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It sounds like you had a very successful day at the gym. Listening to your knee has served you well!
Just read your whole thread and I’m inspired- wanted to ask how you normally get up and down?

I have been on the floor once so far (at about 2 weeks, I wanted to use a foam roller and ball on my back to help with some knots) but I just slid down the sofa and then slid back up once I was done.

Also, prior to surgery, I would get out of the bathtub by kneeling on my right (nonoperated at the time) leg, then push up with left leg and arms. Left knee was replaced in Feb 2022. I experimented presurgery with doing it the other way around. I purchased a waterproof pad and I can put the left knee on it OK but dis not have the strength in right leg to push up. Probably because I have not been able to put much weight on right knee so hadn’t been using it much. This may work once I’m further down the rehab road, but curious if you know a better way to get up and down.
I used a shower chair for about 6 weeks. I never would have tried the tub during that time, too afraid I'd get stuck in there with no one to get me out!

Is it possible for you to push yourself up enough to sit on the edge of the tub and then turn around and push the rest of the way up until you're standing? That might work.
Like @sistersinhim I used a shower chair for at least 3-4 months.
I can get up and down really easily now and in and out of a bath tub without difficulty- but that took several months.
Like you I wanted to get on the floor to do exercises- both for my knee and my arthritic back.
My pilates teacher taught me how to go up and down to start with.
I leant forward and put my arms ( hands to elbow) on the seat of a wooden chair and put my weight on my arms. I then lowered my operated leg out sideways whilst gradually kneeling on my good leg.
I was then able to sit down and lie on the floor. I then was able to repeat the process backwards to get up.
This was I think at about 4 weeks. The first time I did this with her I was terrified I wouldn't be able to get up again!
This technique does rely on having a good leg to kneel on- so I an not sure how others do it. But I found it safe for my surgery leg.
I like your plan. I will hold off on the leg strengthening machines until I am well healed. I am aching to do upper body but I am having a hysterectomy in a few weeks so that is going to be put off for a while. I just have to get myself to the gym to start anything! Things keep coming up like ending up in the ODIC!
My posse surrounds me when I elevate on the guest bed!

@MSuki - I just found your query and the other folks' helpful replies - wll.add my two cents shortly!
@CatieViv - I have had a hysterectomy and feel free to PM me for info or support on that non ortho stuff anytime before or after!
Ok! @MSuki
Well.... how I get up and down won't help you in the confines of a tub. I used the.shower chair until I felt secure standing in the shower. It's at least 40 years since I took a bath!

How I got down early post op: Get as close to the ground as possible. Keeping my baby knee pretty straight, use mostly arms plus the other knee to get into a semi kneel on the other knee (which was then about five months old). The new knee remains outstretched behind me. Most weight on my hands, turn away from my other knee, letting the turn land me on my non-op butt, then continue the turning movement so I'm sitting normally on the floor, both legs loosely splayed in front of me.

Getting up reverses it: the new knee bears no weight and stays behind me as I turn towards my non op knee and use both hands to support me as I rise to semi kneel on the non op knee, use all three supports to rise to standing.

The turning movements up and down are imprinted by years of falling and rolling in martial arts, but it's doable if you can parse it out. @EalingGran method is similar and might be easier to wrap your head around.

A tub is too narrow for this maneuver!
Love your posse! My furry black baby is usually on me or as he is now, on his dresser. Yes, his. I am not allowed to put anything up there. Love that our babies like to be close by.

PS, we have an orange tabby and a tortie too! The one in the middle is especially beautiful
Sending pm
Love your posse! My furry black baby is usually on me or as he is now, on his dresser. Yes, his. I am not allowed to put anything up there. Love that our babies like to be close by.

PS, we have an orange tabby and a tortie too! The one in the middle is especially beautiful
Sending pm
The top of my tallboy dresser has a kitty bed that is just for my orange boy Rufus - nobody else ever goes up there!!!! He's the best (aren't orange boys always?!?!)
The other two are black tabbies and yeah the middle boy Ringo is about the prettiest kitty I ever saw - he has the classic tabby bulls eye pattern on his sides all in shades of black and gray. He has a sense of humor and squeaks like a mouse when excited!. The nearest, Chippy, is mostly gray with cinammon tummy, white chest blaze and mittens, and dumb as a post. But sweet.
It is amazing how much pets help us in our recovery. At the time of my TKR, I had 13 rescued cats and had to care for them no matter how bad or tired I felt. That was part of my natural PT.

