Bilateral TKR BTKR Recovery - on the way to my new life!

Looking forward (not!) to having staples out on Wednesday.
My incisions were so numb (and still are at 14 weeks post op) that I didn’t even really feel the PA take my staples out. I averted my eyes so I didn’t have to watch, and it was easy peasy.
Having read on here about others having staples removed thank goodness I had dissolvable stitches - nothing to remove!
Thank you! Day 10 and had an awful night - pain was burning and constant and just couldn’t get comfortable. My eldest daughter was meant to be coming to look after me this weekend but she got Covid last weekend so can’t come till next weekend. She’s feeling much better luckily.

My youngest daughter and her fiancé are here but they’re busy today and I’ve sorted my own breakfast and lunch which was a bit hard but on the plus side I managed it.

Can’t stop crying - wish my lovely husband was still alive - missing him so much and hating this temporary loss of independence.

I’ll be 53 tomorrow and the last time my birthday was on a Sunday was my 48th and that was the last birthday my husband was alive. We had an amazing day out with the girls at an unlimited sushi, sashimi and wine restaurant. Always keep busy to stop grief overwhelming me and it’s hard stuck in bed resting!

Feel better now I’ve let this out - probably just as much post-op blues and hormones as everything else. Helps so much reading everyone’s stories - know I’m not alone.
Oh @London Trainer , I'm so sorry to read this. Grief, post-op blues, hormones, pain, and tiredness too - what a mix. No wonder you're feeling so low. And then the worry about your eldest daughter, thank goodness she's feeling much better. My latest surgery was the first that I'd had to face without the support of my partner, so I can relate. Hope you have a better night tonight and that you're able to enjoy having your daughter and her fiancé with you on your birthday. Sending best wishes :console2:.
Thank you so much for kind words @helenium - feeling less stressed now but just totally wiped out. Sometimes you just need a good cry to let it out.
@London Trainer So sorry post op blues has hit! A tough time and then your grief added - be good to yourself!

Please be sure your daughter is totally clear of Covid before she visits. Post op your immune system can be weaken by all the trauma. You certainly don't want to have to deal with that horrid virus while trying to recover.

unlimited sushi, sashimi and wine restaurant
This is my dream! Unfortunately not available anywhere near me.
@Jaycey thank you so much for your kind words. My poor daughter got Covid last Saturday so she’ll be clear by the time she comes next weekend. She’s feeling pretty much normal now and relieved she only had it mildly - she’s back at work on Tuesday (doing a Year in Industry as part of her Chemistry Masters - v glad she’s working instead of trying to do online uni lectures at the moment). My youngest made me a cake for tomorrow and said she was sorry she couldn’t help me more today so that made me feel better too. Resting a lot which is helping me move around more smoothly.
I think many people underestimate the amount of energy recovery takes. Multiple this by 2 as you had 2 surgeries - exhaustion creeps in. Glad you are getting some rest - and cake!
Day 12 - pain still bad but noticed that I’m walking a bit better. Trying to walk without crutches where I can in the hope of returning to a more normal gait. Yesterday managed to take all my pain relief at the right times (and not 10-15 minutes early!) and also was able to sit at table for my birthday lunch by having my feet balanced on a small box. Can’t wait to have the staples out on Wednesday now because they feel like they’re restricting some of my movement. If I could just get the pain more under control I’d feel a lot happier, also the night time itching driving me a bit insane but find that gentle body lotion helps with that. And if i could sleep for longer than an hour at a time that would be amazing. Slowly, snail like slowly, I’m getting there day by day.
Trying to walk without crutches where I can in the hope of returning to a more normal gait.
Something many members on the hippie side do is to transition to hiking poles. They help you stay more upright when walking yet support a bit as you transition from any walking aid.

