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Toes Bunions and metatarsalga


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Oct 28, 2020
United States United States
Hi! I’m dealing with claw/hammer toe and bunion that is also causing metatarsal pain on my left foot. Just wondering how others have dealt with this before resigning themselves to surgery. I’ve seen a surgeon and he even warned me that recovery for this type of surgery is long and difficult especially for an active person like me.
Welcome back to BoneSmart, sorry to hear you are dealing with claw/hammer toe and bunion.
Have you completed a conservative course of care that has failed.

My surgery for my metatarsals was canceled. I was to have an osteotomy to toes #2 and #3. I was told I would be wt bearing immediately in a boot, and a couple of months to heal. I suspect full healing can take 6-12 months, depending on the individual.

You might want to take a look at FootCareMD website, it is the informational site of the American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society®.
Hi all! I went ahead and had the Aiken osteotomy and tendon lengthening to correct my rigid claw toe on the second toe of my left foot. He also did a procedure to allow big toe to pull out to the side to lessen the appearance of the bunion and provide more room for second toe to fit in between. Am about 5.5 weeks post op. Transitioned to a tennis shoe earlier this week after seeing surgeon and having pin removed. Any suggestions or literature you might have for exercises to strengthen that area would be helpful. He told me to ease back to activities slowly as tolerated. Thank you!
Well done on going ahead with this surgery! What was the date? We will update your signature for you.

I'm going to tag my colleague @Pumpkin to see if she has any suggestions for post op exercise.
@Jaycey surgery date was November 16th. Thanks!
Glad your surgery is behind you.
Some gentle exercises depending on how you are doing that you can try.

Flexing and extending your toes
With a hand towel on the floor gently move it back and forth with your foot, using your toes.
With your foot on a carpeted floor, toes flat, press your toes gently into the carpet, extend and repeat a few times.

Start with a few reps, 5 or less, increase as tolerated. You are still early enough if you do too much you may set yourself back.

Ask your surgeon for exercise suggestions, they will have a better idea of what you can and cannot do.

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