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Doctor is recommending knee and eventually hip replacement


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Nov 26, 2019
Colombia Colombia
In the past 5 years I have gone from about 243 pounds down to 189 pounds and have kept it off. I do diet and exercise.

I went jogging 1 hour a day 3.5 miles for about a year and a half until April 2019 when I developed a torn ligament and rupture Bakkers gland. Very painful.

At this time is when they discovered I have worn cartilage in both knees and hip mostly from years of being overweight and also from two small bumps or slight deformities in my hips which caused me to walk a little distorted. (Like a tire that has a slight bump that makes the car wobble). The wobble in my walk was only noticeable by the doctor.

At any rate, while he wants to wait as long as possible, since I can still do everything I want to, except jog, he says I will eventually need the surgeries. Of course, I take the glucosamine, fish oils and collagen, but I realized these may be more hype than real solution.

My question is, now that my exercise is more limited, does anyone have any diet information as far as not gaining my weight back with little or no exercise?

Since April, I seem to have developed constraint arthritis pain in both legs. I have my static bike upstairs and was doing three miles a day, but I am worried now about causing more wear and tear. I also have a set of weights.

I am 59, so the doctor would rather wait as he says I am still young for this type surgeries. Part of the reason he wanted to wait is because he was amazed that I walked about 7 miles to his office and then took the stairs up to his 7th floor office. He said he couldn't do that WITHOUT knee problems! :)

He told me that I can do anything I want and says studies show that being inactive or active doesn't really slow down or advance the wear and tear.



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Aug 9, 2013
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Wow, congrats on the weight loss! That's a hard thing to do and you did a great job.

I am in the middle of losing the weight I gained after my TKR when my mobility went down to almost nothing. Long story, but I'm still not able to be very active, so have lost 40 lbs by cutting out processed foods, sugar, white flour and similar. It's not easy, but it is doable. It doesn't come off as quickly as when you're able to be doing things like swimming and biking, but it does come off. My advice is to just keep daily track of the foods you eat, how many calories, carbs, fats, and so on, so you get enough of the nutrients your body needs, while keeping the foods you don't need to a minimum. I use an app to record my daily intakes, etc.

For my body and current activity level, that means to lose weight I need to stay under 1400 calories per day, and watch the carbs, etc. When I get to where I'm done losing (I'm about 10 pounds from that place) I'll then up my calories a bit to a maintenance level. Everyone is different, so you know what works for you; but in the end we all need to take in less calories than we burn off in order to lose weight, and we need to take in an equal amount of calories as we burn off to maintain our weight. Just keep track of what you eat and of your weight and you'll have a good idea if you're eating the right amounts to avoid weight gain. Also, talking to your primary doctor, or a nutritionist if you can, is always a good idea to see if you're getting the nutrients your body needs, or if you need to modify anything.


Apr 9, 2019
United States United States
There are several interesting threads in recovery section here about losing weight and also having the replacements done at younger ages and while still working at reducing. @luvcats thread comes first to mind.
I find that I not only need to reduce calories, but also need to balance protein, good carbs, and good fat at every meal and snack. I just feel better when I do this. I discuss this, as well as my choosing foods that do not aggravate osteoarthritis in my knee thread.
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