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I will be discharged from Mt Vilga tmw, 10 days rehab, which is a wonderful experience. Dr. recommend another week here, but I asked early discharge to save my husband,s daily visit and convenience of home. I will have 4weeks day program (2days per week) starting next Wed. Yes, I am readyto go home @Skippy. I am happy your Post Op assessment went well, and believe the swelling problem will soon be improved. Thanks my mentors and friends here, I will keep posting and reading all your posts.
So glad you are able to return home and they have made suitable arrangements for PT at home. The comfort of sleeping in your own bed and living on your own terms (to the extent your knee permits it!!) is so helpful to healing. Still many adjustments to make, but it will all be good.
@Birdy just caught up on your thread and am so glad to see you are home now. I'm sure it is a relief for your husband to have you home.
@louie @wings yes it is good to be home. Everything is going well, except I has one nousea yesterday while I think it is well managed. Better stick to Maxolon at meal time and eat home made food so not too greasy. I exercise two times daily, with 12 exercise routine, 20 minutes roughly. Went to claim Medicare, do small groucery shopping. Pain managed well, roughly 6 hour interval. Tomorrow will be my first PT, still at Mt Wilga.did some simple cooking today, will write more after PT.
@Birdy, oh sounds like you are doing really good! When was your surgery? Those exercises at times tires me out, plus my husband walks around the block with me, once a day. Trying to walk while weather is still nice.
Yeah, as long as you are on top of the pain, we can all do more!! I tried vacuuming this morning, just a little, and zapped my energy! That surprised me. My medicine upsets my stomach too, so I tried taking it with a bit of milk. See how that works, and so far so good!!
Hello Birdy. Congratulations on your bilateral you brave lady. You sound as if alls going well. Please take care not to overdo things too soon. I'm so pleased to read you're home xxx
Thanks! I was in ODIC once on the day I was discharged from Mt Wilga, as I need to practice with one walking stick instead of hire a pairs of crutches. So I knew how it felt the next day. When I exercise at home, I didn't do it roughly, but of course not as hard as when PT is beside me. Today,s Day patient program in Mt Wilga is 3 x 1 hour, actual duration about 45 minute per hour, including a hydro. Pretty good and a bit tired though. Next one will be Friday.
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I caught cold at PT rehab hospital yesterday, went to see my GP today and started Klacid straight away. My GP also told me to use Ventolin and Seretide. After 4 sessions of PT rehab, my ROM is going a bit backwards, I can only guess maybe the previous PT before I discharge gave me bonus points of encouragement?
The flu is very bad one, slept for four days straight, and the nousea returned, now I m scared of taking medicine. I cut out most of medicine and only have Endon Targin and sometimes with Panadol, 2times a day, also stop ice and exercise as too cold for ice, no energy for any move as whole body sore. Called PT to cancel this week,s schedule. I am afraid this will set me back a bit. Called airline for disability help end of November, and fortunately we purchased same flight for my husband.
The flu is no fun. Just keep taking it easy and gradually start back on your recovery program. Just part of the roller coaster! Hope you feel better soon.
So sorry you have been sick.... I pray you recover quickly... Rest is what your body needs... I think it's smart to cancel pt

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Thanks @Slainte @Pansy727 for your best wishes, I almost forgot this was normal roller coaster process of heal, and m pitying myself for very hard few days. My GP said once you have flu, you won't forget what flu like compared to catch cold. Yes, this terrible experience came from no where and I thought it was worse than the first few days after TKR. Ha. Today is the start of 6th week, and I saw my OS. He is very happy with my progress, told me to rub vigourosly on the scar, massage several times the knee and thigh, use all imagable way to straighten my right knee ( he suggested lie face down, leg hang over bed, hang a bag or something with weight over to help)' I will gave it a try when my flu,s gone. No need to wear sock now. Scheduled to see him again 6 weeks time.
After 12days, finally the flu was near it,s tail, and today is the first day I have bit of appetite. Called to cancel PT tmw as m afraid the pool PT is too early for my body. Will start Thursday. After lying in bed for whole week, my knee area looks so wringkly and I can feel the ROM in right knee going backwards. A bit worried as it was 105 12days ago b4 flu, well I guess I will start home exercise tmw. Need a bit of cheer up.
Birdy, that's gotta be tough - flu while recovering from bilateral TKR. Sending you hugs and stay well wishes!
OMG @wings, you just have your LTKR, I hope you are recovering well. Best wishes and wish you get good pain management. Have good rest and ice...
Week 9.5 today. Has my 17th PT, another 3 sessions, then I will be on my own exercises. At times I felt the ROM isn't progressing, today I copied records from PT file:
2week 7/103 (R) 2/100 (L)
3week 0/105 0/107
4week 4/101 3/103
6week 3/104 2/109
7week 0/106 0/112
8.5week 0/111 0/120
9.5week 0/116 0/122
I hope I can get some more improvement in next three sessions. For a while I am a bit worried about my right knee's lack of improvement. Recently, my knee skin so sensitive right before bed time, you just can't put any fabric on it, I am not sure if it's related to my cutting pain med to only 1Targin a day at night time? Any one has same experience?
My niece's wedding tomorrow, we will be at the ceremony in church, but not the reception as when RSVP time, it was too early to know my recovery progress and it is far and long.
After almost 4 1/2 months I still can't have anything on my scar. I wear shorts 24/7 even to bed. I have to make sure my knee is uncovered. In time I was told by my OS this will pass in a couple of months
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