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Bilateral THR Double Hip Replacements at 17


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Aug 28, 2018
United States United States
Hi everyone, I just talked to Line and Jamie from BoneSmart and was encouraged to post a thread about my story. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and avascular necrosis at the age of 14 after having major flare ups at both the ages of two and twelve.

Despite the flare ups, I continued playing sports until around the time of being diagnosed the summer before my freshman year of high school. From the lack of blood flow due to the AVN, my hips deteriorated quickly so by my junior year of high school, my family and I decided that I could not continue on without getting some sort of new hips. That June, we met with my rheumatologist who ordered xrays that proved that I truly could not continue on with life without receiving a bilateral hip replacement. So that August, both of my hips were replaced.

That December, I headed to live in Brazil for a year where I was able to live the life I lost in high school. I also had the opportunity to visit Thailand, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. I lived so many experiences in that year that would not have been possible if it weren't for the surgery. I'm now a college student working towards becoming a physical therapist so i can help patients the same way my physical therapists helped me.

I hope that this thread reaches many people out there who are younger and also are going through the process of receiving joint replacements. It's a daunting procedure but the life you will have after going through with it, will be filled with opportunity and gratitude like you've never had before!

I have a few YouTube videos that I created a few years ago, during the process of doctors appointments and pre and post op:

I wish everyone the best in all that's to come!

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@emilyyy36 Welcome to BoneSmart! You are a very brave young lady! So glad your surgery went well and you had all the traveling opportunities. I am sure many of our "younger" members will appreciate your story. Thanks for sharing!
Hi, Emily!!! So glad you posted and included your videos. It was great talking with you today.

We so appreciate that you're willing to work with us to help other young people who might be facing surgery like you went through.
Thanks for sharing your story. At 43 the first O.S. told me to wait for hip replacement that I was too young. I too had AVN and wanted activities back in my life so I got a 2nd opinion. This surgeon agreed that hip replacement now was best to enhance the quality of my life.
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Yay from one older double hippy to an amazing young one...:welome:
When was your actual surgery date?
We will add it to your signature !

Wonderful to have your life back, I think, at any age.
You go girl:chuckmarch:
Emily you are an inspiration! My daughter is 16 and just had a total hip replacement 2 weeks ago. I would love it if she could connect with you. I will for sure be sending her the link to your page here!
It doesn't appear Emily's been here since the end of August @Olive’sMom
but hopefully she'll stop by one day and see your message.
Best wishes to your daughter as she's healing and recapturing her life.
If you'd like to start a thread for your daughter we could leave our Recovery Guidelines and support her as she moves through recovery. Even if it's through you, we could get updates and offer encouragement. Give it some thought...

How in the world did I miss this fantastic story? Bless your heart, sweetie, for all you experienced at such a young age. What a testimonial and how heartwarming to see how you've been able to live your life to the fullest after this amazing surgery.
God bless and all the best moving forward!
@olive'sMom I hope your daughter has been recovering well these past few months. My instagram is @emilyschatzel if she ever feels like she'd like to connect. I wish you both the best in this journey:)
Hope all is well with you, @emilyyy36
I was happy to see you pop in.:) :-) (:

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