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We need the help of every one of our BoneSmarties to help make our new Joint Replacement Locator tool the best it can be.

Please take a few minutes to rate your surgeon (or surgeons, if you've dealt with more than one). At this point we are only able to rate using 1-5 stars, but as we add features to the Locator, you'll eventually be able to post comments as well.

Here are the simple steps to entering a surgeon rating:

1. Click on the SURGEON LOCATOR tab in the blue NavBar at the top of the page or click on this link.

2. In the SURGICAL AREA block, click on the drop-down menu and select ORTHOPAEDIC SURGEON.

3. In the SEARCH BY NAME block, type in the last name of your surgeon and click on the SEARCH button. If you want to further define your search, you can also enter your ZIP CODE and a mileage range to better target your doctor before clicking on the SEARCH button.

4. A screen with all surgeons with that last name will appear. Find your doctor and click on the VIEW PROFILE button. There you'll find a place to enter your rating along with your name and email address.

5. If the surgeon you are reviewing is not listed, please submit his/her name, practice name, address and phone number to [email protected]. We'll make sure they are included.

Note: We ask for your name and email address only so we can validate that your review is from a registered BoneSmart member. This information will not be shared outside of BoneSmart.

You will not see your review immediately as we are still tweaking that part of the Locator programming. Also all reviews must go through the review process before they are posted. Submitted reviews should appear a week or two after Joint Replacement Awareness Day on May 4th.

Thank you, BoneSmarties!

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