THR Chocolatine's New Hip

I am sleeping through the night
Sleeping through the night again is such a wonderful milestone. Congratulations!

I always get a little down in the winter, but I think I'll really feel it this year.
I do too! It's definitely hard during the dark months, and it's normal to experience the blue during recovery. We have an article about it here that you may find helpful: Post op blues is a reality - be prepared for it.
Just finished my first PT session. She watched me walk a little, watched me do the few exercises the hospital asked me to do and gave me a few more. The only thing she seemed concerned about was my range of motion- I can only bend my hip to 60 deg at this point. Not sure where I should expect to be at 3 weeks.

We came to find the power out. Ah, winter! So I am about to head up to lie down with a blanket and a book. It's getting chilly in here.
The Chocolate Girls! :wink:
Hope you two are doing well.

Stay warm @Chocolatine while the power is out. Guess it wouldn't be the best time to ice after PT, lol. Brrr!
Yay! Glad to hear it, our posts must have crossed.
I don't think I'd like navigating the house in the dark with a walker either.
At least the walker should meet objects before you do, and something to hold onto so you can stay upright!! But you’re right, it’s better to have light, must be a reason it was the first thing God created!! So glad you’re progressing, I think the first 2 weeks are the most difficult, and you’re through them!! Blessings
I feel like I am doing well physically- I am moving around much more easily than before. I was able to do some small things around the house, which felt good. All of the kids are home tomorrow, so I am looking forward to decorating the tree

But I am starting to get anxious that I have a DVT and I don't know if it's a reasonable concern or if I am just letting my worrywart tendencies get the better of me.

The PT squeezed my calf during last session, and it was mildly painful. She said she wouldn't send me to the ER, but that it was something to watch. Now I am fixated on it, unfortunately.

I don't have any redness, swelling or warmth. Yesterday and today, I have gotten some mild cramping pains in my calf and it's somewhat tender if I press. It does not get worse with activity. Looking at info on DVTs has not been helpful- 50% are asymptomatic?

I took Xarelto for 7 days after surgery and I have a few weeks of baby aspirin left. Ugh. I feel like I am bouncing from one anxiety to another, but I would hate to be wrong on this one.
Awww @Chocolatine sorry you have to worry about this now. I get it, I was overthinking every twinge after my dislocation. I’d be ankle pumping 24/7. Sending positive thoughts your way.
Thanks, @dnordo220 It's really hard to avoid focusing on every little sensation once you start. It's not helping that the ERs here are catastrophically busy right now.

Sorry to hear you had a dislocation- that's a lot to go through.
Can you get an ultrasound for peace of mind. I had a pain in my leg after my knee surgery and was sent immediately same day for an ultrasound to check.

Given the all clear but I didn't have to second guess.
I woke up this morning and still had the calf pain. We ended up calling the 24 hr line for post-surgery and they advised me to head to the ER to get it checked out. So that's where I am right now. Really crossing my fingers that this is nothing.
I hope it's not serious and you get to go home and rest better knowing it's all right. Keep us updated.
You're in the right place. Best to know one way or another so you don't second guess. Nothing worse than worrying.

If you do have a clot the sooner you start treatment the better. All the best.:SUNsmile:
It was a long day in the ER, but I am happy to report that the ultrasound did not show any clots. What a huge relief!

My calf is quite painful when pressed (the ultrasound was not easy!), but I can cross the worst thing off the list. The ER doctor wants me to follow up with my GP next week, so I will get an appt to see her.

Thank you all so much for your well-wishes- it's such a supportive group here.

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