Bilateral THR Bilateral THR recovery

@JMM2019 I'm thinking those exercises aren't doing you a lot of good right now. Just my suggestion, stop doing all of those exercises for now and just do some walking. If you can go outside and have level surface you can walk a little there to break up the monotony.

Also, not sure how long or often you are icing but do at least 45-60 minutes 3-4 times a day, more if you're sitting around watching TV or reading. And try elevating too.

Hope this gives you some relief.
Elf1 is right @JMM2019 new hips really don't like leg lifts and marching. These exercises are most likely at least adding to your pain and they are completely unnecessary. Sick to walking and I think you will be happy with the results.
Hello and happy holidays to you! I’m sorry you’re struggling right now.
I hope any pain or discomfort you’re dealing with is easing.

Once daily, 10-20 reps
-lift leg straight out to the side
-move leg backward, keeping knee straight
-move leg forward, keeping knee straight
-bend hip and knee up as if marching
-bend knee back toward buttocks
-heel raises

It sounds like you stopped the above exercises, but it may take awhile for any negative effect from the repetition resolves. Hopefully some dedicated icing and rest brings you relief soon. Check out the article below as it explains the possible injurious effect of some of the exercises.

Wishing you comfort and speedy relief.
@Layla I definitely stopped all exercises when the groin pain started, except for light walking inside, because I knew something was wrong. As I mentioned, I see my OS on Jan 6, he’s allotted a whopping 15 minutes for the appointment. I’m going to ask his PA if she can arrange all assessments needed to find out whats causing the pain. Do I need an MRI? Xrays? Lobotomy? :loll:
Thanks @Layla, that definitely is one of my suspicions. I also think it could be a muscle tear or something of that nature. Hopefully my OS can figure it out.
:fingersx: for answers on the 6th.
Wondering which hip is complaining and how your other leg is doing?
An x-ray will make sure all is well with prosthesis, an MRI likely for soft tissue issues.
Perhaps you have some tendonitis which can be a bear to put back on the right track. There is also a cute video in our library about tendonitis which is, in essence, micro-tears to the tendon.

Sorry you have these concerns to be anxious about as you go into the New Year.
Wishing you a chilled day.:ice:
Hi @Mojo333 my left hip is the one betraying me. The right one is coming along nicely. It’s still recovering, but range of motion increases a little bit every day.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy NYE!
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Ummmm..... @JMM2019 .... we wouldn't want anyone to think those images are really your hip implants. But they are pretty wild images. What the heck is that????

You did provide the exercise you were doing. But what about just "normal" things like preparing meals, cleaning, errands.....that type of thing. What level of those things are you doing and have you cut that back as well?
Hi @Jamie I‘ve been taking it easy on the day to day routine stuff, but I think you’re right, I must have done something during the course of ‘normal’ activity. I’ll continue to ice and rest until I see my OS. Thanks for the feedback!
Ok, I noticed laying on my left side/hip hurts more than laying on my right, which isn’t shocking since my left is the problem child. But I compared the 2 and the left is noticeably more swollen. The swelling is about 2 inches below the scar and runs parallel to, but not quite the length of the scar. Does anybody have any insight on what could be causing this? @Mojo333 @Layla @Jamie @Elf1
@JMM2019 are you icing this particular area? You know, problem children or squeaky wheels may need more ice. And swelling can show up in areas that you might not expect.

Is there any warmth to the area, is it red? If it's just swelling for now I would keep an eye on it and continue icing. If it continue to be worrisome you can always put a call into your surgical team and with a few questions they can probably put your mind at ease.
Hi @Elf1, I haven’t been icing that area and it isn’t red or warm. I guess I was concerned because the same area on the right hip hasn't been iced but it’s fine. I’ll start icing it and watch it. Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated!
You know, recovery is not a straight path and you are still in the early stages of that "year-long" recovery period. It's easy to overdo things in the first 6 months or so because your hip actually starts feeling pretty good, your scar heals, and you begin to think everything is "normal" again. But your body is still healing inside where you cannot see it. Soft tissues that were traumatized by surgery take a while to completely heal. The you have the adjustments your soft tissues all must make for the new, perfectly aligned implant. This can be quite an adjustment from your old, out-of-alignment hip joint.

Patience is very important. You're doing the right thing if you back off from exercise or activity, ice and elevate, and take something for any pain you might be having. It may take a few weeks, but I suspect you'll see this situation resolve itself.

Remember, not to compare hips. Even though both were replaced at the same time, the surgeon may have had to work more on one hip than the other. You might have moved in such a way that one leg was affected more than the other when doing some exercise or activity. There are a hundred reasons why one hip might have pain or swelling and the other doesn't.
Hi, my Both at Once pal.
Wondering how you have been doing and if you have hopefully noticed improvements.
Line to hear all update and hoping you've had a follow up where you could address and concerns with your surgeon.

Wishing you a belated happy :happy-new-year-smiley-emoticon-4:
Happy Two Month Anniversary!
Hoping all is well and you’re enjoying steady progress. We’d love to hear from you as time allows. All the best to you!
Wondering how you were doing?
Two months out I found the post-op niggles seemed to travel about some... One day, a little groin ache, next day a bit if a pain in the buttocks....
By the time I thought one might be an issue, it dissipated, then another strange sensation cropping up as I got more mobile.

Love to hear all update.
Hope all is going well and today is a good day.
Hope things are starting to get easier and you are doing well.
Please leave an update if you get a chance....
Hi @Mojo333 @Layla thanks for checking on me, crazy busy workwise. So today is my 4 month anniversary! Still working through pain issues, just like mojo mentioned above, 1 day it’s one thing the next it’s another. The constant seems to be my quad pain, I still feel like I’m a creaky geezer when I get up and down. I’m going to assume that’s normal, I believe mojo mentioned her quads ached a lot during recovery, yes?
Hi there,
Still time for improvement in a recovery that can take a full year, even longer for some.
I think you’ll feel less and less like a creaky geezer with time.
Happy Four Month Anniversary! I hope you have a wonderful Spring. :flwrysmile:

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