TKR Christine's Post Op Recovery

Sorry you are still having problems, have you sought a second opinion from an OS not associated with your surgeon? Not even golf?
This is where @Randi had her revision, Holland Orthopaedic hospital on Wellesley.
Hope you find some answers.
Hi Christine, today is my anniversary. I had my checkup and X Ray's on Thursday. The X-Rays were fine, both knees look good. However like you I still have tightness and stiffness around my knees and pain underneath them some days. I am now swimming and starting hydrotherapy in the hope that this will help. My OS said it is the patellar tendon,and is sometimes troublesome at one year out, but is rarely mentioned at five yearly checkups. This didn't seem much comfort at the time, but on reflection I suppose it shows that things might improve if only slowly. My stiffness and pain do move around, yesterday my right knee felt quite loose, but today they are both stiff. I had pain under both knees all week, but yesterday it had gone, today it is back to a lesser extent. Is yours always in the same place? He told me to use a topical anti inflammatory gel on it, which I have started to do. I truly hope that we will both get there in the end. I will pray for you.
Thanks @newlybionic. With the painkillers working it's more the stiffness I have issues with. I can fully bend and straighten my knee but it is very stiff. Problem is that I also have sciatica and the outside of my leg is numb from thigh to toes. I'm going to try a bit more cycling.
I e had some problems with my lower back and some sciatica and I'm being treated by a chiropractor for it and it is starting to help me. Have you tried seeing one?
They won't touch me because of the surgery I had in 2001. I have spondylolesthesis as well. I'm told I have chronic mechanical back pain but it is stable for now. So I go to work, I come home, I go to bed, repeat.
Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

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Question: my ear piercings have closed over and I want to get them repierced. Is there any reason I should not do this 1.6 years post knee replacement.
Most likely there is no problem with piercing your ears, if you have good general health. Ask your OS or Dr about piercing your ears.
Hi Christine,
How are you now, has your stiffness and pain cleared up or at least eased of at all? I now have tightness in both knees, and pains either on the outer knee or occasionally on the inside which no one seems to understand. I am back on painkillers having finally got off them last summer. Every step is painful and I am thoroughly demoralised as I am sure you will understand. I am intending to go back to my OS, and if he has no answers then to find another surgeon for a second opinion. Josephine has given me the names of places to try. Do let me know how you are.
Hi Jackie, I still have pain but I'm told that everything is ok. I'm wondering if I didn't do enough strengthening in the first year. Sorry to hear you are still having issues. It sucks. I still use a cane and take pain killers. My back is very bad as well and sometimes I'm not sure if it's the knee or the back that is the worst. I'm still working but my walking tolerance is next to nothing and I can only stand for a few minutes before I have to sit down. That is mostly my back though. I hope you get some relief soon.
Sorry to hear your back is causing problems. I went to a chiropractor for several months after my surgery and it did help me since my hips weren't aligned. You might want to try one if you haven't already.
I had a lot of back pain recently I found an Osteopath put it right very easily, it was my sacroiliac joint I had put out. Either might be able to help you.

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