If you all would like to discuss more about your babies and read about others, check out our thread about our fur babies:
Cataract surgery is another gift from modern medicine. I had mine done in Dec 2007 and Jan 2008. I was close to failing the driver eye exam as that was my worst distance. Now I see clearly, even through my lazy eye, with no glasses. I use a diopter and a half to read small print or in dark conditions. I have lenses that adjust when the eye muscles change them, like the ones we get at birth. I did have to have a laser treatment to get rid of some obscuration in the POC of my lazy eye. That is a potential problem with the lenses I have, but frankly I love them - and have no regrets.
Hi @skiforever - I remember in the early 1960s when a family friend needed cataract surgery... three days or more immobilized in a hospital bed with his head sandbagged in place; a lifetime of wearing thick lensed eyeglasses - yes now a true gift of modern medicine!
I too nearly failed my DMV eye test, a real wake up call! My other eye is now scheduled for late January.
Thanks so much for the tips, I was in bed and reading this before sleep, but got up and tried the mendogal method. I did it, but it was hard not to push with my operated foot just a little. I think with practice the nonop leg will strengthen and do this fairly easily. I’m going to try the chair one tomorrow, will need to get out a straight chair and might want to get my husband to do that. He’s asleep already tonight. I’m considering whether I can get enough leverage to slide up on side of tu, but it’s narrow and not sure if I can do it. I think I’ll wait a bit on that. when I’m ready, I’ll do what I did with other surgery - practice with all my clothes on and my husband nearby. And also practice the move outside the tub before trying it in the tub.
I'll be doing another multi-bus trip to San Francisco in a couple of days and hoping to get in some good walking!

In the past two weeks I have twice walked nonstop the three miles to our local coffee roaster (because when you walk on your new knees further than you'd walked for many years, you deserve that fancy coffee drink, even if it is decaf!). No knee pain, just healthily aching quads.
Most other days, I take a walk at least 1/2 mile and usually 1.5 miles.

At the gym on the recumbent bike my newer knee has hit a plateau at 20 minutes on a combo of the lowest resistance and one notch up. That's fine, it will progress. Also getting upper body work in. I do some leg, glutes,and Pilates work at home twice a week.

The R knee continues with diffuse swelling plus discrete swelling curving around the lateral kneecap and up towards the quad and I suspect the lateral quad and ITB ache is somehow connected with it. I admit to slacking on elevating - generally only 45 minutes maybe five evenings a week. There are no certified lymphatic drainage folks here, but thanks to @CricketHip post here I will start a self care regimen tomorrow.
Great update, mendogal!
Sounds like you deserved that fancy coffee drink after your walk. Hope you enjoyed it!
Best Wishes for a great time during your upcoming getaway to San Francisco.

For those who may not understand the definition of diffuse and discrete swelling, as I didn't, :what: I hope this provides some clarity -
diffuse - widespread, more or less all over, or at least in many areas.
discrete - defined to a particular area.

Truth be told, I'm with you...I wasn't always practicing what we preach in regard to elevation. Sssh, don't tell! :wink:
I hope you have a nice weekend!
That coffee sounds devine! Guess who hasn't had her coffee yet this morning? (Raises both hands ☕) Awesome on the walk. I am heading out to visit my sister and hour away. Driving. Let's hope all goes well. There will be no chance to elevate until I get home.
Enjoy your getaway, and I hope you are able to enjoy those anticipated walks.
Your posts to members are so helpful, glad to have you onboard as staff, also!!

I hope you enjoy many more tasty reward coffees while on your recovery journey!
Thank you @Layla and @CricketHip for your kind words and support as I grow into my role!

@CatieViv Cheers (raises my tea mug towards you) - that's a brave adventure for you and I hope not subject to Too Much Winter! You've been doing great and I look forward to your report.

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