Bilateral THR Both Sides NOW!

Djkluagh, I also have problems with my shoulders at the tender age of 18, I have avascular necrosis in both of them (I had this in my hips also), so hoping when I go see the consultant he doesn't suggest replacements! I think having both shoulders done at the same time is significantly different to a bilateral hip replacement!
Time flys! Congrats on your anniversary!
Hi Deb, Contrats on your 1yr anniversary, great to read all is well with you except for your shoulder.
It will be my 1yr on Friday 14th, how the time has flown, this whole year seems to have sped by.
I have been having massive shoulder problems myself these last 10weeks or so, just came on, no injury, can't
think of what I did to it. Funny enough its my left shoulder and I am right handed. I have had about 5 sessions of physio
lately for it and it is helping slightly. My GP referred me for an MRI which I had this morning, so wont know the results till Friday (anniversary day). My physio seems to think its a torn rotaor cuff and whilst the ultrasound and xray were inconclusive.
Both the GP and physio agree the MRI should show up the problem.
Will stop by again shortly, great to say hi again.
cheers Sue
Sorry I am bit behind but wanted to hi and that I am so glad you are doing so well with your hip. Let me know when you get a date for your shoulder surgery. I hope you have a wonderful holiday and that the new year brings you great things.

Look at you posting videos getting all technical haha

Keep taking good care
Ok so the saga continues - the hips are wonderful! There are a lot of us BTHRs around right now some of whom are doing very energetic and athletic things - ah but I'll stick to the mundane to let those of you who are less athletically inclined know that there really is life and fun after hip replacements! I've had several more visits with my stepbrother and his family (a 2 hour drive each way) - with musical entertainment provided by nephew Kenny and his band Sol Seed - and of course where there's music there is dancing - energetic reggae dancing :egypdance: :dancy: . And a few :beer: , some :rotfl:, good company, and great food too :friends:

And I've been overseeing some renovations in my basement (which included several trips to the huge warehouse store Home Depot for hours of wandering and deciding on all the parts and pieces needed plus picking out colors etc) - and the acquisition of 2 new housemates - Brandy is my first housemate's fiance and Isabelle is her 5yo daughter. The renovations were to create a room for Isy :) That is now done and she loves her own special space - decorated in Disney princess theme. Along with the girls we also have another purramedic in residence - Kasper - who is a 1yo boy cat - a bit of a demon and not real good at taking direction from his elders (aka the coonie girls). But he is a sweetie and a nice addition to the menagerie. He's even gotten fat cat M'Toulin to move her fuzzy wucket - and I do believe she's actually lost a bit of weight. He thinks her fluffy tail is a wonderful toy and keeps pouncing on it and of course then she has to chase him to try to teach him some manners .... great entertainment!

The most recent hip work out was to clean the furnace filters :sick: after all the construction was done - means getting down on hands and knees in a small space to reach and drag out the filters - then stand up in small space and lug filters over to the utility sink for scrubbing - then back to small space on hands and knees to put them back. Hips didn't even whisper an oooh owie. Not a glamorous activity - but it sure showed me how far I've come as before surgery I could not have done that at all.

The shoulder - meh - it hurts BUT the surgery for that problem has been scheduled finally! So Tuesday March 26 it's back to the OR for shoulder replacement - Tuesdays are a good day for surgery I think - my hips were done on a Tuesday :) So March will be a busy month with pre-op visits etc and also my friend Linda is having knee replacement on the 11th and I'm her transportation and in hospital advocate. Plus may spend a couple of nights with her after she's discharged. After the 26th she and I will have to Skype I guess as neither one of us will be able to drive for a while.

Sleep is good except when the shoulder wakes me up - weight is steady - pain meds needed now for shoulder and of course it being bone-on-bone they only work a little bit ..... ah well this too shall pass. And yes I can put both socks on without effort - can put each foot on the opposite knee, get down to and up off the floor, can squat, can bend over and pick stuff up, can trot up and down stairs, - I can even skip .... lol hadn't done that in 55+ years but had to show Isy how it is done ;)

So all you fellow bilaterals - and any unilaterals reading this - keep on keeping on - it does indeed get better and better. New normal on pain free hips - Wheee Hawwwwww! :yahoo:
Great update Deb - well except for the shoulder! So sorry you have that bit to endure. But take heart - there seems to be a trend here. There is already a mini support group in the Social Room for shoulder surgery! jerseychick ohaya Josephine I see you have already been on their thread. Please do continue to post through that journey as well.

