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Members can change the title of their threads for up to 72 hours after a thread is created. After that time, it is fine to change titles but it will need to be done by a member of our staff. The instructions below explain how to make the change yourself in that first 72 hours. To have a title changed after that time has expired, just post what you'd like the new title to be in your thread and one of our staff members will be happy to make the change for you.

Changing your thread title within the 72-hour window after initially posting

On the right side of the screen, above the opening post of each thread, you will see a series of dots and a down arrow.


Click on the arrow to display the drop down menu.

Thread edit.png

Click on “Edit thread” and a popup window appears.

Edit popup.png

Edit or change your thread title and click “Save.”

If you have any problems, tag a member of the BoneSmart staff for assistance. Or, if you prefer, you can post the new title that you'd like in your thread and we'll change it for you.

Visit the Help & Information area and click on the Forum Rules and Staff for a list of BoneSmart staff.

Are there staff on the forum now?

On the right side of every page of the forum you will find a list of Staff online. Feel free to tag them or send a Personal Message to obtain assistance.

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Updated December 6, 2019
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