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Jan 6, 2018
Burton on Trent
United Kingdom United Kingdom
It’s been a long time,bit I’m back.due to COVID and myself dithering about. I am going through,Xrays and CT scans and I’m waiting for an appointment for Ultra sounds on both shoulders.
Im back to read about other folks experiences and to share my own
:wave: @Ursula72
So sorry to hear you got Covid.
I do hope it was mild and you are feeling better.
I have no experience with shoulders but my friend had a shoulder replacement and was very painful for her waiting on her surgery.
Big sympathetic hugs xxx
Welcome back @Ursula72 ! Our shoulder forum is growing fast. And several of my colleagues have been through this recovery as well. Have a read in the shoulder recovery area. In most cases our members find this recovery is easier than first imagined.
@Ursula72 I am sorry you are having such trouble with your shoulders! It is frustrating to go through all the assessment and waiting to get to the "lets do something about that"! I've had both shoulder joints replaced and understand what you are going through.

I will say that my standard replacements have been wonderful and I now have pretty much full range of motion and no pain in both shoulders. There are only a couple of things I can't do - crawl stroke when swimming and hook a bra behind my back.

Do ask any questions you may have!
Hello, Thankyou for replying to me,I’ve left off the replacements and then COVID took over so I hope COVID won’t do the same thing again. Thanks for saying the replacements won’t be as bad as people say, it’s that sling I’m worried about and managing on my own. I live with my son in his house and he is at work 12 hours a day, so I’m thinking of going in a nursing home for a short while, and do the same again when I have the other one done. We shall see what enfolds. xx
@Ursula72 The sling is a nuisance! But it is doable and you'll only need it for a few weeks. Plus you can take it off to shower, dress, and do a few gentle "swing the arm" exercises. As for being alone - I had a similar situation. I had my cousin with me for a week after the surgery on my right shoulder and my brother and SIL after the left one. But once they all went home I had my house mate who was at work most of the day. I think you can manage OK on your own. Practice now being one handed. Before the surgery lay in some easy to fix meals and, like with hip replacement, get good ice packs or gel packs. Since shoulders are not weight bearing (thank goodness!) you won't have any mobility problems.

For shoulders PT is needed. I did not start mine until about 6 weeks after the surgery. The way mine worked was I'd go in every two weeks. The PT gals would have me do each exercise to see how I was doing with them. Then drop the easy ones and add a couple of more difficult ones. And I would do the exercises diligently between visits. I was very fortunate to have great PT folks who were gentle and encouraging.... and very much in line with BoneSmart philosophy!
It’s me again,just asking if there any exercises I can do to strengthen the shoulder muscles before I go for an op. I try to do the usual things I used to do before my shoulders got this painful such as wash and dry my hair and housework,but I can’t wash my back or feet or under my arms very well,but I’m trying to keep mobile even though it hurts like heck, I get a bit worried when I have one shoulder done if I’ll be able to wipe my :censored:when visit the toilet.hey ho
@Ursula72 :heehee: Yes doing the right shoulder was very awkward for that particular hygiene activity! Again practice being left handed for a while. I found that using wet wipes ( like baby wipes) helped a lot.

Alas for shoulders that hurt to move there really is not much exercise wise that you can do pre op. And trying to do more than is comfortable could make things worse if you tore a muscle or tendon.
It took me a couple of weeks but I finally made friends with the sling once I relaxed into it. I was supposed to be by myself after the first few days but COVID closed down my son's dorm so I had him longer. You can manage with a little planning. I made and froze meals with everything ready cut up so that I could heat up and eat one handed.

I was NOT going to have my son help me dress, bathe or help me use the toilet. He did help with the sling in the first few days until I was able to work out how to do it myself.

It was also my right shoulder so I did practice some with left beforehand. If you need it, there are assistive devices you can get on Amazon (dont forget BoneSmart on Amazon Smile) and elsewhere that can give you some extra reach.

Best wishes as you start this journey!
It’s been a long time,bit I’m back.due to COVID and myself dithering about. I am going through,Xrays and CT scans and I’m waiting for an appointment for Ultra sounds on both shoulders.
Im back to read about other folks experiences and to share my own
Update on my shoulders…I’ve had the X-rays and the CT scan on both shoulders now I’m waiting for the Ultra Sound,I rang up the hospital about this as I seem to be waiting for ages for this part,I was told there is a very long waiting list so I’m waiting and whilst I wait I’m in so much pain,but I mustn’t monad because there’s more than me waiting on the nhs for treatment. Bye guys have a good day xx
I'm so sorry you are hurting and the wait times for elective surgery are so long:console2:

You are always so kind and gracious...hard to be when you are in pain.
Prayers for comfort while you wait.:praying:
Hello Ursula,
I am really sorry to read that you’re in so much pain and basically unable to do much about it. I wish you lots of comfort as you wait to be scheduled for the ultra sound. Stay in touch with progress reports. We’ll be here and we care. :console2:
@Ursula72 Sigh, oh the deplorable "hurry up and wait" :hairpulling:... been there, done that, and it's a total accelerating pain in the shoulder ... and other places too! Can they put you on a cancellation wait list to be called if a last minute appointment comes available? :console2:
Hello Everyone, I have had my Ultra Sound.the lady who did it was friendly and gentle, she says there are bad tears in my Subscapular muscles ( or something that sounds like that) she asked me if I had a recent fall, and I told her I had I’d fallen right down the bottom of the garden,and as no one knew I was there I tried to push myself up and really hurt my arms. I’m afraid if I’ve badly damaged my rotator cuffs because my shoulder pain in both shoulders is now really bad,and my range of motion is not good at all. I’m really afraid I’ll have a rotator cuff repair as well as a total shoulder replacement.Both shoulders are now in bad shape.My Saga of the shoulders seems to go from bad to worse. xx
@Ursula72 Thanks for keeping us updated. Sounds like you really need to get those shoulders treated. What is the plan now? Are you on a wait list for surgery?
I haven’t heard anything from them yet. If I don’t within the next week or two I will phone Mr Dekkers secretary

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