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Mar 22, 2023
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Greeting,. Got home from the hospital yesterday was in a hospital overnight when the block were off. The party started lol... I had a lot Of work done but My arm did not work... My rotator ruptured about 2 months ago And I had no choice... Anyone With any pointers I'm all ears. Thank you for listening.
@Restoguy Congratulations on your new shoulder! For now take medications as prescribed, ice the shoulder and rest! Major surgery requires a lot of energy to heal from and much healing occurs when you sleep. Remember heal first before trying to do any kind of strengthening!! It is going to take time, patience, and careful PT to get that shoulder back to functioning as it should.

And do ask any particular questions or concerns you may have .... we do like to help. Also unlike the pre-op section we encourage folks here in recovery to post all questions, comments, and concerns on the same thread. This keeps all your recovery information and progress in the same place and makes it easier for you and anyone else to review how things have been going for you.
Thank you for your reply I really appreciateit... Did folks here ice ice ice the whole first week?
Day three post op total reverse Shoulder replacement... A lot of pain last night and also had a fever... Finally Slept a few hours continuously before that it was just cat naps... I'm trying to move And get going i'm a fifty six year old father of thirteen year old twin boys.. Also a small business owner. And my phone blows up during the day... My question is continually use ice? And also pain meds... how often? It's great to have folks who have had this surgery cause. If you. Did? Not. Have? It you just don't know lol.
Did folks here ice ice ice the whole first week?
Yes, as much as you can. Ice is a natural pain killer. It will reduce the swelling from all the trauma of the procedure.
And also pain meds... how often?
Take your medication as prescribed, around the clock at this stage. It is important to stay ahead of any post op pain. When you start forgetting doses, it's a sign you are weaning off medication.
@Restoguy Yup I mostly wore my iced gel packs all day for the first week or two. And 13yo twin boys .... lucky you! High energy I'm sure but they can learn life lessons in sharing and caring! Rename them temporarily "Fetch and Carry" and put them to work... after school and on weekends.
Greetings to all, Day 7 post op TRSR.. I made it to the office today about five hours.. Ny wife dropped me off. Luckily, my office is about a mile from my home... I've stated it in the previous thread. I'm self-employed, so I don't get paid to sit home. And the bills just keep rolling in.. I'm still obviously in a sling and will be for a while before PT... My wife has been amazing, and I was able to help out tonight while she's at work. Empty dishwasher, make coffee for AM, wipe down table etc... Been getting pain In my bicep area... Ran out of medication on Friday oxycodone 5 mg. also toroidal... I was getting really uncomfortable pain wise and my wife called the surgeon who called The pharmacy for a new prescription for at least three more days Of oxycodone... Would love to hear anyone's Experience With bicep pain sharp at ti meds and for how long thank you very much for taking time to reply to this. I really really appreciate it
Welcome to the other side @Restoguy !
Been getting pain In my bicep area.
You just had major surgery. Post op pain is expected. Do take your pain medication as prescribed.

I know you need to work. But going back so very early really isn't helping you heal. Please take more time to let that should settle from all the trauma. Try icing the area.
So I'm 10 days post-op and my 1st appointment is tomorrow with my surgeon....Wondering if anyone else started to get ANNOYED with the process...I do office work so I'm back to worrk about 5 hours a day this week but im getting frustrated with this stupid sling etc. almost 24/7...Even getting a shower today or using the rest room is work....I glad I had the surgery because my arm didn't work anymore so I get it...Just wondering if anyone else has hit a point in recovery where they just started getting annoyed!. Thank you for letting me vent and I look forward to any feedback
I didn't have a replacement, but I did have a repair of 3 torn tendons and a scope. I wore a pillow sling for 6 weeks and then removed the pillow from the sling and had to wear the sling for another 2 weeks. It was in the summer and really hot! I hated that thing. I wasn't even allowed to move my wrist! I understand why you are so annoyed. It's uncomfortable and awkward.

My recliner has an arm that is the same level as the sling was, so I'd take it off for a few minutes. It felt like heaven! Don't you try that, though, unless you are absolutely sure you will not move your arm or shoulder in any way you aren't supposed to.
@Restoguy "Just wondering if anyone else has hit a point in recovery where they just started getting annoyed!." Yup, been there and done that ... three times (hips and both shoulders)! I think nearly every one who's ever had a joint replacement or any other kind of major surgery has had thoughts and days like that! But physiology and Mother Nature are in charge for a while and it does take time to heal from such procedures. So the prescription now is patience, rest, icing, taking medications as directed, following doctor's and PT's instructions!

