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Mar 4, 2024
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I had reverse shoulder replacement January 2023 on left shoulder. Rotator repair on the same shoulder in 2013 with surgical cleaning of unusual scar tissue in 2015 in another city. Shoulder replacement by new surgeon. I cannot sleep. Pain getting worse and radiating to neck, jaw and forearm. My surgeon sees no fracture. Anyone else have this happen? I am guessing excessive scar tissue again or nerve compression
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Given your present surgeon does not have any answers, suggest you seek a second opinion from a shoulder surgeon who has experience with troubled shoulders. Look for a shoulder revision specialist or someone specializing in complex joint reconstruction, they have the experience and education to help determine why you are having continued shoulder pain radiating.

Has anyone ruled out a possible heart problems with you having left arm pain?
Thanks for the reply, glad your heart is OK.

@djklaugh has had shoulder replacements and may be able to advise.
@consty I am so sorry you are having this continuing pain and difficulty sleeping! It sure does sound like something is not right with your shoulder. Both of my replacements are the standard ones so I don't know too much about the reverse replacements. I do have some questions for you though.

1- Have you been getting any physical therapy since your surgery? If yes what kinds of exercises do they have you doing? And have you talked to the PT folks about your pain?

2- When you try to sleep are you using a reclining chair or your bed? Do you use any pillows to support the arm and shoulder?

3 - Does icing or applying heat help at all with the pain?

4- Have you been doing or attempting to do any particularly strenuous activities since this surgery? Given that you have had rotator cuff problems in the past, has your surgeon expressed any concern about a recurrence of problems with the rotator cuff?

5- When you last saw your surgeon did he have x-rays taken? You said he didn't see any fractures - was that by x-ray? Was there any indication of other problems such as loosening of the implant or ??
Sorry you’re experiencing pain and discomfort. 14 months after surgery is way too long for the recovery period. Definitely see a new surgeon.

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