Bilateral TKR Chattalyn-6 months-still use cane for gait

Been making progress until today when all I wanted to do was sleep. So I've slept most of the day and am fixing to go to bed. This afternoon noticed I was hot so I checked temperature and it's 99.2. I haven't had this since the end of August. Incision looks great. Any ideas why I would get a fever after not having one for 3 weeks?
The most likely culprit is... the common cold, same as if you'd never had a knee replacement. An ordinary virus. We still get them, alas. :sick: Just to be safe, you could call your OS. Your fever isn't that high, and he might recommend you wait and see.

If your fever is higher this morning, though, definitely call your OS. A higher fever merits watching. As does a low one that lasts a long time.
Temperature was normal the next day. Don't know what kind of bug I may have had or could you get a fever from overdoing activity?
It was probably just a short-lived bug that your body dealt with. I don't think it was related to your knee.
glad you're feeling better now!
Thanks. Little bug gone next day-temperature was normal.

Has anyone ever been sitting, gone to get up and not had good traction and foot slid which hurt knee? Had PT (gentle) after that and she said it seemed to be ok.
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Our implants are remarkably sturdy. They can take a few missteps. Once I was startled by a dog (on a leash, but it lunged at me) and I made an awkward hop on my still painful left knee. It was more swollen and painful the next day, but not very much, so icing and pampering were in order. It was just fine again the day after that.

Your misstep might have stretched some soft tissue like mine did. Your knee might swell in response, or be sore. Unless you really believe something is wrong, chances are your implant is sound and your knee will move on.
When I get depressed or frustrated I try and remember I'm slowly but steadily making progress.

Trying to remember-7 weeks ago I could barely get out of bed with assistance to the walker to bedside potty-was lightheaded, nauseous, and had blood transfusion on day 2.

Then by day 4 I was walking out the door of my hospital room to the hall, 25 steps.

At 1 week I was in a nice rehab and walking 150 feet, then 300 feet, feeling much better, eating a little, and doing gentle PT and OT.

At 2 and 3 weeks I was enjoying being home, establishing a routine of pain meds, resting, icing, elevation, and gentle exercises. I was still questioning whether bilateral was a good idea. I tried to prepare my family before surgery for just how many times THEY got to go up and down the stairs to bring me ice packs, ice for my bedside cooler, snacks, and meals. They did well.

At 4 and 5 weeks I felt like doing a little more than I should have and ended up in the ODIC.

By 6 and 7 weeks, I'm starting to think bilateral was a good idea. I'm still on a walker but working with PT on going to a cane. I was knock kneed before surgery and want to make sure I learn to walk correctly after years of compensating. Had my 6 week checkup with OS and he was pleased with progress.

Looking forward to how much better I will be in the coming weeks.
@Chattalyn sounds like you are doing wonderful !!! My OS would not do Bilateral so I am thinking the other one will be next spring for me. Hope your recovery continues to go smoothly.
You will feel sooooo much better in weeks to come! You're in the "dog days" of TKR, where you feel better enough to want to do more, but your knees are still doing mega-healing and so you have tiredness and stiffness and maybe some pain still. But you can get better, and you will be doing more and more things that feel normal and fun.

Using a cane is surprisingly liberating. I remember how before surgery I adamantly refused to use a cane because, well... pride, I guess. But after surgery, 100% turn around! I loved my cane. I loved walking with it. And then the day comes when you forget to use it... and you realize you are THERE. So good to hear you are on your way!
It's good to see your update! Sometimes it's so hard to even think you have made progress till you break it down to the little things and then see what progress you have made! You will be so happy you got them both done at the same time and you will be done with it. Hopefully you will get out and enjoy some of our beautiful Chattanooga fall weather. This week will be such a nice change from all our heat!

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It's so frustrating, didn't sleep well. First knees hurt and couldn't get comfy, then back hurts. Finally get up for a while, have a protein shake and coffee. Decide to take a nap and still can't go to sleep. Decide to fix soup and now my knees really hurt. Thanks for letting me vent.
@Chattalyn, vent on! I have vented so much on here for months. There is hope ahead. My venting has slowed way down! Sleeping better has made such a huge difference for me. I hope you get some rest!:friends:
@Chattalyn I think all of us have vented at least once or twice around here. It is good to vent. Glad you are doing better, sorry you had a not good night and day. Feel better
Oh, please vent. Get it all out. This recovery tries the patience of all the saints. Sleep might remain elusive for a while yet, but surely some triumphs will be coming your way soon. I hope last night was better. :console2:
Thanks. Last night not better. Hopefully tonight will be. Yesterday at PT she was doing her usual(which is me sitting near the edge of the table, leg hanging off table on her arm and she gently moves it for ROM) and it didn't seem painful(we've talked about to the point of discomfort and I don't hesitate to tell her). The only new exercise she had me do was in a sitting position to tighten my quads and lift my leg a few inches off the table. And I only did 10. She said how about another 10 and I said "No, not today". But bedtime! I was in pain til about 2 am (and I'd had hydrocodone and tylenol). The knee hurt, the calf felt bruised and the legs just ached. I cancelled my PT for tomorrow.
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I realized the above exercise the PT assistant did for ROM was for way too long-like 10 minutes on each leg and that was the reason I'm so sore. I did sleep better last night, thank goodness.
I just checked in and see you reached the conclusion I was going to suggest. Your knees really don't need long exercise sessions. Ten minutes of walking, for example, or doing some light housework, is not as hard on the knees as ten minutes of knee-centric exercises. And the lighter activities are just as rehabilitative as PT. So going light on the PT (or not doing it at all) will be less painful.

Yay on the better sleep, though! It took me until three months to get decent sleep, and four months before I could side sleep (my preferred position) through the night without fail. Once you get there, you'll stay there. Your knees are still in the not-yet-happy phase, and your body still throwing off the effects of medications and heavy healing. Soon, though... soon.
When I had bad days, sometimes I'd go back and read the beginnings of my thread and see just how far I had come. It helped tremendously! This rollercoaster ride recovery can be so frustrating. Sometimes, it's two steps forward and one step backward. Shoot, maybe even somedays it's one step forward and two steps backwards, if we do too much! But, baby steps forward eventually become big steps! You're in the angry tissue stage, which will soon be over with! Blue skies are ahead!
9 weeks - still using walker part of the time, cane in the house part of the time. Walker is more for balance and security. Noticing little milestones. I can now pick up right leg in shower to wash foot (holding on to grab bar with other hand). I feel steady to get in shower by myself(still holding on to grab bars), but I like husband or daughter's arm to hold on to get out.

Wanting to drive-doctor said 8 - 10 weeks. Will try this week to see if I can get in driver's seat comfortably.

Finally can say I'm glad I had bilateral.

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