THR Clairebella’s recovery journey

Well my sciatic nerve issues were not from my back so not officially sciatica. I had a a lot of swelling/bruising/bleeding post arthroscopy, they pump a lot of water in. Forget about log leg it’s elephant leg you wake up to look at. So I had what they said was not nerve damage but nerve irritation- neuropraxia. Can take months to settle. Which I think it was but pain from hip arthritis muddied the water too.
Just gonna have to ride the storm if it’s irritated again. I just hope not to the previous extent. I’ve been on a dose of pregabalin since which helped greatly but I’m dying to get off that drug. Gives me brain fog.
Glad you have found out more regarding your pain. My attention span is horrible- very short! My niece sent me television show recommendations which was nice as books are not doing it yet.
Hi @Clairebella
I've been meaning to ask you how you are feeling about your possible LLD, is it still bugging you and did you mention it to your surgeon when you saw him on Monday ?
Hi Esmeralda

I asked the PT and she measured me and they were the same so I didn’t ask the surgeon on Monday as it is actually settling. How about you?
The log leg feeling is definitely much much better. That said, my right leg does not feel like my left and I know my gait when I walk is still going to the left. I’m trying to heel to toe walk and I’m not going to rush to come off the crutches. I see the surgeon next around mid Oct.

I think I pottered again a bit much yesterday as woke sore in the night which is the first time I’ve had to take pain relief in the night in around 5 days. I feel worried that I still need dihydeocodine. 3 weeks and still on some of the hard stuff! Shall rest more today.
Hi @Lumpyloo2 I had no physio at all after first THR - NHS. Just initial advice from physio & occupational health prior to discharge from hospital. Healing progressed well with just occasional hiccups that everyone has at some point.

Second THR this year was done privately (same surgeon). Again, no post-op restrictions and similar pre-discharge procedure. Physio available for 3m afterwards but this was just general advice at first and then limited strengthening exercises in the pool - healing went well but definitely slower than the first time around.

As everyone says on BoneSmart no physio is needed for hips, just activities of daily living plus standing up straight and walking (but not to excess). Listen to your body.

PS After the first few weeks I moved on to walking poles to help me concentrate on staying upright and balanced when walking. Best wishes for your onward progress.
I feel worried that I still need dihydeocodine. 3 weeks and still on some of the hard stuff! Shall rest more today
Three weeks is still very early in recovery from major surgery. Remember what was done to your soft tissues during that surgery, all the healing that needs to happen and all the muscle correction that needs to resolve the altered gait caused by having sore joints. Be kind to yourself!
Is there a transition from log leg to leg not feeling so much as a log anymore but more like a rubber leg? It still feels quite different to my non op. I’m getting numbness at times in thigh and calf and pins and needles. Still have pain which is overall better, more like a background mild toothache all the time.
I’m walking much better though and can stride quite well with the crutches. I’m not out walking yet and I’d like to start. My husband thinks I’m lying on the couch too much.
It’s nice having others who are close in recovery time. My leg is still swollen I believe. Rubber leg may be the right description. When I think about moving that leg it seems all of the muscles tense before I actually go to move it. My caregiver has been great but cannot relate as have never been through this. From reading older posts, extra couch time now with walking like you are doing pays big benefits in recovery. Hope your Sunday is marvelous!
Hi Clairebella,
It is still early days for you at not even one month post op. Lots of time and room for improvement.

Small sensory nerve fibers are cut with the incision. These nerve fibers run from the inside to the outside of the hip and cutting them causes the hip to feel numb after surgery. It is a temporary sensation that normally resolves over a period of six months to one year post op.

While healing you may experience sensations of tingling, pins and needles, itching, burning and even the feeling of a minor electrical shock. These are usually good signs that the nerves are spontaneously firing through the regeneration process.
My husband thinks I’m lying on the couch too much.
I found the Activity Progression for THR to be a good reference range for whether I may be doing too much, or too little. Check it out again HERE

A great day and week to you!
Yes me too. I’m about spot on according to that Recovery chart .
Thanks all, I shall read over those again and thanks so much @Layla it’s so reassuring at this stage to be reminded that it’s still early days!

I have cabin fever and want to start a bit more walking outside. I’m also being picked up by a friend to go visit another friend for tea and bacon rolls tomorrow morning so really looking forward to that.

Understanding that pain and nerve regeneration is all course for the par is really helpful and grounds me at times of me freaking out.
I asked the PT and she measured me and they were the same so I didn’t ask the surgeon on Monday as it is actually settling. How about you?
Sorry I completely missed this, glad to hear that they measure up the same. That must be a relief for you. I haven't really noticed anything re LLD but it's hard to tell with all the swelling that's going on. I'm still having real problems with these compression socks, they seem to make the problem worse not better. Thank goodness they come off next Saturday.
@Esmeralda I think I was told to wear Ted stockings for 4-6 weeks but not really any specific guidance that I remember! Also can’t wait to get them off.
I think I’m ready to go down to one crutch. I’m doing that naturally whilst doing some tasks. When I stand without any, my legs feel perfectly aligned now I think. I had robotic replacement so I think it should be accurate!
My discharge letter to my GP said 4 weeks for the compression socks and I won't be wearing them for a day longer :)

I also didn't have injections for DVT but got tablets instead, which made me very happy as I hate needles. The tablets I have to take for 5 weeks.

I have heard that the robotic replacement is meant to be more accurate and I'm glad that's how it turned out for you. None of the surgeons available to me locally offered that as an option unfortunately.

Apart from when my hip is really sore I prefer only using one crutch now, but I still use 2 crutches out in the garden and my walker for night-time bathroom trips.
Yes I have aspirin for 6 weeks I think.

I think I will ditch my stockings next weekend also!
My husband is going to be so happy when he doesn't have to put them on me anymore - I think he hates them as much as me !
It’s amazing how different and alike things can be- no compression hose/socks. Wonderful electronic sleeves for legs day of surgery. Aspirin for 30 days from surgery. Very thankful not to have shots. One of my concerns is what type of shoe I will want to wear when I go back to work.
Hippie chick,
Just be sure to have a good supportive shoe, there are many orthotic type shoes on the market, my suggestion would be to go to a high quality footwear store where they measure your feet and fit you properly.
I've purchased online only to have to return because they were too stiff or just didn't feel right. We have a medium sized shoe store about 5 minutes from my house and they offer many brand names and fit you with proper shoe for your activity. I went there to get closed in shoe for chilly weather. I wear my OOFO slides around the house which I love but not for everyone, no one shoe fits us all just right, kind of like Goldilocks! Got to find the one that's "just right."
I love slides been wearing my birks when I go to the doctor’s office. I love my Chacos but not sure I can fasten them. My school had someone fall twice because of water in the floor requiring knee surgery both times. We had to sign a waiver that if we wore open back shoes that we released the district from liability if we fell for any reason. I was looking at Skechers slide ins. I have peeked at the Oofos. Recommendations are appreciated.

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