Bilateral THR Double Hippy on the mend!

I haven’t yet tried driving, bit scared! When did other double hippies give it a go?
Has your surgeon released you to drive yet? I waited 6 weeks post LTHR and 4 weeks post RTHR. It's all about how confident you are to make an emergency stop.
@Jaycey my surgeon told me to start driving when comfortable....whatever that means!! I have my first post op appt at 6.5 weeks, so was going to wait till then anyway.
@Hippymel I took my first all-by-myself drive at about 5 weeks post op - the things my surgeon told me was it was OK to drive IF I was not taking narcotic medications (because narcotics can make you very sleepy and mussy-headed) during the day and IF I could move my feet and legs through the motions of driving a car without violating my hip precautions - including emergency quick motions! I got a severe case of cabin fever at about 5 weeks and just HAD TO get out of the house (winter in Pacific NW was wet, gloomy, cold and not very conducive to taking strolls around the neighborhood) - so I made a trip to the bank and grocery store - not very far fortunately - about 2 miles total driving and 45 minutes out of the house :)
Thanks @djklaugh! I’m definitely suffering cabin fever. It‘s winter here in Oz, so walks have been reduced, as we have had lots of rainy days, don’t want to risk slipping over off my crutches!! Maybe I‘ll practice going through the motions movement wise first!
I so forgot you are flip flop.:unsure:
6 weeks is early days for double hippys...doable but probably not optimal.
Time does fly in recovery more than you imagine it will.

I recall getting some sharp, or shooting pains around my incision also, usually fleeting and I believe it's just nerves regenerating.

I hope you're able to be off work for as long as 8 weeks, at least, especially being bilateral but I understand that's not always possible. One can only hope. :fingersx:

I'll bet another few weeks and you'll be out hitting the big bad road :driver: and cabin fever will be a distant memory.
Wishing you a great week!
Hi I’m beginning to go a bit crazy too but at least I’m uk it’s sunny at the moment so can get some walks to relieve my cabin fever . I will be seeing my surgeon next week it will be six weeks for hip one and will be interested to hear what he says about driving and restrictions . I definetly don’t feel for me it will be safe until that time or even a few weeks after . I going to practice playing with my pedals on the car first . It’s like speed learning everything again!
I hope you get driving soon as you feel safe and I hope all goes well with the OS o sure our will .
Hi All, thought I would check in. Had a busy weekend, with quite a bit of walking. We had unusually sunny weather for Brisbane this time of year, its winter, so just had to get out.
Thanks @mikeycat for the info on the Activators. I looked up the website and found they have a supplier in Australia. What was even more exciting was the supplier is based near me, and the lady who sells these here in Aust is a Physio. She came around to my house and showed me the different models and checked my walking, how awesome is that!! I gave them a go on the weekend, and were so much lighter & less cumbersome than crutches. However I did go back to my crutches at the end of the day as my right hip (the pain in the “butt” one, literally!!) got a bit sore.
Here is a pic of what they look like. They can then be converted to normal Nordic stick by changing the tip at the bottom.
I have my 6 week check up next week, gee that has come up quickly!!


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Hi similar to mine. I have my 6 week check up with x-rays tomorrow. I am supposed to have physio at re-hab today but cancelling as i wont be able to do tomorrow because I have to be there early for x-rays and in shape which I wont be. I will be exhausted. I have another physio on Wednesday=6 weeks rehab after the first 6 weeks physio at home.
Happy 2 month Hips, @Hippymel
Probably about now you might be feeling this a bit more of a trick figuring things out in the activity least, that was my experience.
Hope all is going well and know that no matter how brilliant the short term recovery goes, real healing is still happening.
Lots of improvement to come.
Hope you have a great week.
Happy Two Month Anniversary!
I hope you're doing well and were pleased with your six week check up.
Let us know how you're progressing...we'd love to hear.
A great week to you!
Thanks @Mojo333 & @Layla, wow 2 months already, that has gone quick. This is my last week at home, going back to work next week, which will be my 10th week...sigh! My family think it’s time my “holiday” was over!! Man what a holiday, when I think back it’s been a roller coaster so far, and am sure it will continue to be just not as bumpy!
I had a good 6 week check up with my surgeon and nurse, all my questions around pain, stiffness and ROM at my stage for a bilateral they said were normal and that I’m doing well. Got my clearance to drive, which has been an amazing return to independence! The OS told me to now do what I would normally do, so long as it doesn’t cause pain. Still mentioned to be careful of external rotation of the hip. I have my next check up in 6 mths, where he will discuss things like returning to more active exercise like running etc.
I still have some stiffness in the morning, nothing has changed there (been like that for years!!), but once I get going it really eases up. I’m now walking with no crutches inside, and have started to use just my Nordic sticks outside, occasionally nothing for short distances. Still sometimes use crutches in shopping centres and crowds, more as a warning to others that I’m not too steady on my feet. It’s amazing how people in crowded places can push & rush, I’m paranoid about being knocked over!!
I got very excited last week because I could now finally cross my legs like a lady!! However it felt kind of weird, so I still sit uncrossed (supposed it’s years of not being able to).
I have started back at the gym, just slowly on the bike (no resistance), but mostly upper body weights & core strength work, no weights for lower legs. Still seeing my Physio, but graduated to once a week, then moving to fortnightly, just to keep working on my hip strength & gait. I still limp a bit when tired at end of the day, it’s my body telling me to “sit down stupid”!! I look a bit like I’ve left the horse at the front door on those days!!
The best thing is this forum has helped me realise that my journey has been “normal”, probably the wrong word, as a bilateral THR is not normal, but everyone on here is special!! We have been through so much to get where we are. It has been a great reassurance to me if something doesn’t feel right, I can check up on here and realise someone else has been through this, and made it out the other side!!
Thank you to all the forum advisors & buddies on here, you do such a great job, this site has been my place of comfort to come back to from time to time.
All the best to the other June sunbeams as their 2 month anniversary comes around, it seems to be a bit of a turning point on this long journey!
I’ll check in from time to time, until then all the best & many thanks for all your help!
Cheers from Downunder, Mel!
:tada:So happy to hear you got kudos from your OS and all the best to you as you return to work.

