THR Clairebella’s recovery journey

@Jaycey that is it exactly, a one month slump!

I’d love to be a bit further on in 2 weeks time. I want to drive and have the stamina to walk the dog and go to the shops all in the same day!

Hippie Chick - the fireworks display is also a great analogy of what’s going on in my leg.
Hi @Clairebella

I think that both you and I are feeling a little frustrated with where we are at - I definitely need a lesson in patience.
I slightly joined the ODIC yesterday and I started paying the price for that at around teatime.

After only managing a 20 min walk on Saturday I have been feeling that I need to walk more so I've tried to increase the amount of time walking in the garden. Since Sunday I am doing 2x 10 min walks up and down the garden path each day. I'm finding it really hard to get past 10 mins as my scar starts to twinge and I take that as a warning sign to stop rather than pushing through it.

I also spent far too long on my feet yesterday doing too much around the house, it's like I forget I'm recovering from a major operation and just try to do the stuff I would normally be doing during the day. I did have quite a bit of groin pain yesterday from early evening onwards, so needless to say I've taken it a lot easier today.

I am still using one crutch around the house and haven't been tempted to abandon it even for a moment during the day - I only try to walk without any aids in the middle of the night !
@Clairebella you're definitely in that one month slump where you just want your life back and it seems like its never going to happen. Good news is it does eventually come back and without the pain and limping from before surgery.

We all heal differently, depends on age, build, fitness levels, genetics and how long you were in pain and compensating for that. Some of us didn't even realize that we had a problem until we were pretty far along. I just chalked my pain, discomfort and lack of mobility to my overall arthritis and the fact I was overweight and out of shape.

I was using a walker for probably the first three months before switching to a cane. The PT I was sent to just didn't feel my gait and stamina were good enough to go without. Was I bummed, you bet! I had a terrible limp and was using a cane before surgery so I had lots of compensating to make up for. Eventually I was able to walk on my own and take larger, quicker steps so I could keep up with the hubby. Its a process and we really, really have to use our patience muscle which seems to be one of the hardest to do. Hang in there, it does get so much better. If at any point you really think something just isn't right please reach out to your care team, even if its your GP and have them check you out so you can rest easy.
@Esmeralda I fear we are going to bounce in and out of the ODIC unfortunately. But we want to push it a bit more that the day before don’t we.

Thanks @Elf1 that’s a really helping and grounding post to all us 1 month -ers. Also reassuring and a reminder to how we do all indeed heal differently.
Me again!
Almost 6 weeks post -op. I see my surgeon a week today. I’d like to have a good bank of questions to ask him!

My questions though as always to this amazing forum.

I’m still uncomfortable, way better than before but mild discomfort on weight bearing remains. I’m pottering around the amount the guide advises for this time. I’m taking an approx 10-15 min walk outside daily with one crutch. Today I hadn’t taken any pain relief in the morning or at lunch as I didn’t need any, so I thought. It hit me around 4 and I was so sore I had to take paracetamol and half a dihydeocodine. Then I stress out that my implant hates my body and vice versa.

I’m walking without a crutch indoors now. I still get sore going from sit to stand, is that normal? Like the muscles protest at the crease across thigh area and I have to push up slowly but it unnerves me it remains uncomfortable.
Hello Clairebella,
Mild discomfort does not seem abnormal at this early date of not even six weeks post op. You've also been taking less pain relievers which is a good sign of progress. The implant doesn't hate your body, but is adjusting as the muscles, soft tissues and tendons are tightening up around the joint. Feeling some discomfort when changing positions, like from sitting to standing, can happen early on. I think the sensations you've mentioned will ease given more time. It's still pretty early into the healing process for you.
Best wishes with your appointment next week. Please let us know how it goes. :)
@Clairebella I noticed a little discomfort going from reclining to sitting up today so I can relate to what you are experiencing. I am walking with a cane more unless I need to carry things. Yay on no crutch indoors!
I think you are doing very well, cetainly much better than me currently, I still haven't got back to where I was last week. The mild discomfort you mention might well be linked to the fact that you are able to so much more than you were able to 2 weeks ago. I think being able to walk around the house with no walking aids at not quite 6 weeks would make me very happy. You are obviously moving in the right direction, keep up the good work !
With everything tightening up around the joint - am I supposed to be doing any stretches? My entire front of thigh feels tight and my front hip flexors.

I am walking indoors without the crutch- incredibly slowly. I am being careful to heel to toe walk so I do not limp. I would say I almost always have discomfort in my entire hip/thigh area unless stretched out on my back at rest. I am also only out so far for one short walk along my street a day so I am worried about that - the reference talks of 30 mins walk, I am feeling pain after 10-15 so I haven’t got further than that.

