Bilateral THR Complete!

Day 22
Getting lungs back in order. Less shortness of breath. But still frustrated this happened. Stepped back from cane, using walker cause I can stride better. I know it’s still very early in recovery, but anxious to get back to baseline, although realistically, it’s been years since I was baseline. I do take comfort in the fact that the right knee pain I was having before surgery is gone. Hopefully stays that way. Blessed and moving forward, enjoy your weekend!
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Yes, part of recovery is figuring out what is/was baseline when we have had limitations imposed on us by the hip as it started failing. It can be part of the adventure as we progress through recovery - discovering things you can do that do not hurt anymore but for right now small steps will get you there.
Getting lungs back in order.
Great news!:egypdance:
Less person, (person means short of breath, but I used the acronym which the PC POLICE edited to “person”) but still frustrated this happened.
Our forum has a profanity filter that likely caught your shortness of breath acronym. It is probably best as I would not have been clear about the acronym...would not have thought you were trying to curse but maybe confused, and I know you wouldn't have wanted others to take it as an expletive.
No worries.
Stepped back from cane, using walker cause I can stride better
I stayed with mine for the first 3, possibly 4 weeks exclusively. Bilateral was hard to figure how to use my cane???:scratch: All temporary.
I do take comfort in the fact that the R knee pain I was having before surgery is gone
Again, great to hear....
Hope your weekend is Sweet.:tada:
@Vaachek, you're correct that our profanity filter caught your acronym. Please do not use abbreviations here on the forum as not everyone will know what you mean. We prefer that you spell out the terms you're talking this case: Shortness of Breath. I've edited your post above so that it reads correctly and will be better understood by our members around the world who are following your recovery.
Awesome news! :yay:
I love reading posts like yours above. May it only get better.
Have a lovely rest of the week! :)
Glad all is going so well.
Double hippy happy!!!:dancy:
Keep all mindful and increase activity incrementally, and you will stay out of the dreaded ODIC (Overdid it Club)
One of our infamous acronyms you don't want to become acquainted with:heehee:
Hope today is a good day.
:wave: Happy One Month Anniversary!
I hope you’ve had a good week.
Wishing you a lovely, sunny, happy weekend! :SUNsmile:
Happy anniversary. Time does move along and so does recovery although never as fast as we want. Have a peaceful night and a great day tomorrow.
Hey @Vaachek
Stopping by to say Hi and wish you a Happy Two Month Anniversary!
I hope all is well and you’re enjoying great progress while on your healing journey.
We’d love to read an update if you care to share one.
Take care and stay well!
Three months out...Woohoo :yay: Yahoo :yes!: happy dance:happydance:
You‘re on your way and I hope it’s all good.
Happy Three Month Anniversary!

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