THR Burning pain above knee

I had burning nerve pain in my thigh anytime i put weight on my hip for about a week when ever I was about 1 month out scared me but did resolve.
Does anyone know any IT band exercises I might try? I'm 6 weeks into recovery. The nerve pain symptoms seem to be IT band symptoms.
Hi. @Dab2022
I hesitate to suggest any exercises as my feeling is alot of what you might suspect as "an issue" (IT Band or otherwise) sounds very similar to the normal discomfort I, and others, have experienced during there first months of recovery and possibly exacerbated by our tendancy to Work It Out vs Rest and Ice it Out.
I had bilateral anterior hip replacements and the burning, and tightness and other woes were part of the healing process particularly with my poor quads.
They do alot of stretching and disturbing the soft tissue and many exercises too early on just hinder, not help.

That being said, here is an article from our library.

Please pay close attention to the First Line of Treatment.

Slow and steady really does work better.
I'm so sorry you're going through this additional distress. Might your OS recommend a neuropathic specialist? Hoping for the best for you!
Could be your IT band is crying for rest, exercising healing muscles wouldn't be the answer if it is. Rest and ice made my burning above the knee better.
Happy Two Month Anniversary!
How are you doing one month after we last heard from you? Hope to hear from you soon.
Best wishes for a great 2023!
I just had my THR on Jan 23, 2023. I am having numbness and burning pain on the outer thigh just above the knee as well. Did your pain improve yet?
I'm still having thigh numbness from my knee up to the top of my thigh. No improvement over the past 2 months. I am 3 months into recovery. Now there is uncomfortable burning on my lower thigh side. Did I over exercise? Or is something else going on? I still have some mild swelling. No hip pain. My leg is still a bit longer than the non surgical hip leg. Any ideas or encouragement?
Hi Dab2022
Numbness can last for quite some time, meaning many months for some, normally slowly dissipating. I think I was nine months post op when the last of it seemed to disappear.

If you're questioning your activity level, or exercises as the reason for new discomfort or pain, it is likely that's what it is. Consider stepping back for a week or two from whatever exercising you're doing, ice, elevate and use OTC meds as needed and see if it eases. Remember this -

It is not necessary to exercise your injured hip to promote healing. The controlled trauma sustained through THR will heal on its own. Often though, we're impatient and want to move the process along. In doing so we run the risk of struggling with pain and setbacks stalling the healing process. The best therapy for recovery is walking, but not to excess. Start slowly increasing time and distance incrementally in an effort not to overdo it. Give yourself the TLC you deserve and reap the benefits of a successful recovery.

Swelling can last for months so it is not considered abnormal at this point. You're only three months into a recovery that can last a full year, even longer for some. It's not too late to ice and elevate daily, or at night when you're sitting around watching tv.

Best wishes as you continue healing. Enjoy the weekend!
Thank you! I appreciate your positive response.
Still numb. 4 months from surgery. The thigh is still numb as before. More tingling going on now and added burning. I'm worried since the numbness is not improving. It starts at knee and goes up to hip. Mostly on side and top of thigh.i could really use some advice and encouragement. Thanks.
Hi @Dab2022 I'm sorry this is still bothering you! As far as numbness, I have a palm-sized numb patch on my right thigh below and sideways of my anterior incision. It has been there for 10 years. (For comparison/context, I have a 5.5" horizontal hysterectomy scar that's 34 years old, which has a little numb line extending its length, under it. I'm used to this "numb" stuff...) on the left side, the numb patch, which I was expecting to appear, started as palm-size, and after maybe a couple of months it began growing (now almost 6 years old). Then I started having pretty intense itching near the numb spot. No rash (until I scratch it lol) and the itching passes after I scritch it a little. There is an article in the library here describing paresthetica meralgia, which my little symptoms match. The numbness I never notice. It's only on the surface. I can feel pressure easily.

What I don't have is the burning that many on here besides you are mentioning. Have you contacted your surgeon's office? Have you had a follow-up visit for xrays etc? Your surgeon would be the person to speak to if you're worried. They probably haven't had THR, but they're very experienced in giving it. Their nurses are probably even more experienced in hearing about post-op symptoms. We here have collectively had hundreds of THRs, and can tell you all about how it was for us or our relative/friend, but that's pretty much all we know.

I do hope you get this figured out to your satisfaction!:console2:
Good morning @Dab2022,
I also had anterior surgery on my right hip. Mine was on 9/12 so I am a little ahead of you time wise

I still have a numb patch on my outer thigh. I think it is shrinking slowly. Mostly I don't notice.

Does not affect leg strength or range of motion (my op leg is almost back to my good leg).

Everything you described post surgery sounded familiar. The zaps and zings are normal as the leg heals. I used ice on any painful spots that flared up.

What is gone forever is the OA bone on bone hip pain that was quickly destroying my life. I will live w the numb patch forever if I have to.
Dab2022, I am not surprised by the numbness. I think you may feel better if you contact your surgeon's office to speak with someone on his care team for some reassurance about the tingling and burning. Through conversation I am sure they'll be able to reassure you or schedule a visit to check on all. It may be worth your peace of mind.
I hope you had a good day at this four month post op point. Happy Four Month Anniversary.

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