Bilateral THR Cold-brew's Big Bilateral THR Adventure

Oh no, happy you aren't hurt. Be careful, imagine all the bike riding and all you do and some spot in the house takes you down.
I'm sorry you fell...glad you're not hurt. I liked your clever post.
Take care and stay safe!
@cold_brew , I’m glad that there was no damage done with your fall. Take car.
First 10k step day!
Splendid, @cold_brew :walking:
You have done so well and the holidays will be extra sweet this year.
New hips rock:banana-santa:
I can imagine your sense of accomplishment @cold_brew
Good job! Have a great Sunday and week. :)
Yes indeed! Busy weekend, gettin those steps in on Sunday too. Time for a well deserved rest :)


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Bit over 4 months now!

Been taking it easy (and working) after the big stepping weekend. Back to a more sustainable pace that’s not melting my Fitbit.

We found a local neighbor on Nextdoor who’s having a THR on Dec 5 and gave her all our old stuff, toilet riser, walker, wedge pillow, the whole starter kit. Though I’m keeping my cool purple cane just in case. Pay it forward!
Great to See you Doing Well and paying it forward:loveshwr:
Is that preventative in anticipation of too much pie tomorrow? :wink:
You're doing fab! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
Not gonna lie I think I overdid it a bit on Tuesday. No pain but still a little stiff. Good day to sit around the house, stretch, eat Turkey, and watch the World Cup.
5 months today.

I'd say things these days are "more normal than not". Getting those long 10k+ fitbit step days once in a while, and when I do it feels ok, maybe a bit fatigued on the R side sometimes afterwards. But nothing to keep me awake at night or merit more than an advil or two. E-biking to work is no problemo.

Stiffness on R side flexor area is still there, but continues to slowly fade bit by bit. L side is like "what surgery?". Everything is miles better than before the replacement. Lots to do still on strength/flexibility but that'll all come with more PT and exercise. Numb area on skin on R thigh is still hanging around; I guess I should probably get used to it.

Starting to strategize about getting into proper exercise. Downhill snow stuff looks like it's off the menu -- went out oogling at crosscountry skis and/or road bikes today to get a head start on those New Year's resolutions and burn some calories in 2023.

Time to sell off the La-Z-Boy on craigslist :)
@cold_brew It is wonderful to hear that you are doing so well!! Just be careful and ease into your return to "proper exercise. You really do not want to take any falls or strain muscles or tendons!
Time to sell off the La-Z-Boy on craigslist
Wow...that's a sign the days of lazing around are now history. Happy Five Month Anniversary!
I hope your Christmas is merry and bright and I wish you good cheer in the New Year! :banana-santa:
Merry (Early) Xmas everybody!

Visiting some extended family in NYC and Manhattan this week. Spent the last 2 days tromping around Manhattan like a perfectly normal tourist! The Met, Broadway, Times Square, Chinatown, the touristy works!

…and racked up 35,000 steps on my Fitbit in 2 days. My baby soft feet are out of practice and they wore out before my hips did…I’ll take it :). Time for a day off!
Glad to see all is going well...
2023 will be Sweet!

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