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How are all the 4 weekers doing @Hippie Chick @Esmeralda

Well I have definitely improved. I’m still sore when I do a touch too much. I’m using one crutch indoors now and started outdoor walking yesterday - literally walked approx 5-7 mins along the street. With 2 crutches. I am conscious I haven’t been out much which worries me that I am behind on the walking. However, storm ravaged UK this September has not been my friend with the wind and rain.

I am managing meal prep now. I try and spread it through the day. Today I am attempting a slow cooker recipe. Will prep it as I have my morning coffee and shove on.

My scar is healed and I am massaging it - definitely felt less hard last night. My PT told me that massaging also helps blood flow which brings along the macrophages to help gobble up unwanted white blood cells left behind. Or something like that!

Ditched the Ted stockings. Man that felt good. Reducing dihydeocodine. Want to get off them regularly and only take as required.

My hip still clicks. Which isn’t the joint it’s the ileosoas tendon snapping over. My PT says nothing to worry about but she did give me a dreaded exercise involving the lightest resistance band which involves standing with it around feet and then just bringing my knee up to 90 degrees. If I do it with no band my hip snaps so the band does stop the snap and is supposed to now help me strengthen that tendon. My thigh does feel a bit achy on weight bearing however this am from doing it.
Please join in if I’ve missed any month on recoverees!
It sounds like you're doing well, Clairebella, and making steady progress. Ditching the TEDS, is reason enough for celebration...those hateful things, :groan:Lots of movement in the right direction. Keep up the good work and have a wonderful end of the week!
@Clairebella- thanks for starting this! I had my four week check up today. Tried front steps and retreated. Used the back steps no handrail but there is deck sides for me to hold- big improvement! I walked around the house. I have now walked in grass and then sidewalk. I walked to the car after my appointment as it was relatively close. I walked back around the house on my return. So worth the extra walking! Went to bed and napped. No one ever helped me or modeled stairs after hip surgery so I will ask next time.
The assistant I saw said my surgical leg is straight when I walk. My other leg is not but we knew that. They agreed Walker is probably helpful for me due to other hip. I am doing really short distances with my cane. I was told to wait on tying shoes, etc. No mention of driving yet.
My meal prep is cereal and microwaving. Love the idea of crockpot cooking- please share any great recipes. The thought of hand washing dishes is not exciting- older small home with no room for a dishwasher. I still have scabs on my incision but it is doing well. Given the green light to use lotion or vitamin e when they go. Swelling takes time. So does numbness and muscle tightening. New exercises start this week. Blending those with Bone Smart plan.
I am so sorry that you are experiencing clicks. Thankfully the resistance band exercise seems to be helping. I am still nervous about the 90 degree rule.
I saw this prior to my appointment but wanted to see if I found anything out before I posted. It is so wonderful to have you and Esmeralda at the same stage and everyone who is further along in this journey to share and learn from. I am so thankful for this forum!
Hi @Clairebella & @Hippie Chick

I haven't been around much these last couple of days as was feeling a bit down at our 4 week anniversary, due in part to an unhelpful chat with my GP about pain relief, he wants me completely off the codeine (I have got down to only 8mg/500mg co-codamol) and only using paracetamol and topical pain relief - what on my scar ? ! Anyway I'm thinking I might in the short term ignore him as paracetamol alone at times does not even give me 4 hours relief from pain.

Also I don't feel I'm doing enough walking, I really want to get out of the house but the hillslope is worrying me and my husband is busy with work all day so isn't able to take me anywhere until the end of his working day and then it's quite busy with people going home. Also I am so BORED !

Anyway I'm done moaning now and I am really pleased to hear how you two are progressing, as it gives me hope that things will start improving here as well.

@Clairebella When you say you are massaging your scar, are you using any lotion or just bare hands ?

I'm debating whether to postpone my second and last physio session as I'm not really getting on with the exercises, so she's not going to see any improvement and I'm not sure I see the point of her giving me even more exercises that I don't end up doing - sigh.
Well I may have spoke too soon and entered to ODIC. Increased pain yesterday and today. May be the PT, I’m ditching the band exercise. May have been I pottered too much yesterday am.

@Hippie Chick the surgeon did say to me swelling could be ongoing for 5-6 weeks.
@Esmeralda i also feel I am not doing enough walking. I have been out around 3 times in 4 weeks. My plan was daily walking then I got sorer yesterday.

Regarding your pain relief - I don’t see at all why you should be reducing your already reduced pain relief. I am taking 60 mg of dihydeocodine spread over 4 doses with my paracetamol and even with that I’m not completely pain free at all. You are on half what I am taking!

I am using a very plain emollient to massage. Also would not be using any topical pain relief - I don’t think that’s appropriate around the incision!
Sorry to hear about the ODIC, it is so easily done. After PT I really ached badly later that day, which helped me decide to completely ignore the band exercise. I know I mentioned in my thread that I couldn't remember the exercises but when I checked with the physio I had actually remembered them correctly. What I thought was a bit of an overkill is that the two sets of exercises were exactly the same but one was using a band, so I'm not really surprised I ached as much as I did. Ban the band !