Love your description of your feline troups. They sound like a fun group! Keep up the great recovery!
all good 3.jpg
Loved your update, Deb. Great that life is so normal with those two man-made hips. Sorry about the shoulder. Will be watching out for reports of your journey with that in the Social Room. Give each of your purramedics pets and hugs from me.

Take care and keep us posted. We care. valentine cats 5.jpg
Hi there Deb

What a fabulous update and I am so thrilled that you finally have your date for your right shoulder surgery..

With your wonderfully positive attitude I am sure this is going to help heaps.

I love the fact that Isy has her own space and decorated the way she wanted.

I am thrilled that you a good solid support network around you my good friend, it makes the world of difference that is go sure...

So Tuesday 26 March is in my calendar and I am going to be eagerly following your progress hon!

Big hugs xxxx
Thanks Jaycey, Judy and Poppet! I do so appreciate the support. Items on the pre-op to-do list are being checked off - got the dental clearance today and a confirmation call from the surgeon's office that they had received the letter :) And clarified with OS's assistant that yes he does want me to have a Cat Scan of the shoulder prior to surgery (to be scheduled soon) - and yes I will be taking antibiotics for a while prior to and after surgery given I already have a couple of man-made body parts ;) Pre-op clinic (physical exam) has been scheduled for 3/12 - day after friend Linda's surgery so I can go check in with her, go get the exam done, then return to see her some more - all in the same building :)

Can't wait for March to get here - not only all of the above activities but also my 2 very favorite TV shows ( the only 2 I watch with any regularity) will be back - Grimm (NBC)- set in Portland, Or where I live ( hummmm wonder if they have any walk on parts for a LOL with arm in sling or just an LOL - little old lady) and Game of Thrones on HBO. So at least 2 nights a week while recuperating I'll have something good to watch on TV :) I doubt I'll be doing much with the computer after surgery - typing left handed ..... all you'd get is gobbledy-gook.
We can cope with cobbled-gook Deb to get your shoulder fixed :) Remember the 'high on morphine day posts' we had around our surgery dates :rotfl:
I'm now 9 weeks out from shoulder replacement surgery and that is healing up nicely :) Though I must say I am very, very glad the shoulder is not a weight bearing joint! PT is happy with my progress as I can now bend my arm out from the elbow to about 45% - before surgery I could barely get it half an inch from the starting point. Plus I can reach the arm up almost parallel with my ear where before I could not even lift it to shoulder level. I'm now able to use the right arm again to put a cup of coffee in the microwave, put a glass, small plate, or mug back onto the bottom shelf of my cupboards, carry a bag of groceries, comb my hair with my right hand, and type with 2 hands - maybe some day I'll be able to do this :yay: We are now working on strengthening arm muscles and reaching behind my back .... I can get finger tips to reach back there gotta see if I can get up to shaking hands :whistle: Every one is such specialists these days - my current PT gals are terrific ..... and know their shoulder rehab thoroughly - but they don't know hips ..... lol I demonstrated putting each foot on the opposite knee and Tracey said "Are you supposed to do that? What about hip precautions?" I about ROFLMAO! And nicely explained that hip precautions are only in place for about 6 weeks after surgery and previous PT gals and I had spent 9 months (in the case of the right leg) getting foot on to opposite knee!

