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Ceegee's dog agility training at 10 weeks post TKR!

Discussion in 'Stories of amazing knee recoveries' started by Ceegee, May 5, 2018.

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    I'm now 10 weeks into recovery. This has been a challenging week. My PT was on vacation, so there was nobody to keep me in check. I managed, somehow, to strain my hamstring - I think I may have overdone one of my walks. Fortunately it was a mild strain that only needed a few days of complete rest to heal, but it's been frustrating to have to step back from the recovery process. However, while sitting and resting on the couch, playing with the computer, I managed to find a stepper/elliptical for sale locally at a great price, so I bought it. It's now installed in my living room next to the exercise bike. I started using it yesterday and am enjoying it.

    I've also entered my dog in our first agility trial since the operation, in two weeks' time. I've only entered the events that I think we can do without me having to run (those that involve distance control). It will be fun to see my agility friends again, and to feel like a normal person. I've been training my dog to work at a distance from me, and it's going well. Below is a video of our practice last week!
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