And vent away as you need! And, please, do keep your posts to one thread here in the post op section .... it provides a complete record of your healing and progress.
Thank you for your reply I really appreciateit... Did folks hear ice ice ice the whole first week?
I am still icing all night at 5 weeks. My ice machine malfunctioned and I did use it one night. I didn’t know if the ice was making any difference. But my arm achrd the whole night so I went back to icing all night.
@Restoguy I think every one of us hit this low point of frustration post joint replacement. Activities take major effort. I remember throwing my crutch to the floor being so frustrated that I couldn't move fast enough.

The good news is all this will pass with time. But you are going to have to be patient. You are only days out of this surgery. Slow and steady works every time.
I post yesterday the post-op process and the almost 24/7 sling wearing was getting OLD!...Went to my first post op today and to my surprise, I was told I don't need the sling (except going to a crowded event) and I can drive.....Also, I can start PT...
Obviously I need to be careful and the pain is still there but I need to remember I'm 11 days post-op TRSR.
Also, I met a woman at the surgeon's office today who had her 2nd, TRSR because her sons large dog jumped up on her and she hit her shoulder on a door jam and dislocated the replacement (Yikes)...
I was told today if I progress, I can (maybe) throw a ball by mid summer ( I have 13 year old twin boys) Its crazy how I took for granted something that simple (having a catch with my kids!) I promise I wont take it for granted again!
Thank you all for taking time to read this!
Hello @Restoguy,
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3 weeks today post-op TRSR. So I have no sling...Im back to work and being Dad full time meaning takinf kids to the bus for school and attending sporting events...AI went to my first PT appopintment last wweek and just wondering how anyone else's PT went? how often etc...I live in a small area so im not sure if they deal with many TRSR's...Also, pain is still there. Not terrible and its bareable but still amooying...I feel like I sound like a baby
@Restoguy The way PT worked for me with both shoulders (standard not reverse) was I'd go in to see the PT folks every 2 weeks and did the exercises they gave me diligently between visits. Each visit they'd review the current set of exercises, drop the ones that had become easy to do, then add some new harder ones. Took about 3-4 months for each shoulder to get back to basically normal functioning. And even after PT ended each shoulder gained ROM and strength as I used it.

While that may seem like a lengthy process .... it was very focused sets of exercises and the slow and gentle approach IMO worked very well!

As for the pain ... it will continue for a while ... healing from major surgery does take time! But gradually that will subside and I'd bet that withing another month or so you'll be basically pain free .... unless you over do things. The ODIC (over did it club) has many members who never intended to join.
I started PT right away. Sling on for full 6 weeks. I wanted to burn it. I am still going to PT twice a week and have only a few more sessions. First was "passive" stuff. Then after a couple weeks I began active movement, then when sling off strength training. Everything hurt at first (in exercise) then got better the more I did it. I like to exercise so PT is good. I bought a pulley thing and resistance band (rubber bands of different colors with handles) so I can do a lot of the PT stuff at home. I think it helps to exercise more than twice a week. Regarding pain, I dodged the bullet so I should not comment. I did use an ice pump thing which was great---used for a week or so. Did not use Oxy at all. Just tylenol. Good luck and keep exercising---gets better pretty fast in hindsight.
It is unreal how much difference there is between a regular and reverse replacement on therapy and restrictions I think the reverse was much easier for recovery, wishing you the best of luck and success. Just don’t go overboard.
It is unreal how much difference there is between a regular and reverse replacement on therapy and restrictions I think the reverse was much easier for recovery, wishing you the best of luck and success. Just don’t go overboard.
My surgeon told me patients with reverse weemed to have easier recoveries than standard patients. I have been blessed and have not had as much pain as I expected. I met an orthopedic nurse at the doctor's office today and she said she thought I was very fortunate...that the shoulder paitents she knew all had painful recoveries. Wow! I am wondering it if it my reverse procedure that has made such a difference. I has not been a picni, but has been easier for me than knee or hip replacements.

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