Bilateral PKR Di's Double Replacement Recovery

@sistersinhim right leg is very limited but it’s coming along. I started this exercise more so to help this leg be more flexible. It’s so very tight and stiff. Feels COMPLETELY different than the left. Knowing my numbers helps me confirm how much further along my left leg is than my right. I’m not so concerned about the numbers but about how much worse the right feels. Presurgery the right was far worse than the left so I’m guessing that I’m determined to to show this right knee who’s boss. :yes!:
Best wishes to a fellow PA/Philly area ? resident! i am 2 weeks removed from surgery today, feel pretty good..Sleep and sitting comfortably has been an issue... but getting about with one crutch, elevating and icing often...Homecare stops today, so tomorrow I need to venture to a rehab facility...
Just wanted to shout out, another Philly replacement. Had it done at Rothman
I had my TKR revisions through Rothman institute in NJ by Dr. Danielle Panzio.

Dr. Ponzio specializes in difficult TKR revisions and I highly recommend her.
While we do want to see progress, 26 days post op is far too early to worry about progress. You have barely even begun to heal in this year long recovery.

You can try to tell your knee that you are the boss, but the knee is not going to agree. You have to accept that the knee is in charge. If you push the knee, the knee will push back, and the knee will always win.

@maryo52 said this:
“I watched a bilateral knee replacement when I was a nursing student. The patient happened to be a neighbor. It was quite a comfort to him that I was there. I was not that physically close to the surgical area because that's a super-sterile area. They wear space suits so they're not even breathing near the wound. I was by the patient's head. They did the left knee first and then the right, which went easier because they'd figured out the correct components on the left which means there was more tourniquet time, more putting on and taking off of components, and generally tweaking of the artificial joint on the left. So it was no surprise that the patient's right knee recovered more easily and with less swelling. Who knows how much each of our knees get tweaked and manipulated during the surgery, resulting in more tissue trauma?”
Presurgery the right was far worse than the left so I’m guessing that I’m determined to to show this right knee who’s boss. :yes!:
Here's your answer on why the right one is still worse. It obviously had to have much more work done to it causing more recovery pain.
Diane - are you still using a walker to get around? Just wondering how your mobility is at this point.
Moved to crutches until 1 week out then PT moved me to the cane.
You should be the one who decides when to move to a cane. You have replacements on both knees. These leave you without a good knee. Your safety needs to come first. There is no time limit on getting off of the crutches or walker. All they are, are assistance devices that keep you safe. Please be careful using just a cane.
@sistersinhim thank you for looking out for me, but please know that I would NEVER do anything I felt would put myself in jeopardy or would I ever allow someone to tell ME what to do. I (and my knees) am controlling how fast I recoup. I have four joint replacements and I know how to be cautious.
Each surgery is different and we all heal differently. Some slower and some faster. I know when I feel I can push myself and my knees and if I push too much I will pay for it.
Again, I appreciate your concern.
I had a TKR (Left knee) 6 months ago. Lifting my foot off the floor from my recliner was a real challenge. I used a "gait belt" (eBay has them for about $9) - the belt came with my walker which was issued by the hospital. My thigh/quad muscle would not fire - - which prevented my lifting of the foot. I continue with a very weak quad today. I would say from my own experience the gait belt will help lift/raise your foot & the quad exercises will help (folding a towel & putting under the knee while leg is straight - then squeeze your quad muscle and hold for a count of 20 - doing about 10 at a time). Good luck to you - I don't know what to say about your meds. I had similar reactions to the meds and I stopped all except for extra strength tylenol.
@Ready2HikeAgain in the house I’m walking around unaided. On stairs and if going out I’m on a cane. Used the walker only when at the hospital. Moved to crutches until 1 week out then PT moved me to the cane. How are you doing? How are you feeling?

That is great. Did you get your pain under control?

I am doing pretty good. My first post op appt is tomorrow morning. I am still using the walker at 12 days, but can feel myself using it less and less for smaller jaunts around my bedroom, the bathroom and kitchen. Have been up the stairs twice with the aid of a crutch. Right leg is so strong, it almost like I didnt have surgery. I can lift it straight from any position standing, lying or sitting. I use it almost as I would if I had only had the left knee replaced. It still gets sore but not nearly as bad as my left. Left leg is still very swollen and is painful when trying to lift from a sitting or lying position. Feels like my knee is coming apart, but slowly seeing improvements. I am on my own at home during the day, but feel generally very manageable. I am hoping to go back to work in 4 weeks.
@Ready2HikeAgain sounds like you’re doing good! My knees are completely different too. Frustrating. I’m four weeks today and I planned to go back next Monday but I’m not going to. I want to have that right leg stronger and not so sore.
I too am home all day by myself. It’s manageable but lonely:umm:
PT has been really helpful. Have u started yet?
Had my four week checkup today!! :yay:

Doc said I was doing exceptional.
•Cleared me to drive
•Gave me a back to work note for March 23rd...tentatively as I told him I would reach out if I wasn’t ready to return yet.
•Was very please with Flexion and extension in both knees.
•Talked about how the right needed more cleaning out than the left one and he wasn’t surprised that the right was more painful and slower to recoup.
All good , and moving in the right direction! 4 weeks down! Weather in Philly area has been great, hope you were able to soak up some sunshine!

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