Bilateral THR Complete!

Not doing in advisable things I don’t believe, feeling good from consecutive nights of sleep. I walk a lil, ice often, stairs daily, that’s about it...
@Vaachek :wave:
You sound like you are doing really well! You took on two at once and are figuring things out and I think you are doing a nice job of it.

Sleep patterns vary for quite some time after this surgery.. a few days good then a few days bad. I swear, I am still in a strange sleep pattern, where I fall asleep much later now and then struggle to wake up for work.

Keep up the good work.
Hi all,
Dr went well yesterday, back in 2 weeks for wound checks. Today is day 13, walking intermittently with cane, pain is tolerable, just slowly, steadily moving forward. Also, down to 12hrs daily on ted hose
Good update! Are you to the stage where you can get a bit excited that the surgery is completed and you are past the first (almost) 2 weeks?
You stated it right, moving slowly and steadily towards progress!

:wave: You sound like you are doing very well!
We, as bilaterals, have double the surgery trauma, double the blood loss, and double energy is required for healing.
All temporary and well worth it in the end.:happydance:

2 weeks today. Feeling good, and blessed for all the well wishing and advice I’ve received here!! Still have pain, but it’s at an expected level, meaning I envision that this is how it’s supposed to feel 2 weeks post op. May take a drive later...
Happy Two Week Anniversary! Each passing week feels like a mini milestone early on. Pain at two weeks is certainly not abnormal, but if you're doing anything aside from walking for exercise right now, I'd reconsider because it's not necessary early on. Continue to ice any areas of discomfort, pain, swelling several times per day for no less than 45-60 minutes each time you ice. It will increase your comfort level. Happy Thursday to you! :wave:
on Sat, started having lower back pain and shortness of breath. Off to ER to confirm what I knew, I have 3 PE and a DVT. Now on Eliquis for 3 months minimum. Was getting around a bit without cane and using cane, no more walker, just can’t do much until the Eliquis clears up clots. Hope everyone else is well!!!
Oh my hard to read this...I'm glad you went to the ER scary.
Sending healing mojo your way, my bilateral friend :console2:
Oh no! Well, bummer! So smart of you to get yourself right into the E.R. and not delay. Sometimes that is such a difficult decision.

Soon you will be up and at 'em again. We can't keep a good man (hippie) down.
Good Afternoon @Vaachek
Thankfully your intuition led to you addressing the situation promptly. I'm sorry you have to deal with this. I hope the three months passes quickly for you and you feel stronger with each passing week. We're here for support and would love to continue following your journey.
Wishing you health, happiness and a peaceful week!
Thanks for all the well wishing, I’m so grateful I found you all!!!
Trying to maintain business as usual, walking, although not as much, but phasing out the cane. The shortness of breath limits activity, but I view this as more of an emotional/psychological setback than a physical setback and I’m still far ahead of where I thought I’d be 19 days post op.
Thanks all for your amazing support!!!!
P.S. I thought I mentioned this before, but I’m an ER nurse, so I knew what was going on when I went to the ER, you all were giving me too much credit.
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Well, it is a good thing you are an ER nurse and could assess your symptoms so quickly. I hope they also gave you more preferential quicker diagnosis in the ER.
Well, it is a good thing you are an ER nurse and could assess your symptoms so quickly. I hope they also gave you more preferential quicker diagnosis in the ER.

Actually, ANYONE who says they’re having chest pain and feeling short of breath gets “preferential” treatment. Anyone that comes to an ER has a complaint. For every complaint there is a standard of care, from a sore throat to a stroke. I work with the Doc who took care of me, and I used to work with my nurse, so we all knew exactly how it would play out.
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I've worked in radiology most of my career and therefore closely with the ER staff. One of the times I had to go to the ER was after a fall at work because my chest hurt- I kept reiterating that I did not have chest pain but chest area pain so no one would rush me in as a chest pain patient but those darn electronic record forms did not have a good choice for chest pain not heart related on the entry forms for the triage nurse. Luckily, no breaks just bruised the heck out of my ribs.

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