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Jun 23, 2023
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Hi, i just got my appt for total hip replacement in 3 weeks time. I fell down my stairs 3 weeks ago and injured my coccyx which is still in agony when I sit or get up from sitting. I can currently only sit leaning fwd or lying down, do it cushion but uncomfortable. Does seem to be getting very slowly better m. Not had a xray but my general practitioner has checked range of movement. Will this be a problem for my surgery or post op?
@Hipopapotamus When you fell did you hit on the side with the hip that's going to be replaced or on the other side or sort of in the center? You might want to call your surgeon's office and ask to speak to his/her assistant and ask about this. Since it is still very painful for you I'd also suggest asking your regular doctor to order an x-ray just to make sure nothing is broken. A bad bruise can be just as painful as a broken bone but a bruise would not interfere with your surgery.... but a broken pelvis or tail bone (coccyx) might indeed interfere.
Boy, that was bad timing! Hopefully a bad bruise but am in agreement with @djklaugh that you should consider discussing with your surgical team.
Please keep us updated.
Thanks everyone. I’ll talk to them on Monday. I fell to the left which is my affected hip side. I had a huge bruise on my left butt cheek and it is definitely worse pain on the left .
I’ve seen my GP who refused to send for xray, I’ve waited in A&E for 3 hours only to be refused xray despite they said it’s probably broken as still bad after 4 weeks. Spoken to surgeon’s secretary to ask advice, she is finding out more and will call me back tmrw. I’m worried that they might ask me to make a decision which feels like a huge pressure. I’m struggling with lots of aspects of my life, and since falling haven’t been able to keep up with exercise/housework/preparation etc but then I feel like I’m procrastinating and doing what I always do which is avoid things when demands gets overwhelming (I’m autistic and ADHD). I have two teenage boys who are educated outside of school and basically my eldest is very high needs and cannot be left unsupervised. He’s already getting into a spin about my op. I have no support other than my husband. Am I being overly dramatic about the coccyx and trying to use it as an excuse or is it a real problem? Hurts to sit down and stand from sitting, also bending and hurts to exercise pelvic floor and that worries me about continence. Also likely my toe on opposite leg is broken.
Oh dear, you sound like you are at your limit with worries! I am so sorry you are struggling with the results of your fall.
I think for now, you will need to wait to hear back from your surgeon's staff on how to proceed. I doubt you will be the one making the decision, the surgeon will lay out what you can expect and then proceed from there.
I can be guilty of this very same thing, so can only advise you to try and stop worrying and building this up worse in your mind than it is. I do this by diverting my mind to something else, even if it's counting flowers on the wallpaper! If driving I look at the patterns of the tire treads on the car in front of me.. that sort of thing. Believe it or not, it can help turn off the downward spiral of my thoughts.

Can you make a list of questions for when the OS office calls tomorrow? It's always best to be prepared..

Is there a possibility of in home care after your surgery? Home health nurses or aides to check in with? That would be one of my first questions if told that the surgery is okay to do.
Who knows how long you will need to wait for another appointment? That's another thing I would have on my list if they want to delay.
The good news is that you will be resting more immediately after a THR and that will help your coccyx to continue to heal. There aren't any exercises that are necessary in a THR recovery, plus you will have some pain meds to help you cope. The main instructions that I had after surgery was to get up hourly if possible when not sleeping at night- which is a bathroom break and while up to try to walk 50-100 steps which helps with your circulation.
I opted to rent an electric lift chair to have in my home for the first month. This could be very helpful for you in getting up and going out of the chair. Something to think about.
Again, so sorry you are feeling so stressed about this.
Your surgery date isn't for 3 more weeks, that's a lot of healing time for your poor tailbone.

Hang in there, either way you will get through this.
Thanks @CricketHip. I’ve now got an appt with my consultant on Tues, he’s has the provision to order an immediate xray if needed. Thank goodness! It’s on my birthday so I’m hoping for it to go well. Either way it will be good to know what’s next and it’s all steps in the right direction. Thanks for your support.
I am sorry for your pain physically as well as mentally. You have a lot to juggle.
Hopefully you'll feel better speaking with the consultant on Tuesday. Until then, I wish you comfort and a happy
peaceful birthday on that day! Celebrate your day, I think you deserve it! :console2:
You are most welcome @Hipopapotamus , sadly, many of us were in similar situations where we just needed the advice/support from people who've limped along this path to surgery.
So very pleased that you were able to advocate for yourself and have an appointment for further evaluation!!
@Hipopapotamus How are you feeling about things? Did your surgeon have any insights about your Coccyx pain and upcoming surgery?
Hi there feeling much calmer Thankyou. Surgeon took xray but wasn’t concerned and pre op went ahead all fine. It has actually significantly improved just this week which is 8 weeks post fall so I’m pleased that I can focus on the hip now! Not long to go now 2 more sleeps x
Oh this is good to hear! I am wishing you the very best on your surgery day.. it goes rather quickly and soon you will be on the recovery side of things. I hope we see you with a recovery thread so we can follow your healing journey.
Thankyou I’m having the spinal block and sedation which will be interesting
Hip op day! Im next up just waiting to go to theatre. Got a big arrow drawn on leg by consultant so definitely doing the Left hip. Told Anaesthetist that I’m autistic /adhd and hyper vigilant so please whack up the sedation dosage I really don’t want to be aware of anything. Not long to go. Hip is super painful today after a busy few days getting ready so I’m well motivated for this. Even managed to get my stretches and 1 km on cross trainer this morning so feeling strong x
@Hipopapotamus Congratulations on your new hip! Now go over to the recovery area here and start your recovery thread. And do tell us how you are feeling.

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