Bilateral THR Bilateral THR Recovery Begins

@Elsinore the dreaded socks have got to be worn 24/7 to prevent blood clots developing in the legs also known as deep vein thrombosis DVT, at the start I was taking blood thinners as well but at least I’m left with the socks for another week, if it is for the good so be it, how are things with you. :good-bad:
Pain is down a bit. I'm going to have a lot of free time on my hands since two of my clients involve teaching which is finished. I'm already at a loss as to what to do.
Can't do gardening, cutting the lawn
Can't ride my bike or dirt bike
Can't walk any distance.
I started a youtube channel which I can work on but I'm so tired of sitting on my butt in front of a computer screen.
I guess I should just enjoy doing nothing much and stop feeling sorry.
so had staples removed around 60
:flabber: yowza!
Well 1 out of 60 ain't bad for being stubborn.

The dreaded TEDS, sexy stockings...I think not. Disliked them immensely.:nah:

Glad all looked well, and hope the rest of your week is easy does it.
Healing Mojo coming at you.:SUNsmile:
Day 17 of my recovery and I must say so far so good, hardly any pain just a bit of discomfort, reduced my meds too 2 paracetamols before bed and 2 in the morning, sleeping not brilliant but can’t have everything, not overdoing my activity couple of small 5 - 10 minute walks I can feel knees swelling after that then elevate and ice.
No doubt I will have the odd blip but happy with my current progress. :dancy::tiredwheel:
Great news! Keep it up, it seems you’re concentrating on all that will benefit you.
Happy Sunday....thanks for updating!
@Wyn wombat
Thu 10th June, 3 weeks since op both hips behaving brilliantly, walking around house no sticks but using them as support when outside.
Been to see physio for my first appointment this morning really happy with my progress she has given me exercises to do mainly hip abductions both x 10, high knees both. X 10, standing hip extension x 10, clam x 5 if I can lay on operated hips an finally bridging x 10.
Boy oh boy did I know about it last night different aches and pains altogether so got to plod along, treated myself to a hot bath with muscle soak this morning managed to get in and out ok under supervision of my better half, waw I enjoyed that.
My wfe noticed my right hip incision quite inflamed half way down the scar so I better keep an eye on that.
Have a good weekend everyone onwards and upwards.
:dancy:Hi my double hippy pal...was just popping by to check in when you posted.

A few comments for you if you do not mind.
I think it was recommended that I wait several months before bathing or swimming...I think I waited three.
I worry about your soak ...though I am sure it felt great...with the inflamed area you are keeping an eye on especially.:unsure:

I think you should let medical professional check this if for no other reason, peace of mind.
Still early days, so if you want to do additional exercises...over walking which is best at this stage, in my humble opinion, then do less reps until you find that it doesn't cause such repercussions as you describe.
Clam shells and bridges are core strengthening exercises that can be done later for strengthening and toning.
Completely unhelpful for soft tissue attempting to repair.

I learned most of my boundaries the hard way...but listening to your body is the best way to travel this road.
Hi @Wyn wombat
I also was advised not to take baths, swim in any body of water or sit in a hot tub until three months post op. You do not want to suffer with infection, so it’s wise to wait for as long as your surgeon advises. I second keeping an eye on the inflamed incision you mentioned.
Following are some common signs of infection to watch for:
Unusual or increasing pain
The incision is hot to the touch
A change in the size of the incision
A change in the odor of the discharge
A yellow or green discharge that is increasing
Redness or hardening of the surrounding area
Excessive bleeding that has soaked through the incision

Check this article out also so you’re mindful of some of the possible issues certain exercises may cause, stalling your recovery -

I hope you have a nice Friday and weekend!
@Mojo333 & @Layla thank you both for your response it never crossed my mind to ask about taking a bath seeing I’m allowed to take a shower, lesson learned I will refrain until I get the go ahead, so many things to think about, at least they have told me to remove my lovely white stockings, thanks for your continued support.
You’re welcome! We’re always here for you.
It certainly is a treat to discard those awful TEDS. Congrats on that!
@Wyn wombat
Those darned TEDs.... Bye bye and good riddance:yes!:

Onward and upward, "Both at Once" superhero.
Quoi de neuf Mr. Wombat? How's it going now?
:wave: Happy One Month Anniversary!
I hope you’re doing well and feeling stronger and steadier on your feet week by week.
Have a great week and update as time allows. :)
@Wyn wombat
So much for the the Mr brave guy 15 st plus, I have
Had a remarkable week plus with my recovery visits to the beach walking, visitors calling but today few beers with my mates watching Wales playing footie against Italy in the Euroe’s finally took its toll on me not so much pain but emotionally i am embarrassed to say I am a jibbering wreck I have never experienced these emotions before please advise as I am totally out of my comfort zone.
I‘m really sorry you’re feeling so out of sorts. Just know its only temporary. First, as you know alcohol is a depressant and if you haven’t drank in awhile it could be affecting you differently than other times, stirring up some emotion and anxiety. You’re only one month out from a major surgery, I’m sure you’re still experiencing some energy drain as your body uses energy for healing first. Also, one month after surgery seems to be prime time for many to experience episodes of Post Op Blues. It’s often short lived and goes as quickly as it comes. So take comfort in that. It sounds like the perfect storm of things coming together, but most importantly remember…It Will Pass.

Concentrate on all of the great progress you’ve made and think about your plans for the week. Go to bed knowing tomorrow should be a better day. Sweet Dreams :sleeep:
@Wyn wombat
Hi all, 10 week anniversary today post op, must say everything going well doing my daily walks anything up to 4 miles slightly sore afterwards, and also popping sensation only in my right hip nothing in the left, no concerns really enjoying the current heatwave.
I'm good thanks! The pain is so diminished from pre-op and my mobility is becoming great with my walker so feeling darn good.
Thanks for the update! Consider icing after the walks, it should help. It’s great to hear you’re happy with your progress and enjoying the heat.
We’re dealing with hazy skies and smoke in my neck of the woods from the Canadian wild fires. But hey, what can you do? Grin and bear it. :wink:
Wishing you a blue skies, sunshine and a perfect weekend! :SUNsmile:
@Wyn wombat

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