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I am trying to figure out how to add myself to the 'May Marvels', but can't figure it out.
I will have anterior approach for my hips...hope all will go well...I have bulging discs (back) with pain that radiates to my toes on both legs as well..hope when hip/joint/knee/thigh pain improves after surgery, the back issues will be easier to manage.
@Shoppingdiane03 Welcome to BoneSmart! Don't worry we will add you to the May Hip list :) And also create a signature for you! Do feel free to read any thread here and over in the recovery area - if you find a Bilateral tag, click on the tag itself and you will get a list of all the bilateral threads. The link to my recovery thread is in my signature - it's old and I don't update it any more. You are actually the 3rd person recently to be having this life changing procedure done. Robert M just had his done and you can find his thread over in the recovery area. My BTHR was done 12+ years ago and I am still delighted with the out come - life with pain free hips is terrific!

Here too are the hip pre op articles and suggestions to help you plan. Do ask any questions you may have.

Hip: pre-surgery considerations

If you are at the stage where you have joint pain but don't know for sure if you are ready to have surgery, these links may help:

Score Chart: How bad is my arthritic hip?
Choosing a surgeon and a prosthesis
BMI Calculator - What to do if your surgeon says you're too heavy for joint replacement surgery
Longevity of implants and revisions: How long will my new joint last?

If you are at the stage where you are planning to have surgery but are looking for information so you can be better prepared for what is to come, take a look at these links:

Recovery Aids: A comprehensive list for hospital and home
Recliner Chairs: Things you need to know if buying one for your recovery
Pre-Op Interviews: What's involved?

And if you want to picture what your life might be like with a replaced hip, take a look at the posts and threads in stories of amazing hip recoveries
My surgery date: F, 05/24/24. I am scared, but am looking forward to getting my life back!
All the best to you. I am scheduled for my bilateral THR on Tuesday. I’m sure I’ll be nervous as the day gets nearer but I just want it done to get some quality of life back
Surgery is a leap into the unknown, for sure!
If there's any part of the preparation, the surgery, or afterwards that's really concerning you please share it with us.
I am approaching my surgery date..it's coming up fast! I have my preop w/surgeon F, 05/17 and then my surgery date: F, 05/24. I just had a cardiac stress test done this past Friday...my heart is good. I did a 2-night sleep study, but waiting still for those results. I feel confident in my health care team. I'm getting ready to stop medications as instructed. I'm gearing up for all the skin washing, changing bed sheets, etc. My daughter will be coming out from Texas to help when I am home after surgery. I had an anxiety med prescribed to help anxiety not take the wheel. I am looking forward to getting my life back.
I'm glad you'll have a helper for a while.

Have you procured any adaptive aids yet?

Three things I found helpful before my knee replacements:

- I precooked and froze some of my favorite dinner foods. After the first, I learned my lesson, and before my second prepared slightly lighter and less spicy foods for my post-op tummy!
- I figured out where I wanted to spend most of my awake time (a recliner) and set up a table to hold all the things I'd want at hand (meds, beverage, snack, note pad and pen, magazine, etc)
- I made sure to always have a pocket in what I was wearing so my phone was 100% accessible at every moment
@Shoppingdiane03 Brava! It sure sounds like you have things well organized for your up coming surgery! One other suggestion - if you've already done this just ignore me - look at the bottoms of the shoes you wear frequently. If these are fairly old shoes the wear pattern is from limping on deteriorating hips. You do not want to be walking with that amount of wear after your surgery as that would keep you walking in that old, dysfunctional pattern. So, unless the shoes are quite new and have no visible wear pattern, get new shoes!
:wave: @Shoppingdiane03
Another grateful double hippy here!

Sounds like you are preparing for surgery well and knowing that though the first weeks can be a bit tough... Having new hips to get back to healthy and happy is amazing.

I had my 7th BTHR anniversary the 1st of May, and am still grateful for my new lease on life.

We'll be rooting for you.
Thank you for your support! My pre-op is F, 05/17...I'm starting to think about how much pain I will have post-op...my husband says it has to be less than what I have now..I will be 68...I think usually bilateral are on younger folks, but I don't think I can go this twice..I am reviewing all the info from surgeon' ofc...just trying to be prepared.
@Shoppingdiane03 The pain you will have (and yes it does hurt) is very different from the pain you have now -- and can be controlled by medications and icing. Also it eases up and gets better and gradually goes away completely! I was 64yo when I had my BTHR and truly it was the best thing I could do for myself! It has been 12 years and 5 months since that surgery and most of the time I don't even think about having artificial hips ... until I log in here. Before the surgery I had not slept in my bed for nearly a year because it hurt too much to climb the stair to get to my bedroom - so I slept on my couch. And even though I took Vicodan that did NOT really touch the pain. And after surgery that same medication worked beautifully for pain control.

So BTHR is NOT just for younger folks ... you have many more years to enjoy pain free hips -- and that will be in your future!
Thank you SOoo much for that encouragement! I do worry about pain. I am having both hips done at the same time.When I mention it to people, they are surprised & say why don't I just do 1 at a time. But, I feel I can't do this twice. I really want to move on & get my life back.My surgery has been cancelled 3x, so I'm ready to get it over with. It's not so easy finding others with the bilateral simultaneous hip replacement. There's not much info about recovery & getting in/out of bed with both hips done. It's again very encouraging to hear success stories! Thank you!
@Shoppingdiane03 Yup, I agree -- when you have 2 bad hips getting them replaced at the same time is the way to go (unless an individual has specific medical reasons why that is not an option) One recuperation period and then no need to worry about the hips again.

As for getting into bed -- I found moving both legs at the same time worked well. Sort of depends on how high your bed is. If you can easily sit on the side of the bed with feet on the floor you should be able to do this OK. Sit on the side with fanny as far onto bed as you can and still have feet on the floor. Then lean back, grab other side of the bed or the bottom sheet, swing both legs up onto bed. Then sort of wiggle around until comfortable. If bed is too high, maybe get a small step stool to place next to bed. Or if you have a spouse/partner or helpful visitor have them help you lift legs onto bed. Practice this now so you can do it easily when you get home from surgery.

Another thing that I did the night before my BTHR was to have an "internal conversation" - or meditation - with my poor, hurting, deteriorated hips. I acknowledged their pain and dysfunction, remembered some especially wonderful times we'd had together, thanked them for their service, and said good-bye.

The link to my BTHR recovery thread is in my signature -- feel free to read that - it is old and I don't update it much any more --- I called it Both Sides Now -- from an old Joni Mitchell song.

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