I can definitely see my journey reflected in your reports on progress, so Do know there is lots of improvement to come.
Month four was my biggest turnabout for some of my issues...especially stamina wise.

Onward and Upward...:yahoo:
the back sleeping is giving me neck pain!

G'day and welcome it's nice to have a new hippie from down under! Good on you for doing the double whammy.

Re back sleeping, I've actually become converted over this process. Two things might help: 1) I put a soft down pillow under my knees. I know it's a no no for knee TKR but my PT suggested it. 2) make sure the pillow under your head is very flat. One too high or firm can make the neck drop into an awkward position.

Good luck and happy healing! You sound like you are doing much better at 3 weeks bilateral than I was with only one. :thumb:
Hello :wave:
Best of luck going back to work next week. You'll have to let us know how it goes.
You've done great as a bilateral. I'm in awe of the strides you've made, actually in awe of the courage of bilaterals in general.

this site has been my place of comfort to come back to from time to time.
It's been our pleasure following your early recovery and visiting with you from time to time. Keeps it fresh as opposed to a daily report. Thanks for being a part of it all. We've enjoyed you. :)
Wishing you only the best going forward!
Hi All,
Thought I would check in. Last week was my first week back at work. I’m able to work from home which is lucky in these early days. First day I got so bogged down in getting through all my 100’s of work emails, I forgot to get up & move regularly. I paid for it later in the day, feeling quite stiff!! Silly me, I know better from you guys!
Next day made a conscious effort to get up and move around, even to get cup of coffee, lunch etc. Also when on the phone I use my earphones, so am now walking as I’m talking! Next few days were much better.

My movement is coming along, just the odd ache or pain if I over do my walking or with my Personal trainer.
I’ve started to go back once a week to my Personal trainer, getting on the bike, upper body weights, gentle balance exercises for legs.
I’m now mostly walking outside without aids, but am careful of the terrain.
I can now sleep on BOTH sides at night, more so on the left (my better hip), that has helped the back & neck stiffness immensely.
Small achievements are making a big difference, like being able to get down to kneel briefly, do up lace up shoes and cut my toenails!! My next challenge will be to safely get in & out of my bath....I love soaking in bubbles! But my PT has said hold off for a few more weeks! :bath:
I am still getting PT once a fortnight, but mostly to keep an eye on my gait. She gives me all these exercises, I do some, but have to admit that since the early days & reading on here that exercise is not necessary, I have found just walking & functional movement like housework, light gardening etc has been enough.
Certainly more enjoyable than boring PT exercises. There is time for upping the exercise later.
Hope to get in the pool soon, but mornings here are still below 10 deg C, I hate the cold so maybe in a few weeks!! :swim:
Hope everyone is well and recovering nicely! :flwrysmile:
:happydance:Oh, how wonderful to hear how well you are doing!!!
The tightness after sitting or sleeping certainly does hang around for some time...but seems like you've got that figured.
I am still getting PT once a fortnight, but mostly to keep an eye on my gait. She gives me all these exercises, I do some, but have to admit that since the early days & reading on here that exercise is not necessary, I have found just walking & functional movement like housework, light gardening etc has been enough.
Certainly more enjoyable than boring PT exercises. There is time for upping the exercise later
This was definitely my take on things and it served me well.:yes:

Well done, my double hippy friend.
Lots of improvement to come!:egypdance:

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