THR Dorothy's 2nd hip recovery, June 22, 2012

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Glad to hear how well you are doing! Sounds like things are going great with just a few bumps. Diane and you hit it dead on with the less excitement theory! I feel the exact same way:) maybe its just because we are old pros by now.......your dogs and horses must be enjoying this time, getting to see and play with you so soon in your recovery. So happy it's going well:)
Today is a big deal day! I actually did several full straight leg raises while lying on my bed! Previously I had only been able to get the leg a couple of inches off the bed with a lot of struggle until this morning ... then all the sudden this morning--boom! I was able to do about 5 good ones, nice and high and was able to hold them pretty well on the way back down with good control of the leg. The strength is returning!

:yay: Woooo Hooooo!! Fantastic news and so early too, very nice Dorothy!!:yay:

I hope the home PT can be worked out it is a shame that they are trying to deny a few more appointments but approved the additional 5 days in-patient. :rolleyes:

It sounds like you are feeling a bit better today, glad to hear it. There is a lot of yo-yoing for us hippies for a while after surgery, it's too bad that it doesn't come with a predictable schedule of some sort....

Here's hoping that August 6th finds you and Diane having a visit at the buffet together :)
Take care,
Hi Dorothy, your updates are wonderful. I am so glad you're feeling a little better, having a daily routine with beautiful horses and lively dogs! I grew up in horse country in Kentucky and rode everyday when I was a wee lass so reading your daily horse log brings back a lot of memories. asmileys.smileycentral.com_cat_16_16_3_164.gif

Sorry to hear about the PT issues. It's amazing how the insurance companies can complicate a system where wonderful PT's and Drs. want to help, but can't. I'm sure that she'll enjoy the bracelet immensely. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get more in home visits to continue your recovery. Keep up the good work on your home exercises and you'll be even farther along with this 2nd hip.

asmileys.smileycentral.com_cat_4_4_1_203.gif Wishing you a day of healing & happiness, Tracy
You, my internet "hippie" friend will get through the emotional stuff. Each day is different, isn't it? And, sheesh... this is your second "marriage!" :)

Our animals are such therapy, aren't they? I had to put my Harry down (pictured) in April (only 9).... but he was EVERYTHING to me. Now that I can move, that is my new EVERYTHING.

Take it easy on yourself (like I told Cathy); sheesh, why did I never marry and become a mother?

You are in my thoughts and prayers.

From Sunny and Rainy Sarasota.....
Yes INDEED.... 52 is the new 25! How fabulous to be 25 again, huh?

As far as the invites... you are FIRST on the list, my friend. I guess this is what people do in Florida.... have visitors. I live a pretty isolated and independent life (which I love - until I needed surgery), but it would be great to have a visitor!

How are you feeling? Truthfully.......
Hello there Dorothy,

You sound like you are doing just amazing! So fantastic that you are going out to your horses and are able to take care of them (although it does sounds like you have enormous "help" with your dogs!!!) Animals are such precious companions. I have my cat who I adore. Would love to get a dog (@C Mac , yours are such honeys!! Great picture. And oh, god, adaflorida , I am so so sorry you lost your Harry.) but a bit anxious of the responsibility. (Cats don't need walks; just lots of attention and fish.)

Dorothy, that is interesting about the feelings towards a second hip. I can see the psychological effect of not being as "high" on small accomplishments. Try to celebrate them, anyways.

Wishing you happiness and continued incredible strides in your recovery!

Hi Dorothy

Sounds wonderful to hear you say you are level pegging or a little ahead with the first THR. I know we shouldn't compare each one, but I am sure that is normal and natural to do and I am bound to do it when my time comes. I had hoped for Sept this year, but this pneumonia has knocked me for a sixer and I have used up most of my sick leave, so my next window of opportunity is a year away, Sept 2013!

Great news that you are improving hon :)
Hi there. Another gorgeous day of sunshine and warm temps here in upstate NY. We are having a bit of a drought, but I believe things always work out and I'm sure we will get some rain soon. Right now I'm just enjoying the clear, sunny weather!

My hip is feeling pretty good. My back still bothers me from time to time, but I try to do some stretches where I can within the limits of my hip restrictions and I think I can get it through till I get off the restrictions and can get more aggressive with the back.

I'm getting ready to go out for a walk on the sidewalk in front of my house . I'm still using my walker but I feel the strength coming back and I think I'll be able to ditch that soon and go to a cane. I'm even going to get into my Jeep and see how my leg works for driving. My surgeon has me on an "honor system" type thing--don't drive until you can easily and quickly move your leg from the gas pedal to the brake to do a sudden stop if necessary. I may just load in the dogs and go up and down my driveway for my first voyage, but one step closer to being able to drive for real. I won't start driving on the road until I really can do what is necessary to be safe.

I've been sleeping a lot--long nights and an afternoon nap too. I just go with what my body says it needs. I always feel better when I do that, rather than just push ahead despite my body saying it needs more rest. The body knows what it needs to get through this--we just need to listen and do it. Maybe that's why this recovery seems a little easier to me--I'm following my inner wisdom more than last time.

