Dancing after THR: 4 months pics


Aug 18, 2009
United States
Hi all...I promised pics so here's the first round!! These were taken after a full night of teaching. I will try to update occasionally with more!

Just a little dancer pic...nothing special.


This shows how far I've come...before the surgery I could barely sit with my legs a 45 degree angle!


And of course my signature pose!! My replaced hip is the leg that is up in the air!! The next time I take this I won't have to hold onto anything...

Re: 4 months pics

Yay! I'm a sticky! haha...

I have a long day of dancing on Saturday...one of the choreographers for the Knicks City Dancers has been working with our kids and I'll be dancing with him for 6 hours!! If I'm not too disgusting perhaps there will be more pics since i'll be all warmed up...
Re: 4 months pics

Oh cool! And how could we not make this amazing thread a sticky?! Did you notice that the CEO had posted in here, Shuga? Boivette?
Re: 4 months pics

Hello all! It certainly has been awhile! I'm very sorry for my absence...I love all of you dearly but I'm out enjoying my fabulous new hip!!

I hit 5 months about a week ago. I feel wonderful still. I took my first dance classes in the city at the beginning of the month. I managed to get through them but it was tough. Not because of my hip but because of the strength I lost when my hip was bad.

To be honest I don't know what my diameter is...but Jo was right (as usual!) that it is metal on plastic. The ion discharge risk applies to me as I am 26 and would like to have children someday. My doctor is very confident in what he gave me and has given the same thing to many other professional dancers.

The biggest challenge right now is the weather. For someone who is willing to kick my legs to my face, I am very cautious with the ice and snow. I made sure I got some very good boots and I tread carefully. I would hate to slip and fall resulting in problems after I've been feeling so great!

I will be sure to post at 6 months...pictures and a follow up! All my love and happy thoughts to my fellow hippies! I'll keep checking in to help answer questions!
Re: 4 months pics

Hello again!! I can't believe how much time has passed since I last posted! I thought of you all the other day. I had a co-worker have her THR last week and while checking up on her I thought about how lucky I am to have such a fantastic support group with you all!

Can you believe that in 2 weeks it will have been 8 months since my surgery! I feel phenomenal. I had some major pain about 4 weeks ago, to the point where I considered calling my surgeon. However, I've been increasingly active and suspected some scar tissue breaking up. Since that weekend I have felt better than ever and no more pain.

It's funny how the body works, though. My mom was recently diagnosed with breast cancer...it's been a very tough few months for my family. I was at work one day and took a break to call her. The phone conversation was all about her chemo treatments that were about to begin and it freaked me out. My body decided to handle it by giving me a dose of my old hip pain. I could barely stand up straight and I had a panic attack...just like I had prior to my surgery when I was in immense pain at work. I went outside and cooled off, immediately felt better, and luckily have not experienced any more pain. I just think its fascinating that the body can revert to old weak spots so quickly.

Other than that everything has been great. I am still working on getting my dance groove back...I'm not sure I will ever be back to the level I was in college and when I was a professional, but that is also my age and activity level. I am still cautious when I teach and execute certain things, but I accept the moments when I have to stop myself. I would rather be 75% the dancer I used to be and completely pain free than be where I was a year ago.

If you recall...I had some difficulties with my job upon scheduling my surgery. I still haven't gained any hours back and money is tight but I am LOVING my free time. I worked too hard the last few years and forgot how to enjoy myself. I had been giving online dating a try and a few months ago met a wonderful guy. If I didn't have that free time, I never would have been able to meet and get to know him. I am now very much in love, on top of being pain-free and happy.

My mom said I just look happier and radiate a lightness. I can't imagine going back to how I lived. If anyone reads this who is considering a THR please consider your quality of life. I didn't realize how much I lost until I started gaining it all back. My life no longer revolves around my hip, I no longer question everything I do and what pain level it will bring, and most days I completely forget that I even ever went through something like that.

My best advice to everyone is to STAY POSITIVE! Whether you are pre-op or recovering there will be bumps in the road, but those bumps make the good parts seem so much better. If you let it get you down, it's a tough road to make a U-turn on! Take it one day at a time, find and celebrate the little victories, laugh at the mistakes, and appreciate your friends and family who support you along the way!

All my love...I will be sure to check in from time to time and, yes Jo, maybe even post some more pics!

Re: 4 months pics

It's so wonderful hearing from you all again! And thank you for all the positive thoughts and love sent in my mom's direction. She's doing remarkably well!

Jo-what kind of photos are you looking for? I would love to be a part of Bonesmart!!
Re: 4 months pics

These two



Re: 4 months pics

Can I just say how touched and overwhelmed I am by the response I receive on this board? I felt so lost when I began this journey and Bonesmart helped me find my bearings and give me a sense of support. I cannot express how grateful I am to all the people who participate in these boards. It's also extremely gratifying to see how many people are inspired by my story and my pictures...I feel like the "little dancer that could"! Thank you to all of you!!

Jo-I can definitely get you new pics. I know the old ones are blurry...any other requests? Different background, etc.? I would be honored beyond belief to be an inspiration to all the newcomers who find Bonesmart in their journeys!
Re: 4 months pics

Thanks all! And Jo...guess who's back to visit? ME!! Because in one week it will have been one whole year since my surgery!! And do I owe you all an update or what? A lot has been going on in my world this past year...including a beautiful diamond ring! But I'll give the full update when I post on September 14th!!!
Re: 4 months pics

haha...all in good time! I'd like to wait until I've seen my doctor on Friday before I post in case he has any interesting feedback I can share.

And no worries-you'll hear all the details about what's been going on in my life. It's amazing how different (and great!) I feel compared to a year ago!
So I was on here a few months ago asking about THR and pregnancies...so guess who is now pregnant? This gal!! :thumb:

"As of right now I am due January 9th (2013) and couldn't be more thrilled. :yahoo:

This will definitely be interesting to see how my hip feels throughout this. I told the midwife at my appointment 2 weeks ago and she didn't seem phased by it at all. If anything, she was just surprised that I had had one. She didn't seem to indicate that there would be any issues, though.

So far I haven't noticed any differences in the hip. We did go for a walk yesterday and I had some quad pain down the front of the hip but I stopped and stretched it a few times and it seemed to ease up. I'm curious to see how it will handle the extra weight (I've already gained weight since I stopped teaching so much) along with the shifting of my pelvis to make room for the little shugaplum!

I know my original story has been a good source for many people and I would like to update on here periodically. You are all such a great group of people and when I came to you concerned about the prospect of a bionic pregnancy, you were so supportive. I hope I can give a little of that back- there's not a lot of information out there about this...Shuga"

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