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Driving - when will I be safe to do this?

Discussion in 'Post Surgery Information' started by Josephine, Dec 28, 2013.

  1. Josephine

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    Because you will be taking your pain meds for some weeks, it's generally considered wise not to start driving while still on full doses - and equally unwise to reduce them just in order to be able to drive since the pain will be just as much of a hindrance.

    There are a couple of basic legal points to be borne in mind:
    1. in law, driving whilst taking prescription pain meds is "driving under the influence of drugs" and if you have an accident, how ever minor, or get stopped by the police and they ask if you are taking drugs, being an honest citizen you would have to say yes.
    2. you need to make sure you can do an emergency stop; critical because you don't want to find yourself responsible for knocking someone down because you couldn't get your leg from accelerator (gas) to brake quickly enough because it still feels like a log!
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