TKR Confused and Conflicted

Nope, not scar tissue, just normal!
My earlier, L, TKA at 8 weeks was not swollen anymore but so painfully stiff in the mornings that I needed both hands and my other foot to get it off the bed and I was really getting bummed (hadn't found Bonesmart yet!) yet I was walking ok and doing stairs once I got going .... Suddenly at 12 weeks POOF! one morning I just lifted it off the bed and just had slight pain and discomfort the first half dozen steps. There is still some stiffness at eight months.
My newer R TKA is a bit over four months old, still has visible swelling, still has major stiffness anytime I sit up or stand too long, still has awful thigh ache in the evening.... yet it's quite functional and happy to carry me over 2 miles nonstop.
Hang out here with us, Bonesmart has a wealth of advice, information and support.
We will offer helpful suggestions, :idea:

Cheer your accomplishments :happydance:

And send hugs when you are feeling down. :console2:

Best wishes!
I am just about at 2 months and don't have great ROM (maybe 95-100?) but I am back to doing everyday life normally, stairs, work, driving, bowling...etc.

I have my follow up appt next week and am sure that the Dr. isn't going to be thrilled with my ROM either but I wouldn't even consider letting him doing a MUA if he wanted to as I can tell improvement every week and think it is just going to take time and I still have swelling so I know as that gets better, so will the ROM.

P.S. I just noticed that your TKR was just a day after mine!
and it seems like so many people are getting MUA's!
I am sure this is not true for many doctors, but doing a MUA is quick, easy money for them. Also, many have not been trained in the latest recovery techniques for joint replacement. They still believe in the old way of aggressive PT and this just causes setbacks because of increased inflammation. When inflammation is increases, swelling and pain are also increased lowering that bend.

Most members would love to be able to do all the things you are doing at only 2 months out! Enjoy that new knee and quite worrying about it!
need to quit reading all the posts on the US sites that really push the ROM ... and it seems like so many people are getting MUA's!
I been reading these sites on FB as well. People like to complain and be negative, ignore them. This is your journey and recovery.
My knee is doing well, but physically my endurance is fair. Listen to yourself , and do the correct path for you!
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Hang in there and listen to your body. This group is amazing with support. I am 4 months out and doing so much better after I stopped doing the "formal exercises" and just listened to my body and doing what I can. I am now walking about 30 minutes on a treadmill, yard work, taking my dog for walks and playing with grandkids. In fact yesterday I need to get something on the floor and I was able to kneel down (non replaced knee on the floor) and get back up without looking like a broken giraffe. Also, no pain like I use to have before surgery!
It all takes time for our bodies to heal and get strong again.
You will get there and feel so much better
I need to quit reading all the posts on the US sites that really push the ROM
Stick with us, we'll keep you on the straight and narrow! :wink:
Wishing you all the best, Sbow.
My question is regarding MUA: Is it ever really necessary?? Or is it always an option?
The vast majority of members never had a MUA, just allowed time to heal their knee, their swelling to go down, and the natural bend happening.

A MUA is completely unnecessary for most people. Few people get adhesions, which is the proper term for 'scar tissues' requiring MUAs

The scar tissue (which is more correctly called adhesions) is very rare, and one of the easiest ways to develop it is to work your knee too hard. Over-worked knees get inflamed and hot, and hot tissues become drier than normal and more likely to stick together and form adhesions.

This article explains the difference between scar tissue and adhesions:
MUA (Manipulation under Anaesthetic) and Adhesions

You need normal scar tissue. That's what holds your incision together, and it's part of the normal healing process. Without it, you'd always have an open wound.
Happy Three Month Anniversary!
How is recovery going these days for you? Please let us know, we'd love to hear from you. :)
Here's a crazy question: at almost four months post-op, I'm feeling stiff and less flexible than I was a few weeks ago. Is this normal? I know there are ups and downs in recovery, but I feel I was really on my way to being "normal" again... and now I feel like I've taken a step back.
I can’t speak from experience yet (only nearing 3 months), but in general, any time the muscles have an increased load and are getting stronger they tend to want to stiffen and shorten and hence put more pull on the joint. So if activity is increased then they need corresponding TLC in the form of stretching and other things to help them retain their length and relax. I call it the “pay to play” ratio. What has changed as far as your activity levels go?
I don't feel like much has changed, but maybe all the holiday activities have taken more from me than I realize. Your comments make alot of sense to me. I do think I probably need to do more stretching. Thank you for your insight!!
I don't feel like much has changed, but maybe all the holiday activities have taken more from me than I realize
I bet you this is the culprit! Any extra activity while you are healing can anger your knee. I think this is what has happened. You can increase your icing and elevate it until it settles down.
Four months out from surgery seems like a long time and we think we should be able to do a lot, and for some of us, that‘s true. But, I had a huge set back at that point in my recovery. All I did was go away for a weekend, only an hour and a half from home, but I overdid it a lot, trying to keep up with everyone and trying to look like a normal person. By the time I got home, my ROM was pitiful.

It took a month to improve, but at that point my son got married and I had another weekend away from home, and overdid it again, though most of it couldn’t be helped.

Those 2 weekends really damaged my recovery and set the tone for the rest of my first year, which was a struggle. Thankfully, as I’ve said many times on here, I had a lot of improvement in my second year.

All that to say, be careful this month, as we all know it’s a busy month. Be mindful of your knee and take times to rest and elevate, just at least on an ottoman, to help your body recoup from the activity. I slept all night with my legs up on my elevation wedge and that did help me a lot.
Hello and Happy Saturday!
You are on track to feel normal again, but keep in mind you're only four months into a recovery that can last a full year for most, with many still enjoying progress into their second and third years post op. There are ups and downs along the way as you stated. However, occasional soreness, stiffness, and swelling may still occur after physical exertion. I'm sure with some rest and possibly modifying activity you'll feel like you're back on track again.
Have a great weekend!

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