TKR Can lost ROM be regained

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Mar 17, 2015
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July 23rd is my day, my thread will be active from then.
good luck I just had my second one done last tuesday. My first one was done 4 months ago yesterday. It was a little easier knowing what to expect.
@Majic and @tracey10 - Did both of you know at the time of your first TKR that you'd be getting another one so soon? I suspect my left knee is not far behind, but haven't really talked to the doc about that..
@Braunzie I knew that my other knee needed doing. On the MRI scan the right was worse than the left, but as the left was far more painful the OS did that first. He would have done the other sooner, but problems with the sodium levels in my blood meant I had to have injections, transfusions, and a splint from ankle to thigh which meant that at almost three weeks I had virtually no ROM and it has taken a long time to get it. Don't take any notice of PTs who say it will not increase after a certain point, mine just got better and better. Eventually after some discussion about holidays, his and mine, we settled on 23rd July just after mine. I nearly scuppered this by pulling two muscles in my left leg, but I seem to be almost recovered, and no damage was done to my new knee, so all should go ahead as expected, and hopefully no complications this time.
@Jamie I want to change my thread title, and don't seem able to do it on an iPad. Could you do it for me please. I would like to change it to Majic's second knee in nine months.

@Majic - Thanks... Funny.. I always thought my left knee was my "bad knee" and for whatever reason, my right knee just leapfrogged in terms of pain and instability. I'll be 10 days ahead of you this time, but will be happy to meet up on the other side and share out journeys together.. :SUNsmile:
I knew both needed to be done. I originally wanted them to do both at same time but Dr did not want to do that. I live alone and would have had to go to a rehab center. I did not think he would do it so close together but the first surgery went so smoothly he knew I could handle it
@Josephine five weeks ago I pulled two muscles in my left leg, which despite the agony and hobbling have healed up nicely. However my right buttock, calf and ankle are now very, very painful. I saw an Osteopath on Monday as I could barely lift my foot from the floor. He said my pelvis was slightly twisted, maybe from the fall and has straightened it. Do you (or any other medical person) think the pain will now settle in two weeks? I can now walk easily, although I am tending to use a stick as that knee also gives from time to time. I don't want to postpone my operation any longer.
Do you think the pain will now settle in two weeks?
My dear lassie - this is one of those classic "how long is a piece of string" questions. I couldn't possible and wouldn't dare to make even a guess at it. But I'd love to know how your osteopath straightened your pelvis - that I'd love to have seen!

Another point is that I doubt very much that this pain would interfere with your surgery even is it did come back, so I wouldn't worry about that.
@Josephine My osteopath straightened me up by spending a lot of time massaging the very painful point. He then lay me on my LHS bent my right knee rocked it a little and gave a jerk. He then did more massage on both sides. When I stood up I could bend freely to the right and left, and lift my foot from the floor easily and walk normally, although painfully.
Before I could bend to the right but not much to the left, and my right foot felt glued to the floor. I am optimistic as since I saw him I am pain free in bed, and if I get up in the night I can get in and out of bed easily and walk to the bathroom with no pain at all. When I get up in the morning however the pain sets in again. We are going on holiday this morning to Derbyshire and I think I may seek out a Physio when I get there who may be able to help. I am trying to keep off Codeine as it makes me horrendously constipated, but if I do take it the pain goes pretty quickly, so I suppose in hospital I should probably be OK.
Thanks so much for your quick reply.
Ah now I understand - that kind of treatment is using chiropractic methods. So I suggest that instead of finding a physio, you find a chiropractor instead. Can't beat them!
It now seems fairly certain that my op will go ahead. My OS seems satisfied that there is no long term problem with my back, and. My knee pain and awkward gait will hinder the healing. He wants to go ahead as he thinks that when my knee is straight and pain free, then my sciatic nerve problem will heal much quicker. So we do not need to go home from our holiday early, and I shall as planner have my op on 23rd. See all you July Sparklers then.
The day is tomorrow, i have to be there at noon with op at 2 pm. This time I can have a light breakfast, at about 6.30 am then just sips of water. I couldn't believe I could have any food, but phones today and it is correct! I am a little anxious as the time approaches, I just hope I don't have the complications I had last time. Will let you know how I get on.
Good luck for tomorrow. Look forward to seeing your posts.
I had a terrible night's sleep. It is now 9.15am and I am ready to go. Two hours at least before we need to leave. People talk about restless legs, last night I had restless arms! Does anyone have cure for that. Worst thing is nothing to drink until op. I could have very early breakfast, but too nervous or tired to be hungry. It is much better to be there at dawn like last time, as no time to think about food.
@Majic, wishing you the best. You will be unstoppable with 2 new knees. It will be great. Here's to a successful surgery, a smooth recovery, and many decades of better mobility. Let us know how you are when you can!
Hello everyone, this is day one of my recovery. Didn't sleep well until about 2.30am, then like a brick. I am wearing sort of fleecy lined boots without any foot, which are plugged in and squeeze each leg alternately every few minutes. I have no idea what they are called. It is quite pleasant once you get used to it, but last night I had quite a bit of pain from where tourniquet was on thigh, and compression seemed to make it worse.
Anyhow I am up have walked a few steps with a Zimmer and done some exercises, although bandage is so tight I can't bend much.
I was on oxygen, a saline drip and a catheter last night, now just catheter, which at least means I don't have to keep going to the loo. Last time I went about 5/6 times in first night.
Anyhow all well so far
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