may try some of those ideas. I thought I'd finished with the Tramadol, but maybe not. I hope you are ok xxxx
So glad I dont have a leaf blower. Lyn treat it like annoying tooth sometimes needs stronger meds. To have to resort to a stronger pain relief is no reflection on you or your progress its just that you need help to sleep and heal. Sheeeeesh you are so far on down that road of recovery just you pressed the nitro button when you should have let the kneenav take over.

Legin THR Sep 14
I was prescribed something called "Laxido" by my GP. It can be bought over the counter. My dad had terrible problems with "going" I gave him one to try now he swears by them. They're very gentle no belly cramps and run for the hills!!!
Hi Lyn, thankfully they don't cause me any problems but even if they did I think the fact that I get a better night sleep out weighs that.

Sounds as though Grandson is testing the boundaries, if I say the Darcey that she can't do something she says mummy said I have to or mummy says I can have more sweets etc, they have a new child minder, Darcey had a meltdown this week because she was adamant that Elsie was crying because she wanted her dummy not that it was time for her milk, obviously Mummy Darcey thinks she know best, it's hard not the smile when you are trying to tell them off.

We go to Orlando two weeks Sunday, I'm sure the time will flash by, at least I can sit in the sun and rest.

Hope you have a great weekend with your friends in Sussex.

Sue xx
Thanks for all the helpful hints and tips, I agree, a good nights sleep is worth almost any type of side effects, so I think I will resort to a short time back on stronger pain killers.
Grandson has kept me on my toes today, but he has been very well behaved, he is just a three year old boy, and my knee is no match for him. I shared the load this afternoon and took him to my sisters, so that my niece and nephew could wear him out for a while, then my daughter came over to help with bath and bed time, so my energy lasted the day.
My brother did visit Dad today, he reported much the same, tired, no appetite, but quite chirpy.
Have a good weekend everyone, xxx
@Ellejay how are you?

Have a great time at your friends Lyn x take care x

Will catchup after you come back. Love Ann x x x (((hugs)))) x x xx
@Ellejay hope your sleep patterns are improving. It's not good to feel tired out. A ggod nights sleep makes you see the world in a different light.
Today we did a trip around the Dales and ended up in Hawes. Lovely light on the hills all day too but , oh my it was cold! We even walked over some rough ground to a waterfall or two and I managed to jump! over two streams! The knee has been fantastic today. Than goodness for knee surgery! It was good to get out and about taking photos. Loads of snowdrops out too and the first daffs will be out next week! Whoop whoop!
We are on the way to a great summer with new knees!:wave::flwrysmile:
@Fancypants the Grandchildren call me Sue as I'm the wicked step mother, Darey is 3 and at the bossy/sulky stage at the moment when she can't get her own way.

@SuperSnapper I'm very impressed with your progress, jumping over streams :wow: I had mine done the beginning of Dec and definitely NOT at the jumping stage yet, find it difficult to come down stairs properly

Hope your enjoying your weekend Lyn.

Sue xx
Hawes was childhood place we went to. Fell in many a stream near there
Ditto re weekend lass and if over doing it well let your hair down more than i can do
Thank you for all the messages, you are all so nice. Sorry, just a really quick reply, as my brain was asleep hours ago. Took strong painkillers last night and slept through, apart from when grandson coughed - it didn't wake him but it did me! But at least my knee wasn't hurting, so I could go straight back to sleep. We dropped James off and are now in Sussex, having a good time with friends. My knee is trying to fit into the routine here, silly me forgot my ice pack, and my knee pillow, so tonight is going to be interesting. I've taken more painkillers, so hopefully I will sleep through and not notice.
@Nana moon 27 I hope you are having a wonderful time at your party. I'll hear all about it on Monday.
Night night folks xxx
Have a truly wonderful time Lyn

Legin THR Sep 14
@suedobie Step gran is a difficult path to tread! A mine field!!!!! I'm Nana to my own 8 year old grandaughter. And an unofficial (I live with but am not married to Grandad) step-gran to 18 month old cutie. I tend to keep quiet....LOL (Which as anyone who knows me would tell you is soooooooooo hard!!!!!!!! I have an opinion on everything and love to give people the benefit of my age and experience.....whether thay want it or not. My partner says he will kick me under the table next time. Gently. But purposefully.......and hopefully not on my "bad" leg.)

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