Bilateral THR Complete!

Woohoo, great news! Safe trip home, you'll feel so much better in the comfort of your own home.
Awesome. There is no place like home. I am wishing you a peaceful night. :sleeep:. Don't forget to keep icing even during the night. It really helps with pain and swelling.:ice:
DAY4: Anyone have thoughts on when my thighs will return to pre-op size?
They’re like 2.5 x normal now. Off Norco over 24hrs, strolling a lil every cpl hours, using LOTS of ice, and content thus far
Hello @Vaachek
Are you elevating? If not, elevate as you ice. It's advised you ice for 45-60 minutes, no less, each time you ice. Taking a 5 minute walk every couple hours in this first week should help as well as trips to the bathroom or kitchen to get a snack or drink. It's very early days, the swelling will ease with time.
Wishing you comfort and some restorative rest this evening. :)
DAY4: Anyone have thoughts on when my thighs will return to pre-op size?
They’re like 2.5 x normal now. Off Norco over 24hrs, strolling a lil every cpl hours, using LOTS of ice, and content thus far
Hello mine took a while about 2.5 weeks for swelling to slip side but every person body is different .keep elevated and ice 3 times a day.
Day 6, still quite swollen, but feels like it’s loosening up. Sleep, however, continues to elude me. I’ve never been a great sleeper, maybe 5hrs/night, but I’m currently having 4-6 30min naps in 24hrs. Still super happy I did it!!!! Hope you all are well, and thanks for your support
:oyvey:Certainly sympathize about the sleep deprivation. I was so sleep deprived Before Surgery that I think it was one of my most hoped for improvements.
Unfortunately, it was quite a bit before that all worked out, so I was a power napper extraordinaire.
My recliner was where I got my best longest sleeps as back sleeping is definitely not my favorite.
All temporary and well worth these tough times.
Hang in there friend!:ok:
I sure can empathize with you @Vaachek I do get stretches where I can sleep now, but laying in the same position oddly wakes me up, and it’s all over but the crying.

You seem in good spirits for the first week. It will improve! Hope you can grab a nap or two today.
Enter Sandman,

The first week I think the most I slept was 1 1/2 hours at a time. It would take me a while to get back to sleep. I was using the bathroom quite a bit. I use an eye mask and a towel, so I can nap during the day if I feel tired, and that helped to get more than enough sleep In 24 hours.

This week I am mostly sleeping in groups of 2 hours, but I had a three hour sleep yesterday which felt grand. Using the bathroom less often, this week. :yahoo:

I have learned when I feel tired to take a nap, sometimes, two naps a day, if needed. This is temporary and each week will get better.
Sleep came through last night, 6hrs, no meds, feelin good!!!
otherwise, still swollen, pain remains tolerable, showered
today without death grips on anything, 8 days out. A Happy
Valentines day for me for sure, hoping for you all as well.
Sleepless last night. Frequent urination, some strange pains that required stocking adjusting and drainage from L hip wound last night and today.
Not worried about drainage, no increased pain, fluid is clear and I have no fever. Pains related to things waking up??? Cpl naps today, think I’ll sleep some tonight. Day 9
Yep, I felt that the numbness dissipated and weird sensations came from everywhere.
Try to relax and go with the flow.
All temporary ....healing mojo coming your way.:friends:
Sleepless last night. Frequent urination,

It happens. I napped whenever I could. The frequent urination did not encourage my sleep, but it did get less frequent. I just thought of it as good for my circulation and something that will pass soon.
I had different muscles that suddenly tightened/spasmed which kept me awake at times. That has been better.

Hope you have a better night tonight!
Sleep 2 nights in a row. Moving purposefully whenever I want. Feeling really good. Still have a little drainage/seepage from L hip wound, post op appt tomorrow am. Today, day 11, is gonna be a good day!!!

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