Bilateral PKR Di's Double Replacement Recovery

Feeling slightly concerned about where I am with my extension of the right leg. I’m five weeks post op and at -7 on the right leg and -1 on the left. So frustrated on the difference between the two.
I know it’s still early, but I can’t help worry that it may not get there when it needs to.
NOTE - this knee was not fully extended prior to surgery.
ANY words of wisdom and guidance is greatly appreciated! :sad:
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NOTE - this knee was not fully extended prior to surgery.
It will need some extra time, but it will get there. You are still in very early days of this year long recovery. Where you are now is not where you will end up.
Those large muscles and tendons on the back of the knee take a long time to stretch out. It was about 5-6 months before mine extension reached 0. I didn't worry about it, though, cause I had learned on here that extension very often takes longer to achieve. Also, my OS didn't worry about it either. Having no stress about it helped so much!
I have found the most aches,pain I get from Pt is when my muscles and tendons behind knee are “flattened” out by the PT...takes hours for pain to subside...another thing that will be stopped by me...extension is just about zero, give or take 1 or 2....close enough! Time is our friend!
I am walking to help extend my legs. I carefully take long strides and try to stretch comfortably while walking. That seems to have given me better results than my stretching exercises.
Hi All,
I’m three months! Had to stop PT due to Pandemic but working at home on my ROM etc. it strange to still have a LOT of pain with stairs (up and down)? Stairs are just as bad now as they were prior to my BPKR!
Thoughts? suggestions? Thanks everyone!
Yes, stairs are really hard on a new knee. If they are causing you pain, then your knees aren't ready for them yet. Try to stay away from them for a few weeks to give your knees more healing time. If you let them be your guide, then you'll feel better. Remember, they are boss and will let you know in no uncertain terms when you have disobeyed them!
@ilovefall I still do not attempt to walk down the steps like an adult. And I mostly don't go upstairs like an adult either. I can and I do once in a while but it does feel like some stress on the knee still but I can't say that I feel any sharp pain. I just kind of came to the conclusion that I have nothing to prove with the steps and have always hated going up and down the steps. (My next home will have the MBR on the main level.) And we have 10 foot ceilings so it is a lot of steps -- my fitbit frequently congratulates me on how many floors I have climbed and this is trying to avoid the steps! Sorry to vent but trying to say maybe don't beat yourself up about the steps.
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Stairs are still a work in progress for me as well...up no so bad..Down foot over foot, not yet...though someone said try foot over foot going down ,but go sideways..have tried that, and it seems to be a bit our friend...I promise everyone will walk down the stairs!
My surgeon told me at my post op visit this week not to worry about even trying to walk down stairs normally until 12 weeks & not to be surprised if it takes longer then that.
I think I'm recovering OK, and I cannot walk down stairs normally yet. I can do foot over foot, but very slowly and holding on to railings, which I don't consider normal. If I take a quicker step, it is not pleasant. I still need to build up those muscles, which is a slow process.
Ok here’s another question....I’m 12 weeks out of BPKR and been feeling great with the exception of stairs (as bad as before surgery). My right knee is feeling VERY full, heavy and tight today. Not tight like ROM but right like swollen. It’s not swollen though.
THOUGHTS?? :shrug:
Mine gets that way, sometimes. I think it is swollen, but inside where you don't see it. Usually it is both of my knees that get that way, not just one. I had that feeling lately, when I was sitting a lot and not walking as much.
Stairs are the last thing that we get back...going up, not so bad, some aches, going down, foot over foot isn’t happening yet... Someone said to try going down sideways, with foot over foot...I tried, better then going down straight, I guess... what you describe , full and heavy, I have never said it that way, but upon thinking of that description, I do have that! I also feel my knee is affected by weather, today was miserable, and my knee ached for no apparent time, we get to the end...time is our friend
Weather does affect these new knees for a year or so. After that, things improve. We had a tropical storm come through last summer and my new knee hurt for only about 2 minutes, and it was nothing like it used to be. Wish I could say that about my old, unfixed knee!
any updates OP? just read this thread with significant interest as I'm going for BPKR in a month.

I have the same problem with medications not working for me - did you ever find anything that would control the pain?

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