Are you still icing?
@Jaycey - I’m still icing almost every hour (except at night). My left knee feels pretty good but the right one is definitely not as happy . . . Thanks for the hiking poles suggestion - will look into that. Being regular with my pain relief by setting different alarms on my phone and just trying to listen to my body. Exhausted!
Don’t give up your walking aids too early, they really do help and you won’t need them forever.
@kayak59 - lots of luck with your back surgery - mine totally transformed my life. I had a revision discetomy with spinal fusion 10 years ago and it was after that I became a Personal Trainer. Thank you for your inspiring comments too.
@London Trainer

Wow! That you for your encouragement! I want to to resume Pilates and eventually get my teacher certification, then go for additional training to help people. My main goal after this SI Fusion is to resume Pilates and strengthen my core to try and hold off that spinal fusion absolutely as long as possible.
@kayak59 - in 2010 I had L5-S1 taken out and replaced by a carbon cage filled with artificial bone marrow and crushed bone, then a titanium rod and 4 pedicle screws which all fused beautifully together. Absolutely changed my life! Yes, it was tough recovery at first but I was back at the gym 7 weeks after surgery and running again (on grass only) 3 months after. I rarely even think of my back now and if I get the occasional niggle I can get rid of it immediately with some gentle stretching. It really will transform your life!
Day 14 - the staples are out!!! Feel so much happier and definitely got more flexion now they’re gone. There were 39 in one and 41 in the other - most of them came out with no problems but there were a few that were pretty painful (I only screamed once though). Shaking like a leaf and in a cold sweat after though . . .

Really starting to feel like i’m turning a corner - i even managed to get my right leg out of bed without using my helper and can now lift it off the bed without shooting off my pain scale. Still sticking to very gentle exercises, little and often, not pushing through pain. Going to try cycling backwards on my stationery bike on Friday if this pain improvement keeps stable.

I feel much more hopeful for the future and so looking forward to the day when I can walk up and down stairs without thinking!
I remember the relief I felt when I got those staples out! But, they had been in almost 3 weeks and 34 out of 35 hurt. I even had some bleeding and had to have a bandage put on. You are so blessed that yours came out so easily!
Didn’t expect having the staples out to put me in a bit of a spin - yesterday was v bad day for pain - but luckily today a bit easier.

Nights are horrendous but at least I’m somehow on day 16 already and every day I’m getting closer to my new life. Resting a lot, icing loads, listening to my body and doing very gentle movements little and often, quite surprised how much bend I’m getting already.

Frustrating living like this but I know that eventually it will all seem like a bad dream and I’ll be able to dance again. My surgeon says I can run again if i want (only planning weekly 5K on grass) but I’ll wait until at least 6 months before I think about it. Lucky having a treadmill and bike in my home gym and just made the decision to stay off work until 23 November as think I need the extra time. Being self employed is a pain as no sick pay but I have some savings.

Just take one day at a time and not stressing.
Day 18 - some improvements but right knee still way worse than the left. Slept nearly all day yesterday - never been so tired in all my life - and even slept longer last night. I wake up every hour or two but don’t mind because I just go to the bathroom which gets me moving around. Still on lots of pain relief including oral morphine but have noticed that i can get to the right times now instead of taking a few minutes early.

Know that I have a long way to go but starting to feel a little more optimistic. Just wish my right knee felt as good as my left. Going to email my surgeon to get a copy of my surgical notes. I know he had to do a lot more work to the right and think it would help me get my head round it if I knew exactly what had gone on. My surgeon’s so nice - he replies to all my emails really fast - he’s the reason I finally agreed to the surgery as I was told 6 years ago that I needed knee replacements. Was managing okay until I got diagnosed with chondrocalcinosis last October. Total game changer! Went from being able to run and pretty much do everything to struggling all the time. I was getting really depressed from the constant pain and all my friends, family and clients had started to notice how much less mobile I was getting.

My ice is my very best friend at the moment and I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to go for a short dog walk with my daughter next week. Did a really brutal prehab programme before my surgery and I’m glad of that now as I’m walking okay without my crutches most of the time. Knew this would be tough but it‘s definitely even harder than I expected.

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