TKR Christine's Post Op Recovery

Nice haikus there @SarahJane. Thank you! House was lovely when I got home from work. Guess what, I took my Tylenol ES today and my knee was not as sore! Who knew!! :loll:I could walk around at home and at work without my cane. My watch reminded me to get up at least once an hour. I went to the water cooler so often that my trips to the bathroom were also more frequent. Tomorrow will be the end of my gradual return to work. It's back to 8 hour days on Monday and I think I'm ready now.
Happy to hear you are doing better. Isn't it great to walk without a cane ! I do the same thing. Drink lots so I have to walk.:thankyou: for being a great friend.
They are killing me, especially if I have a bad night like tonight. I can't sleep but in 5 hours I have to get up and get ready for work. My knee really hurts during the day because I sit at my desk for hours without moving. I have tried to remember to get up and my Apple Watch is supposed to remind me but I get engrossed in what I'm doing and forget to move. Then I go to stand up and I can't put any weight on my knee. I'm hoping that things will improve. Wish i wasn't 10 years away from retiring!!

Thank you for asking, @SarahJane. It's nice to hear from you. I hope you have recovered from your fall.
I'm sorry you're so uncomfortable.

In the vague recesses of my mind -- back when I was trying to avoid worsening computer-related repetitive strain injury -- I remember that I was told about computer programs which would remind you to get up and stretch. Sounds like those would be a worthwhile investment for your office. Redundancy. Sometimes it helps to have a plan A -- Apple Watch -- and plan B -- computer reminder.

Did you catch the 1st half of the Doctor Who zygon two-parter? I'm glad to see the character with the retro collar -- is that non-spoilerly enough? Really not sure at all how they'll resolve it next week.
I saw the first part and I knew that character was going to be on it. The whole premise did not make sense to me. I may have to go back and watch some previous episodes.
First full week of full time became a part time week of full time. I made it to Thursday but couldn't do Friday. The pain and swelling were too much. I was so bummed because a new action figure of Doctor Who #10 was being delivered to my office on Friday and I was so excited about its arrival. It did arrive but I wasn't there to get it. Now I have to wait until Monday and all the folks in the Facebook group who also had it delivered on Friday are posting photos of it. Oh well I am learning about patience.

I am still having a lot of pain and stiffness in my knee. I can't stand for very long and walking is very difficult. My ROM is normal and all seems fine from an orthopaedic point of view. I am getting a bit tired of the constant pain.
Four straight 8 hour days are actually four straight 10 hour days when you add in the commute. So, not too shabby: you did do 40 hours total, just not all of them behind a desk. ;)

What are you doing about icing at work? Have you considered getting a small cooler (they type you use for drinks at a picnic) to store the ice in? If you get one with a flat top, you could put it under your desk and use it to help elevate your leg while you work. Just a thought.

Maybe this 10th doctor is meant to grace your work station. I think the other 10th doctor you have at home would be jealous if you brought back a younger, cuter version of him. Not to mention the prohibition against crossing one's own timeline. Speaking of Doctor Who, a lot of folks are enjoying the 12th Doctor's new look as a veteran rock and roller complete with electric guitar, t-shirt and shades. Me, I kinda miss the guy with the chalkboard who spent all night doing complex mathematical equations. Just because you wear a t-shirt and play guitar doesn't mean you have to forsake scientific and mathematical exploration.
I get a bag of ice if I need it and refill it as required. I might take my Cryo cuff in to work. My commute is 15 minutes in a taxi but getting ready in the morning takes a lot of energy. I m going to try again next week and see how I do.

I liked the dapper doctor in the red lined coat and blue cardigan. The sonic sunglasses are a bit silly and the grey plaid pants are not my favourite. I want to dress my Capaldi action figure in the new outfit but it's hard to match the plaid. I have a hoodie coming from Korea and I have a coat that I will need to line with red satin. I have a white tshirt for him but I need to stretch the neck and get an iron on transfer, either that or keep the hoodie zipped up. The things I do for authenticity. The company that sells the Doctor Who action figures have just released a Capaldi from Season 8 and he is is gorgeous but I couldn't afford him. I had already ordered 10 and 9 so I have to stick with my cobbled together 12.

I haven't watched the last episode yet but I'm already hearing good things about it.
I was elated to see that you posted on another Bonesmartie's thread that you "got a surprise today when I walked across my office without pain. It was the first time in so long that it took me by surprise. Didn't last long but it was great for a little while."

:::Dancing very happy, happy dance of joy for you:::

I'm so very happy that you're beginning to see glimpses of your future pain-free life. Don't forget to come back to your own thread to share your victories, big or small. People here care about you and want to know how you're doing. I'm a people, and I care.
Thank you @SarahJane. Life kind of gets in the way of posting. I occasionally come on and read posts to see how everyone else is getting on, without really thinking that anyone would want to hear my boring updates. I go to work, I come home, I make supper, I watch TV (very select list of shows), and I go to bed. Repeat 5 times. On the weekend I do laundry and make stuff for my dioramas. I lead a very exciting life as you can see. The knee is getting better but I'm still not walking much. I long for the day when it is not the first thing on my mind when I move.

Here's a photo of my latest diorama. I got all my newest figures out for a meeting.
Many people's recovery goes at a boring, normal pace -- work, dinner, telly, rinse and repeat. Like Amy and Rory in "The Power of Three."

Like your diorama. Nice touch to have Left 10's feet on the table. :D Is the woman next to him a Ganger Amy? The plaid looks like something she once wore, but the hair's not ginger and her skin tone isn't porcelain. Tan, perhaps? Maybe she came straight to the meeting from Lake Silencio.
I wondered if it was Martha, but the clothes weren't her. Your cross-dressing had me fooled. I'm not sure who the guy in the red t-shirt standing up is. Mickey? I'm used to him clean-shaven. And where's Watson and Mycroft?
The guy in the red shirt is Russell Crowe. I bought his head, body and clothes separately. He is my first custom made figure. I don't have Watson yet but I have asked Santa for him. The company that makes Sherlock and the Doctor Who figures have a Moriarty figure coming out soon and a Mycroft in development. They also have the 8th and 9th Doctors, the War Doctor, Clara, Rose and Captain Jack all coming out in the next two years. They are quite expensive but so well done. My birthday and Christmas for the next two years is taken care of.
Great to hear you walked with no pain even if it was only for a few minutes. It won't be long now !!! Happy Happy Joy Joy . Hopefully by Thanksgiving you will be up and running. Lol. :yes!:
"Give me the head of Russell Crowe." Has a certain cache about it. I like it.
I WALKED UP THE STAIRS LIKE A BIG GIRL!! That is a huge achievement for me so I wanted to shout it out. The knee is starting to feel normal, well, if I could remember what normal was, it's been so long since I had a fully functioning knee. Tomorrow will be the biggest test. We had snow last night and I have to get down my driveway tomorrow. I keep repeating that I won't fall, trying to convince myself that I'm not terrified. We put salt down tonight so hopefully the ice will melt. My step son parked his car in the driveway this afternoon and it slid down to the sidewalk. I reach the 4 month point this week. I did my first 5 day week last week and did more than 8 hours per day. Not much more but still, way better than the previous weeks since I went back.

I am so pleased to see the progress that the other July Sparklers are making. We did it folks! For those still struggling, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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