Bilateral THR Double Hippy on the mend!

Great update @Hippymel All good news, thanks for sharing.
Updates like yours are so inspirational to those following behind. Especially as a bilateral.
It sounds as though your return to work, even though earlier than recommended, is going smoothly.
I'm happy for you. May it only keep getting better!
Have a great week!
@Hippymel You have had a stellar recovery, that is such good news. Am I correct that you will be heading into spring now? If so, you will be in good shape for some nice weather! If Im wrong? Well, you are still in good shape for whatever!
I'm curious,, is either of your hips crankier than the other?

Keep up the good healing.. :flwrysmile:
Happy Three Month Anniversary!
I hope all continues to go well for you.
Leave us an update when you have time, we'd love to hear how you're doing.
Until wishes for all!
Thanks @Layla, three months down!! I’m feeling like I’m turning the corner, some days I just go about normal stuff & work and I forget I even had a bilateral THR, other days they play up a bit, but usually now if I have walked a lot or been extra active.
@CricketHip, to answer your question, I have had the right hip probably cause me the most grief. The left one was the first one to go and was diagnosed 3/4 years ago with mod-severe OA. The right one seemed to hold out for a while, but at the end of last year it just went downhill rapidly and was really painful and became stiff within 6 mths. So going into surgery it was the worst. The right side today compared to left also feels more numb and more uncomfortable to lie on, and still seems a bit more swollen around the scar compared to the left. It gets a bit swollen after activity, exercise and if I’m sitting at my desk for too long. Ice and reclining for a while later in the day help. I also wear my compression tights some days to help.
I’m flying for domestically tomorrow, across Australia to Perth for work, first since returning. It’s a 6 hour flight, so have my strategy of gettting up often and moving around. I’m lucky I could upgrade my seat to a bigger one with more room, that will help at least. I’m planning on getting to airport early in case of any delays through security. I’m curious to see if I set off the detectors!!
Have a great week all! Spring has started now in Australia, and Brisbane where I’m from has had lovely warm weather for a few weeks now, just no rain. Some areas out west have had bushfires, its been so dry.
Will catch up again in a few weeks!!
Hello @Hippymel
You're doing so well for three months post op. A bilateral no less. Amazing!
Safe travels and best of luck to you as you travel across Australia tomorrow for work. I hope the extra roomy
seat, compression stockings, ankle pumps and maybe a stroll to the yucky :heehee: in flight bathroom will all be beneficial making for a comfortable flight. Enjoy a beautiful Spring in Brisbane.
Thanks for updating, it's always nice to hear from you. Please don't be a stranger here! :wave:
Hi @Hippymel
How did your plane travel go?
I haven't travelled since my BTHR so I would be interested to know how "beepy" you were.
I did check out whether my hips would set off my nephew's "treasure hunting" metal detector did.:giggle:
Hope all is still improving.:yes:
Hi @Mojo333 & @Layla
Apologies for delay in answering, work is bit crazy at the moment.
My plane travel went ok, I set off the security detectors flying in & out!! They just took me aside and waved the wand over both hips, after doing a quick pat down and asking me to remove shoes.
I think the trick is to travel wearing the basics, so no jewellery, belts, soft shoes (with no metal), no clothing with metal buttons etc. Then you lower your chances of delay.
The airport at Brisbane (my home town) was easier than flying out of Perth (in West Aust), not sure why, might depend on who transits through there. Perth is a hub to some overseas destinations, so maybe that’s why.
The plane trip was ok, 5.5 hours, but a got a comfy seat with more leg room and got up & walking/stood a bit. Felt a bit stiff the next day but otherwise ok. I did wear my compression tights too, just in case of swelling, they seemed to help also.
I’m travelling pretty well, doing lots of walking, back at the gym mostly working on my core, and looking forward to our Aussie summer. Think it’s going to be a hot one this year. We have already had bushfires in some parts.
Best wishes to my fellow hippies out there, catch up soon!
So great to see your update.
I imagine other potential bilaterals popping by and saying:wowspring:
It is amazing what this surgery entails and how amazing our bodies are at healing.
We've had a ridiculously hot summer and are still in it. Most in my area are begging for cooler temps but I reckon I could Do Australia or New Zealand for my winter!:) :-) (:

Well done, @Hippymel :tada:
Hello :wave:
Wonderful update... you're doing so well! Especially as a bilateral at only four months post op.
Sounds like you traveled without incident. With many more months until you're completely healed I can only imagine the strides you'll make. Very inspirational for those following behind you. Stay in touch and enjoy your Aussie Summer!
Happy Four Month Anniversary!
I hope you do something special to celebrate the day.
Stay in touch and enjoy the weekend!
:hi: Hi @Hippymel
Stopping by to wish you a Happy One Year Anniversary!
I hope your two new hips are serving you well.
We’d love to hear how you’ve been since you last posted, if you care to share.
All the best to you! :)
Hey Hey! Happy 1 year anniversary for those hips! Time really does fly on, expecially when we have hips that allow us to go about our lives free from pain.
Any limits that you can discern? I hope not..

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