@Hippie Chick how are you doing walking/pottering and pain?! Do you have a surgeon check up upcoming

@Esmeralda remind me - did you over do it and you are still having increased pain since then? You see your surgeon tomorrow? You’ll need to share with me your questions if that’s ok that you have ready - and answers you get.
Hi @Clairebella :wave:
The one month doldrums:oyvey:How well I remember....
I think you are wise not to walk longer distances at one outing... listening to your body is tantamount and it WILL tell you.
My suggestion is try doing a 10-15 minute walk in the early day and then rest and ICE, ICE, ICE
then, try another walk later in the day.
When you increase your activity, You ARE going to notice more stiffess and tightness after resting.
Lots of healing still happening.

All Normal and All Temporary!
Stay the course...all worth it in the end.:friends:
Hi! I am using my cane more- I still feel very stiff although this changes throughout the day. In the house I am barefooted so there are no shoes to blame. I am very excited that you are able to walk unassisted but am not there yet. I too try to make sure it’s heel to toe. Unfortunately my other hip will catch occasionally to remind me it’s there. I would love to hear feedback on my gait.
Most of my walking is inside but this has transitioned well when I went to the doctor’s office. Next appointment is the 26th. When I walked too much- over 30 minutes, I joined the ODIC. I have found that the more I do, the more discomfort. I am on Tylenol in the morning and evening now so I am feeling more.
I still need a cushion in chairs as bottom is still not comfortable without it. Getting up every 30 minutes has let me sit for longer spells of time.
My leg muscles will still tighten when I get ready to move as if they were rehearsing. Please share any stretches or strategies they share with you as I do not see a PT.
When I return home I am going to need to ready my house. Crockpot out of low cabinet, warm clothes out of bottom drawer, etc.
How is everyone doing with the day to day activities like cooking, cleaning, etc? How to get packages in the house from the porch floor? I feel I am going to have to learn many new ways of doing things. Shopping for groceries for a couple of days versus for the week. Again any tips for this are greatly appreciated.
Hi Hippie chick,
Will you have any help at home? I didn't have issues cooking, I could stand at counter and stove to make quick meals, nothing gourmet for sure for awhile.
Cleaning was basic stuff, could make the bed, had help changing sheets and doing laundry then I figured out a way to get my laundry down the stairs, tied in plastic trash bag and tossed down the stairs!
Be sure to have grabbers, I used a long kitchen tongs that I had to get stuff off floor that I dropped and I seemed to drop a lot of stuff!
My partner was amazing and helped with low stuff in cabinets. He's seen me through broken ankle and hip, poor guy! But he's very nurturing, he takes care of his Mom 2 days a week (she has dementia), and is so kind.
Patience of a saint.
As far as walking unassisted we all strive to do that but if you need cane use it, better than falling. I was never ashamed or embarrassed to use walker or cane, and I was also very happy to stop using when time came.
But we all arrive at that time differently so don't feel you aren't recovering, you are just recovering "your way" and your bodies way.
I wish you happy days ahead.
I will have help first week/ next week and after that it’s just me. I am putting up a small fence for my two dogs in my backyard this weekend. Send prayers that it goes well! I am trying to think of things to get done while I have help. My dogs are and were my biggest concern. I am thinking cleaning service and possibly grocery service to help. Life is going to need to be a bit different but that’s okay. My goal is to reduce my stress.
You are not in the UK are you @Hippie Chick ?

I am fortunate that I have my husband here although he works full time….and 2 teens ( minimal help but still some like walking the dog)

Shopping - I do online and it’s delivered.
Cooking - I sit at breakfast bar for prep and o do really low key meals just now. Meals that are one pot or pasta dishes. Sometimes just pizza in oven or oven chips and salad and chicken tenders.

You definitely need a stress free reintroduction to home. If you can have grocery help that’s good. Dog walkers? I mainly attempt to keep kitchen clean and put washing on but my husband will hang it up.

@Mojo333 thanks! I’m just worried that I’m still stiff and sore - but I’ve gone by the wayside of icing but I shall return to that right now!
the reference talks of 30 mins walk, I am feeling pain after 10-15 so I haven’t got further than that.
Please don’t feel pressured by this. It is a rough gauge and we all recover differently. Do what’s comfortable for you. You can very slowly increase time and distance as long as it’s not painful. Take is slow, you’ll get there! :)
No I am in the states. Next go round I will know better how to prepare for things. The seasonal change kind of threw a wrench into it as well. Hearing what is working for you is a huge help! I have a couple of small ice packs with the freezer beads which are wonderful for spot pain management.
What Layla said...don't stress over 30 minute walks, my doctor told me better to do 3 ten minute walks than push to do more then feel achy.
Can you hire a dog walker? Even a 20 minute walk for them once a day will calm them down and make them more manageable. I dog sit here and first thing in AM dog goes our for quick 20 minute walk.
Keep us posted and all my best getting back home. You will figure out what works best for you.
I need to check on that as an option. I would love to say the girls are well behaved but that’s a work still in progress as they are still in the puppy stage. My brother-in-law has been working on manners like not pulling as well. They are improving.

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