Bilateral THR Bilateral THR Recovery Begins

I’m sorry to read of your struggles, but must add that Day Four post op has a notoriously bad reputation. :gaah: Not for all, but for many. In addition, you’re dealing with two traumatized legs. With the time difference I’m hoping your pain is now under better control and ice & elevation are helping. Let us know what your doctor, or the surgeon, had to say if you were able to make contact.
Wishing you comfort.
@Wyn wombat
Hi @helenium yes Gp and District nurse been after consulting my surgeon no antibiotics required just new dressing after the original burst this afternoon, cheers.
That's good news @Wyn wombat.
A lovely evening here in South Wales, makes a welcome change! And better weather on the way in time for your recovery. It gets easier, hope you have a much better night.
Cheers @helenium yes cracking evening in St Clears aswell feeling positive for tonight onward and upwards, will keep you all up to speed.
Sorry I had to drop off this morning but Very happy to see that you had some help and reassurance from others.
It's true that the first week is very anxiety producing and there certainly isn't anything wind with double checking concerns with the medical experts.
Keep the faith friend, all temporary.
Hi, I found an old post by @gershon regard problem with toilet issues for males after Bilateral THR females may well chuckle but for us blokes with finally managing to lower ourselves onto the toilet seat extension both incisions rubbing seat no hope of hovering over seat due to screaming muscles, and then finding out you cannot get your bits into the toilet due to small opening and the swollen legs and now having to resort to using the pee bottle as well as the toilet in the same procedure, this is becoming to be an in-depth procedure which my wife cannot help but chuckle over. Any other male responses regarding this issue you can pass onto me. :dancy:
Day 5 of recovery what a transformation in two nights woke up twice to take meds and toilet, straight back to sleep until 30 minutes ago 05.45, phew relief but expecting the inevitable sting in the tail. :elevate:
Glad things are going...:yes!: Constipation certainly was an issue for me too.
I remember on day five, my mother's suggestion was to get a magazine and relax...yeah, right.:umm:
I took stool softeners regularly and my husband reminded me to drink lots of water and juice...kept my day station well supplied.
Hope today is a good day.
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Day 6 of my recovery, hospital visit to check my dressings today especially the one that leaked blood everywhere but on inspection wound Is clean as a whistle, what do you think of my staples and bruising of my legs. On the whole very good day minimal pain but ready to elevate and ice with my faithful friend Mali.


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@Wyn wombat Looking really good! The bruising is pretty normal for this stage of recuperation. Your Mali is so cute -- she's being a great dog-tor :)
Early hours day 7 about 4 am woke up out of bed halfway across the room clutching too the back of my sofa wanting to go for a pee, pain woke me up as I was in no man’s land without my crutches, manged to slowly manoeuvre my self crutch less back to bed and my urine bottle.
Mentioned my episode to my wife at meds time 6 am, as you can imagine she completely hit the roof with worry. So there we are no harm done but need to try and reduce the codene or morphine, speak to you soon. :rotfl:
Day 8, hospital visit first thing change dressing on the troublesome leaky right incision, wound clean but tried a dressing with built in vacuum pump to remove all air around wound.
Home and bed with plenty of icing and try and reduce some of the heavy meds ready for my brothers family visiting later on. Onwards and upwards. :sleeep:
This bilateral hip recovery isn't for wimps for sure.:nah:
You're doing great... Alot less whining than I did.:heehee:

Your positive attitude will see you through the tough bits and you Will be so glad to be back to a hip pain free life.
Healing vibes coming your way.
Day 9 & 10, spent some time upright in the garden yesterday watching my wife doing some planting about 30 minutes plus reduced meds’ because I was feeling so good, early evening both legs from hip to knee swollen rock hard back on the meds and ice, ice, ice. Harsh lesson learnt do not take recovery for granted suffered all night, today spent mostly laid down feet elevated with ice packs giving my Mali plenty of cuddles on her first birthday.


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Hi @Wyn wombat
I learned alot of my boundaries and protocols the hard way also.:sorry:
Honestly, you need to be up and about and it may be even a bit tougher as I see because of your job (and pictures) seem to indicate you have heavy musculature in your legs and they do alot of separating to get those components placed.
Walking every few hours for 10-15 minutes using your walking aides is probably a good start...not sure if you were standing with no weight bearing support, but it sounds like that soft tissue got a bit angry.
My meds kept me more comfortable and mobile, and yes...The Ice!
Hope today is a better day...
Such a cute pup!
Thanks @Mojo333 for your comments I’ve taken them all on board especially about the seperation of all those muscles to get the components in place.
How soon after your Bilateral THR and other members on this group were you able to get your normal sleep position back if at all.
Day 11 sleep was far better pain free with weird dreams.
@Wyn wombat For me it took about 3-4 months before I was comfortable sleeping on my side. Trying it at first felt like I was laying on a brick. I guess there was some internal swelling still present, but it soon went a way. Now I can sleep on either side with no problems.

Wait until you've had your post op visit with your surgeon and do ask when it's OK for you to try sleeping on your side.
Pretty sure my timeline was at least as long as djklaugh :bored:
But all good now :sleep:
And honestly, my sleep was almost non existent for so, so long pre-op... And no way to get comfortable that I was really frustrated that I couldn't sleep all night after my BTHR.

Finally, I got there and all well worth it.
:dancy: Day 13 post op, been to BMI Werndale hospital too check both incisions all looked good and clean as a whistle so had staples removed around 60 with 1 stubborn little sod who did not want to part with my hip but out it came in the end.
Was hoping to get rid of my sexy stockings but they have got to stay on for at least a week again.
My first physio next week, they will let me know which day. So on the whole quite a productive day.
@Wyn wombat Sounds like you're coming along! Man, I wish I had gotten the sexy stockings. Other than look really good, what is their role - to reduce calf swelling?

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