Bilateral THR Cold-brew's Big Bilateral THR Adventure

Hippy New Years Eve!

Took some XC skis out for a spin today, it went great! Tired and ready for an early bedtime after some 10pm champagne :)


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Sounds like a perfect day for you! Thanks for sharing a pic and spreading some cheer here.
Happy New Year back at ya. I hope it's a good one!
Hope the New Year brings continued health and happiness, double hippy pal:cheers:
6 months today!

Wish I could get back up to Tahoe to play in the snow some more, but I guess we were lucky to escape after new years! LaZBoy has just been retired to the basement. 3 more PT sessions to graduation, and I’ve started working with a proper trainer to get everything else back in shape. Still bike shopping :)
Happy Six Month Anniversary!
Sounds like you're doing well. Retiring the LaZBoy to the basement, winding down with PT, looking forward to recreational time in Tahoe and bike shopping. All activity you'll be able to enjoy with out pain. Stay safe and have a wonderful 2023!
Last PT session yesterday. As a graduation present (and retirement-from-jogging present) I bought myself a nice bike. See you out there on the road!
Awesome! Take a pic of yourself in your cap and gown on your new ride. :bicycle1:
Kidding aside, wonderful news and nice reward. ENJOY!
Adopting a new passion as you lay another aside. Good for you!
Well done, my bilateral pal:happydance:

Aren't new hips just amazing?! No tricks like Layla's bike man, though please:heehee:
and no falling down and going boom!
Awesome! Fifteen miles! Whew.
Sweet Dreams and a great week to you. Thanks for sharing photo and good news.
My son’s 14th birthday yesterday. I survived a day of rollercoasters and goofy teenagers at the amusement park.

Everything is still in one piece, seems like I didn’t rattle any parts loose :)

So great to be able to be up on my feet for hours again!
Great update and isn’t it just the best??
Back into the swing of things. We live in a great time for joint replacements.
That's what joint replacement is all about-getting back to the things we love (and our family loves!) If I'm ever feeling low and at odds with life, I just remember how bad I was before surgery and what the THR did to give me back my life. Gratitude floods in and the rest fades. That hasn't diminished one iota in 4 years. Best of luck to you going forward.
:wave:A better rollercoaster ride than hip recovery.:) :-) (:

Glad you enjoyed the day with no hip pain!
Rode the bike all the way up here from sea level…another great day!


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:wow: :biking:

Love that Double Hippy Smile:loveshwr:
@cold_brew Hips, hips, hooray!! Sounds like a great outing! Congrats on getting back on your skis! :yes!:

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