It's a nice day today so I'm going out in the garden again, I think the path I'm walking up and down is about 10/11 metres long and I'm only managing to walk it about 16 times on a good day before my operated leg feels a bit wobbly and the twinges start around my scar area. I am using two crutches when I'm outside.

Do you get twinges around your scar area if you do too much ?
My yucky day was Monday- it all seemed to catch up with me. I take one pill at night and Tylenol throughout the day plus Celebrex- all carefully calculated. The doctors want everyone off the strongest meds.
Both times I got into my sister’s Jeep my incision wasn’t happy- that burning sensation. If you have not been through this process you truly don’t understand everything that is going on. I agree with banning the band for the moment. I am following the BoneSmart philosophy and adding in exercises as I feel ready. The walking I did yesterday drained all of my energy. Walking in the house did allow me to walk in the grass, on the sidewalk, and a tiny stretch of gravel. I used my Walker but it allowed me to be successful over not so perfect terrain. I would not want to venture outside here without someone being here.
Still slightly short attention span- I understand the getting bored but I am trying to watch shows I want to see etc. Happy Friday- I am hoping for a lovely fall weekend where I can sit on the deck. Is anyone else still using a fluffy pillow in chairs? I find I can sit longer before becoming restless.
@Hippie Chick - I haven't tried a pillow but I can't sit for too long as it seems to cause a pulling feeling on my scar.

Here's hoping you have some good weather this weekend .
I do yes get aches and pains around the incision. One side of it also still is quite numb. It’s less bumpy with the massaging which I do daily after a shower.
I also can’t sit - I may do for dinner but last around 10 mins. Preferred position is stretched out on couch.
May be the PT, I’m ditching the band exercise.
It likely is the band. I am glad you're ditching it and hope you find relief soon.
Also would not be using any topical pain relief - I don’t think that’s appropriate around the incision!
You're right, Clairebella! At least not until, or IF, you get a nod from your OS. We advise against applying anything close to, or on the stitches or incision without the approval of your surgeon. It normally takes four to six weeks for the incision to fully heal and close. You don't want to risk infection by applying any product near an open area before that time.

For general massage, or to relieve dry skin / itching some of the more common creams and lotions used on a healed incision are Bio-Oil, Vitamin E Oil, E45 Cream, Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lotion with Vitamin E, and Coconut Oil.

Have a wonderful weekend, Clairebella!
I use a cushion when dining out and also to put between scar and side of a chair. I also have an icepack in a soft padded sleeve which I can strap around the thigh. This I got from Amazon and has been a godsend. I use it when sitting down to dinner at home or after my daily walk. It just calms everything down.
I am currently sitting with my ice pack!

I still find my leg doesn’t feel like it belongs to me. When I am up and about it soon tells me when it’s time to rest with aches from top to toe. I have tingling and a slight numbness into my calf which does freak me out a bit as it’s the same pain I had pre op. My snapping tendon also stresses me out even though the PT says it’s fine. I keep thinking surely the surgery would have sorted that out!
Just noticed from someone else you can change thread title. Seeing as I’ve waved goodbye to the log leg could mine be changed to clairebella’s recovery journey please! Thanks
Happy One Month Anniversary, Clairebella!
I am thinking some of the things you're concerned about will slowly ease as you continue to heal.
I hope you have a nice Sunday and week! :)
With regards on what to use on the scar I can recommend a gel called Strataderm.

I waited until the scar was healed and the stitches were dissolved and then began using that daily.

It's from Sweden..specifically formulated for minimising and healing scars..even old ones...and my scars have all but disappeared. Of course there is always a scar but you have to look to see it. It worked for me when I had my knee replacement. The scar is thin white line.

There are two types. A blue pack which you can use before stitches are gone and an orange pack which you use when the scar is stitch free. It's a transparent silicone gel that keeps the scar hydrated so it heals quicker.

I live in buy it at the local chemist..not the cheapest but a very good product.

If you google Strataderm you'll find information.
Also ask your surgeon before you put anything on your scar to be sure.
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Is it normal at 4.5 weeks post op to still have a fair amount pain on walking? I feel a bit subdued about the ongoing pain I have as soon as I am up and going. Burning pain in buttock and down back of leg and into calf which then continues for a good while at rest. I just can’t get into a habit of any rehab style outdoor walking as I dread the discomfort I know I’ll pay for. I’m worried I’m on the couch so much….
I must admit that if I experience any pain when walking it's usually because I've either done something previously I shouldn't have or I've done too much. I do have a pretty constant burning sensation down the front of my lower leg, which like some of your symptoms, I suffered from pre-op and was told it was referred pain. I'm quite disappointed that that hasn't gone away yet and I'm hoping the surgeon will put my mind at rest concerning this when I see him at my 6 week check.

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