The insurance and home PT saga continues. Good thing I've been through this before and know what I need to do. The insurance people are stupid about it. My PT is so sick of trying to fight for just a couple more visits. She thinks I will be fine on my own soon, but she just wants a couple more visits--which will bring it to a grand total of 4. I can't believe an insurance company thinks that 4 visits after a total hip replacement is asking for a lot! I mostly need her to give me some more advice about what back stretches I can do without interfering with the hip. Her last visit was June 2nd. She told them that I saved them a ton of money by not going to rehab, so why are they balking on a few home visits????? Crazy!

The good stuff is that I'm doing well, my pets (dogs, cats, and horses) are doing well, the weather is great--life is good!!!! :) Everyone have a great day!!!

Hi Dorothy! So glad to read that you got the second hip done and that you are doing so well now! Sorry about the insurance troubles. You would think that they'd want to approve the visits now so as to prevent any issues down the line that might end up costing them more.
Hi Jen,good to hear from you. I hope you are doing well.

I just got back from .... drum roll please ... a drive in my Jeep!!!!! I didn't have any problem operating the foot controls, but it was quite exhausting and my leg is more sore than before I did it. I went around a nice country block that is about 8 miles total. That was plenty. I don't think I'll be doing any more driving for at least a couple more days, but it felt great to be able to know I can do it! My dogs went with me and they also thoroughly enjoyed the ride!

Ok, I know you have to do what you have to do -- but for goodness sakes, get out of the car!!! You're only about 15 minutes out from major surgery on that leg and we don't want to hear about some crazy business that sends you back to the hospital!!!! I know it's beautiful out and the dogs want to feel the wind in their fur but you need to stick to that chair in the backyard with the iced tea for a little longer. There is plenty of time for the jeep, now settle back down!!!! :whistle:

I'm off the soap box,
Cardie, Maybe you have my surgery mixed up with someone elses? It's been 3 weeks since my surgery, not 15 minutes.

I didn't have any significant trouble. I was driving a little over 2 weeks after my first hip, and I know there have been others on here driving quite soon after surgery too. Much depends on the vehicle and the general mobility.

Sorry if I worried you. I really was OK with my little drive today. The jeep is the perfect height for getting in and out without breaking the hip precautions and automatic shift. I have more difficulty getting in and out of some chairs than I do getting in and out of the Jeep. The seat is nice a cushy--a nice soft foam, rather than the harder foam that many seats are made out of. I didn't take any pain medication within hours of the drive, so I was clear headed.

Hi Dorothy,

"15 minutes" is just my little exaggeration at your being in the early weeks from surgery, that's all. :)

That's amazing that you were driving at 2 weeks out from the first hip -- I was prohibited from driving AND riding in a car until I returned for my follow-up appointment at six weeks!! Took me 2 additional weeks to try driving and then a few more weeks after that to settle back in behind the wheel, out of necessity...

I'm glad that the jeep is situated so that it is comfy for you to be able to drive though, that is good.
Just being a nervous nelly,
Hi Cardie, I kind of figured the 15 minutes thing was an error, but I thought maybe you thought I was only 15 days out from surgery; that's why I clarified the time.

I think driving time really does depend on the surgeon and maybe even where you live. I remember when I had my abdominal hysterectomy, I was told I could drive one week after the surgery ... a friend who had her's done a few months before mine, only laporascopically, was told no driving for 4 weeks.

I live in a rural area. The street I live on is very busy, but it's very easy to get off onto hardly travelled roads within just a couple of houses worth of space--then it's very peaceful and quiet. In fact, I only met a couple of cars on the backroads. I pulled over and let one pass me because I was just sightseeing and being super cautious. My town doesn't even have a traffic light--that's how small it is.

I can't imagine driving on busy roads now or long distances for a while yet. It's too much for my brain to comprehend. I also noticed that holding my leg in one position on the gas pedal made the hip sore. So, I'm not going to be tearing up the pavement any time soon. I just wanted to see if I could do it and what it felt like. And, I first tried everything out on my 300 foot driveway before venturing off onto an actual road; I didn't have any problem doing a "slam brake stop", which was my primary concern, so off I went for my little 8 miles of country roads drive. Believe me, that was plenty. I don't even want to drive for another few days. And, I'll be careful and use good judgment--I promise!

Be careful with the driving decision..... dear Dorothy. What's the rush? Can I send you something? :cocktail: A cocktail, perhaps?

I have to say, that it was kind of a luxury to just be in bed (even though it was short for me because I had to open my shop!); people stopped in my condo unit during the day... some played Scrabble, some just gabbed... but it has been FOREVER since I had taken time off for myself in a straight two week period.

So, don't rush it. I think this is what you encouraged me to do, as well.

You are in my thoughts, and I am SO proud of you!
Wow, Dorothy, that ride sounds heavenly! And where ever you live with such little traffic and a place for horses sounds like heaven, too! Great your jeep is so hip friendly.
Cardie, you are so dear to worry about everyone. I think it is good you keep beating your "gentle, gentle" drum for us.
You all are so good to remind me to take it easy. And, Alicia, yes-having the time off and mostly to myself is wonderful. I especially love that I don't have a schedule to worry about. I could live this way forever!

Oh Dorothy, I think your little jaunt in the car probably did your soul a wealth of good!

Obviously not an activity you are planning every day, but at least you know it is possible... Good for you :)

Now rest, rest and rest. :)
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