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Feb 25, 2024
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I had a total hip replacement with a posterior approach 12/28/23 on my left leg. It was complicated because due to a skiing accident 15 years ago with a spiral fracture of my femur. I had a rod (IM nail) in my femur from my knee to my hip. I also had 3 large screws in my knee. All of these had to be removed and my surgeon replaced my hip and removed my hardware in one surgery. Also, this was the second rod because I had had a non union fracture. My leg has been through a lot.

I have swelling right below my new scar and thigh pain with weight bearing. I was 50% weight bearing for a month then I was allowed to weight bear. Now my thigh hurts when I walk without crutches.

I should add my knee has been a problem since my accident and my surgeon has said just give it a couple more months for it to return to it’s not so great post op,state.

Anyone else have thigh pain at two months out?
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I had some extra work with my left and I'm sure I had thigh pain and other pains at 2 mos out. I know I did at 3 mos when I had an overdidit and had a big set back. I'd say give it time like your OS said. Your leg has been through a lot and now it's really been through more between the removal of hardware and a THR. Just a THR is traumatic on our bodies.
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Joint replacement, even a "simple" one, is not at all like a sprain or strain that mends in 6-8 weeks.

I hope you're continuing to rest, ice, and elevate regularly.

If the pain is causing you to limp, it would be prudent to use a cane (on non-op side) so you don't get into a habit of skewing your weight bearing.
Oh! If you tell us which leg, we can create a custom signature for you - easier for members to date your recovery status!
Thank you for your reply. I am new here and learning my way around. How do I add history of my procedure at end of post?
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Thank you for your reply. I am new here and learning my way around. How do I add history of my procedure at end of post?
As you see, one of our moderators has done it for you! :) we just need to add L or R!
Hi Plainleg,
You can either tell us which leg it was and we'll add it to your signature, or follow the instructions listed below -
How to create a signature
Whichever is easiest for you. Have a great week!
Welcome PlainLeg,
Thigh pain is quite normal, still get it once in awhile if I don't stretch properly before walking.
Happy Two Month Anniversary, Plainleg.
I hope you have a great Thursday and weekend. Stay in touch! :wave:
Like you. I have started having thigh pain when walking at week 5! I was happy to lose the cane and moved well, then my operated leg started hurting deep in the thigh! Now I am using a cane again! I feel this is a real setback!

I am still swollen above knee and get stinging spasms! PT is teaching me stretches and they do help I just need to do them!

Now I’m afraid to walk!
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I’m at week ten (but I was only 50% weight bearing for two weeks then crutches till week six because of hardware removal) and feel like I have traded hip pain for thigh pain. Very discouraging.

My surgeon’s team says see you in April. I am seeing GP on Friday to just talk to another doc. No PT. My surgeon says “ just walk”. Can’t into one for 3 months anyhow. I gently stretch everyday and do basic leg PT I have done for years very carefully.
Thigh pain, butt pain all common post op and possibly for some time to come. I'm happy to only have muscle pains compared to the horrid deep bone ache of bad hips. I'm going through PT now for thigh pain on my left after straining muscles last year. I'd say those muscles like the rest of me will never be like new again.
14 weeks out and I finally walked to our mailbox and back with no cane (about 1/4 of a mile). Slow recovery but moving forward!,
Great news! That's wonderful progress...I'm happy for you! :)

Please notice that we have merged your newest thread with your original recovery thread. Having your recovery information contained in one place will make it easier for you to reflect back on. Please post any updates, questions or concerns about your recovery here.

Enjoy the rest of the week!

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