My OS has cleared me to travel! And after a long painful silence my son is now back in contact with me and his Dad - and I'm off on a new adventure as of 6/21! Whee haw I get to go spend 10 days with son and granddaughter! I'll stop in Norfolk, Va to pick up Morgan (age 6) and escort her down to Charleston, SC to see her Dad ..... and since he can't get time off from his Navy work so has to work days while she's there I get to go be Nana!!! I am so thrilled with this as I have not had any time to spend with her - it will be so much fun to get to know her! And Charleston looks to have some fun things that an aging Nana and 6yo granddaughter can do together - maybe even real horseback riding .... swimming for sure ...... a trip to a water park with slides and other fun stuff ..... maybe a paddle boat ride or a sailing expedition. OS said pulling a wheeled suitcase or carry-on around airports would be OK - I just need to never forget to NOT pick up anything heavier than 20lbs with the right arm. So no bungie cord jumping (permanent restriction from hip OS) and no bench pressing weight over 20lbs (permanent restriction from shoulder OS) ....... heehee I can live with those :angel:

Finally the weather here has turned nice! It's been mostly rainy and chilly up to this week but the roses are lovely just in time for Rose Festival and the peonies are all in luscious bloom. And the strawberry patch has run wild! We'll have a wonderful crop to make strawberry jam with very soon. My 2 newest housemates are making planter box gardens so we now have fresh herbs and soon with have some tomatoes and lettuce and beans :)

So once again life with pain free joints is marvelous! If I had it to do all over again the only change I'd make is I'd do it sooner!
Holy ****, your all done and fixed up? I was going to stay on top of things then lost track of you -so sorry honey, but glad to hear your news and hear your recovery is going well. I have not been on forum for a long time but got an email you posted. that pT after shoulder surgery can be a long haul, i know, but sounds like you are doing well.

Have a wonderful trip :) Cathy
What a great update Deb! So happy for you. Sounds like you have everything to look forward to. Enjoy your family time and most of all - life without all that pain! Well done!
Deb, glad to hear all this great news. Especially about your family, and the good times ahead. Granddaughters....I have five of them, and nothing gives me greater pleasure than time spent in their company. You have a great trip. :)

Great story, now 6 months post BTHR and interested to see how others managed. Been pretty uncomfortable recently so booked some physio for next week and hoping it will help. Sorry about your shoulder problem, just when one thing get sorted another crops up to challenge us! Take care, enjoy your travels. :) :)
Thanks Cathy, Jaycey, Sharon, Hermione, and Poppet :) I've been very busy trying to pack light for my trip - the suitcase has been filled and emptied 3 times so far! LOL but now I think I can safely get it down stairs without doing major injury to self, staircase, or suitcase. Also trying to get all last minute things done - mani-pedi, dental appointment (whew thought I might have to change that as I could not remember when it was but reminder call came in and it's Tuesday), hair cut, pay bills, get cats groomed, lay in food and litter for cats, decide on what to wear on the plane, etc etc. In the midst of all this .... sigh a broken disposal with resultant flooding in the kitchen. Dang just what I did NOT need. Plumber comes tomorrow. Humming through out the day "I'm so excited" and "Leaving on a jet plane" and "I've gotta get out of this place" ..... now what book(s) to take along .... gotta have my reading material - I learned a new word the other day abibliophobia - the fear of running out of things to read :heehee:
Oh Deb djklaugh, how exciting... I read back through your last couple of posts... I am so thrilled for you. I can feel your excitement way down under.. So many fun activities, so much catching up, so much talking, so much reading... the list goes on.. you still have a few more days to unpack and repackage your suitcase, lol.. Take good care of yourself, enjoy every moment, I know you will :)

Don't forget we will need photos on your return :)
LOL Poppet I have 3 disposable cameras packed and will be sure to post pictures when I get back. I'm finally all packed and can even lift the suitcase myself with the left arm of course :) I'm hoping it's not over the weight limit but oh well if it is so be it. I've gotten all the last minute things done and now am just twiddling my thumbs waiting .... 16 1/2 hours until the plane takes off. Only things left to do are a run to the bank to fill up the wallet and then try to get a bit of sleep - then shower, dress and leave keys for housemates. See you all when I get back - I have a tablet computer I'm taking but it's really sensitive and will only run IE for a browser - and I really dislike IE. So trying to type anything on it is difficult. Now humming "anticipation is making me wait" .....:spin:
Have lots of fun Deb djklaugh, this is a very important visit for you, so have lots of fun.. We will be here waiting for a post vacation update.. You go girl ! Hugs and much love xx

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